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Altcoin ZamZam - The fair blockchain bank and cryptocurrency transfers by phone

ZamZam The fair blockchain bank
ZamZam The fair blockchain bank

ZamZam - Good night crypto lover, I respect, you are a future science miner in the field of cryptocurrency, before I want to explain a little what is the crytocurenncy.

Cryptocurrency is the latest innovation in the field of digital currency making technology. This technology uses cryptography for security which makes it impossible to fake. The value of cryptocurrency prices is largely determined by the purchasing power and sales of users of this technology.

Cryptocurrency is highly developed by various companies and teams of engineers in various parts of the world. Even Google Ventures also invests in one of the cryptocurrency technologies.

According to my observations to date, there are more than 500 cryptocurrency recorded based on my monitor on the site. Where some cryptocurrency has different concepts and some have concepts that mimic other coins.

Because the value of cryptocurrency purely based on buying and selling power is not guaranteed by anything; Cryptocurrency often has a value of more than 20% in a day.

Today I will inform all friends about the new innovation platform, in the field of cryptocurrency,  Decentralized and Computerized Banker Engine of ZamZam.

Many interesting features launched by the ZamZam, below I will explain one by one.

Know by you, what is ZamZam

Zamzam presents a progressive ecosystem of financial relationships between people, organizations, and government. The main principles of the project are ease of use, transparency, and full user control over their funds.

Cryptocurrency market problems

Technological admittance barrier

Cryptocurrencies are far from the technological simpleness offered by traditional money. That is why they are neglected by most users.

Business adaptation

Business processes in cryptocurrencies are not optimized. A habitual bank client is needed for a businesses to speed up and simplify crypto calculations.

Market legalization

But even a bank-client does not ensure the openness of the crypto market for businesses. The legalization of cryptos is the only term that can lead businesses into cryptocurrency markets.

Zamzam provides 3-fold scaling of the cryptocurrency market user audience by providing innovative solutions for users, businesses, and governments.

Clear and secure method of transfer and storage of money for users. Integration of governmental services and bank-clients has been developed for businesses. These innovations make it convenient and legal to do business using cryptocurrencies.

Solution From Zamzam

Crypto transfer by phone number

Zamzam simplifies the use of cryptocurrencies. Users can send fiat and digital money anywhere in the world just by indicating the recipient’s phone number . The recipient’s crypto wallet will be generated at once.

Bank-client for business

A cryptocurrency bank client allows users to pay bills, maintain a transaction history, give salaries to staff and taxes to community regulators, delegate usage of the company’s cryptocurrency account to accountancy firm and staff of the business much like an usual

bank customer Integration of authorities and business Companies are prepared to operate found in cryptocurrencies only when it really is legal. Subsequently, governments make an effort to create transparent relations with businesses. Zamzam is creating a lender customer API for fiscal authorities and produces authorities and businesses available to each other.

Integration of authorities and business

Businesses are prepared to operate found in cryptocurrencies only when it really is legal. Subsequently, government authorities make an effort to create transparent associations with businesses. Zamzam can be creating a lender customer API for fiscal authorities and will make businesses and government open to each other.

The ZAM Token is Zamzam blockchain bank’s internal currency used to pay transfer fees, buy ZAMZAM products through the application, etc . The ZAM is a standard Stellar utility token. The Tokens are issued in the originally declared volume, additional emission of ZAM Tokens is not planned. The Tokens are intended for payment of the platform’s services. They can be converted into AEDZ stablecoins and fiat currencies.

Zamzam Marketing Tokensale

Token Name: ZAM
Presale Date: Oct 22 - Nov 5, 2018
Token type: Stellar utility token
Total Token Supply: 8, 500, 000, 000 ZAM
Token Price: $0, 02
Sale Date: Nov 5 - Dec 3, 2018
Accepted cryptocurrencies: ETH, BTC, XLM

ZAM Tokens will not be supplied after the ICO ends. During the ICO, the tokens are displayed in the investor’s personal account and sent to the wallet after completion of the ICO.

For you bounty hunters, you can get Quantum Pay tokens by collaborating with the Quantum Pay promotion team, by following various promotional objects, such as Articles, YouTube, Translation, Twitter, Facebook and other bonuses.

I quote this source from the campaign for the gift of the bitcointalk forum. You can visit this link :

For those of you who want to know more about  ZamZam, here I attach the whitepaper that I quoted from the ANN ZamZam on the forum.

A little extra from my personal advice for those of you who like to invest in the world of crypto currency in the altcoin section, you better immediately invest in ZamZam tokens.

Tokens generated by ZamZam, because these tokens have very good potential price increases in the future, many tokens are released by their own platforms, have a price increase, and many are attracted by cryptocurrency traders in the world.

I think if you don't invest your funds into ZamZam tokens,

On the other hand you don't need to worry if you have ZamZam tokens, ZamZam tokens have a good place to exchange on the best exchange website after ICO runs out. and I think you get ease, for that my next suggestion, this token can hold in the long run. my prediction is ZamZam tokens, the price will soar in the future.

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