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Altcoin MyCryptoBank - New Inovation Cryptocurrency Banking


Altcoin MyCryptoBank - Good night cryptolover, you are a future science miner in the field of cryptocurrency, before I want to explain a little what crytocurenncy.

Cryptocurrency is the latest innovation in the field of digital currency making technology. This technology uses cryptography for security which makes it impossible to fake. The value of cryptocurrency prices is largely determined by the purchasing and selling power of users of this technology. Cryptocurrency is highly developed by various companies and teams of engineers in various parts of the world. Even Google Ventures also invests in one of the cryptocurrency technologies.

According to my observations to date there have been more than 500 cryptocurrencies recorded based on my monitor on the site. Where some cryptocurrency has different concepts and some have concepts that mimic other coins. Because the value of cryptocurrency purely based on buying and selling power is not guaranteed by anything; Cryptocurrency often has a value of more than 20% in a day

Today I will give all information about the new innovation of a platform, in the field of cryptocurrency subcontrol cryptocurrency banking platform that is very popular, namely MyCryptoBank. I will explain many interesting features launched by MyCryptoBank below.

Various types of cryptocurrency banking platforms in the world but are rarely involved in cryptocurrency banking, but MyCryptoBank is able to launch the best program to improve project development in the present and the future. But MyCryptoBank also makes new innovations along with the development of the cryptocurrency world, MyCryptoBank also offers altcoin tokens that are no less sophisticated than other altcoins, although new altcoins are relatively competitive in the cryptocurrency market in the future. for further clarity, I will provide information about tokens launched by MyCryptoBank.

MyCryptoBank is supposed to clear up this problem. It will come to be the first financial institution for cryptocommunity, allowing purchasers to get hold of and send money in cryptocurrencies and fiat cash and also alternate between cryptocurrencies and fiat money interior the bank. With MyCryptoBank it will be feasible to create deposits, acquire loans and credits. The bank will create an infrastructure which will allow placing acquiring and retailers for goods charge for companies and on-line services. 

Clients will be capable to receive financial institution cards and with the assist of it they will take available cash through any ATM in the world and also pay in shops, restaurants etc. For consumer convenience, the financial institution plans to installation ATM and crypto ATM, helping in making operations on cryptocurrency buy and money receipt with minimum fees. In the standard sense, it will be usual bank with the total vary of offerings however loyal to cryptocurrencies and cryptocommunity. It will supply an simple advantage over different economic institutions, entice many clients and their funds for introduction of bank’s advantageous liquidity and enable aiding and growing all merchandise of MyCryptoBank.

This is the best feature launched by MyCryptoBank :

Beforehand to know first, about the problems faced by many people in the banking sector, here are the comments:

Main factors that have been halting banking industry

High fees

Due to excessive intermediaries, traditional banks impose high fees on cross-banking and international wire transfers.

Long-awaited transfers

Bank transfers are based on several centralized nodes that often leads to slow transactions processing.

Territorial Limitations

Traditional banks are fenced by country boundaries.

Currency Barriers

Banks work only with classical currencies and do not allow to store and pay in crypto.

problem Solving From MyCryptoBank

with you joining mycryptobank all of the above problems will be resolved soon and will be reviewed by mycypto bank, as for your problems that will be resolved by mycryptobank as follows:

Low Fees

Blockchain platform allows to get rid of intermediaries and minimize transfer fees.

Instant Transfers

The decentralized platform can process more than 100,000 transactions per second and perform operations with a speed of 0.01 seconds.

No Territorial  Limits

Š”ryptocurrencies do not depend on county boundaries.

No Currency Limitations

MyCryptoBank is friendly to all fiat and cryptocurrencies. It is possible to store, to pay in cryptocurrencies, to conduct transfers and to take loans.

MyCryptoBank Ecosystem Products and Services

Banking Online 

All MyCryptoBank services are always in your pocket and 24/7 available in both - your mobile app and laptop.

Money Transfer

MyCryptoBank provides an opportunity to send money around the world with the speed of sending a mail. All cryptocurrency payments are with minimal fees, instant and can be conducted in any classical or cryptocurrency - requiring only an internet connection.


Since now any user can easily exchange funds using online banking. Change USD to BTC in the same ease as for fiat conversion.

Loans and P2P Loans

MyCryptoBank customers have an opportunity to take loans in fiat money on deposit of their crypto currency. There is also the possibility to get a loan from other customers using a P2P loan system.

ATM infrastructure

To provide the possibility for customers to input and withdraw money, MyCryptoBank has started to build its own ATM network (more than 1000 crypto ATM are planned to be installed) and will also attract ATMs of third-party banks.

Debit Cards

Debit Cryptocards give users full flexibility managing all cryptocurrencies and fiat money. As cryptocurrencies do not depend on country borders, debit cards are perfect for conducting payments while traveling. A debit card is also suitable for paying online or in stores.

Crypto Acquiring

MyCryptoBank crypto acquiring services support all kind of settlements between parties and allows merchants to accept payments in both - fiat and crypto worldwide.

Virtual Cards

To conduct transactions in cryptocurrencies there will be virtual cards: Visa, Mastercard and UnionPay. Furthermore, there will be mobile services such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Android Pay. It will let you pay via common POS-terminals supporting PayPass, payWave, QuickPass, websites and also allows to withdraw or input cash in ATMs.

Forex Trading

MyCryptoBank clients will get direct access to the interbank Forex market, where they will be able to carry out transactions, bypassing intermediaries, by using high-tech methods of processing orders and putting them on the market. In addition to traditional instruments for trading (such as currencies, indices, futures, metals, oil), clients will be able to trade in cryptocurrencies.

Consulting Services

MyCryptoBank provides a full range of consulting services including Legal and taxation matters as well as crypto consulting.


MyCryptoBank gives you the ability to deposit funds and receive interest not only in fiat but also in most known crypto currencies.

Therefore , I suggest, if you are a trader or crypto lover, this is what you are very worth investing in, because MCB has very good potential and has more value, in the future, in terms of its name it has grown a very good value. again, don't wait for tomorrow, immediately visit the MCB website or the MCB , click this link MCB and telegram MCB

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