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ALTCOINS EBYTE - Global Cryptocurrency for the eSports Community

eByte - Good afternoon crypto lover, I respect, you are a future science miner in the field of cryptocurrency, before I want to explain a little what is the crytocurenncy.

Cryptocurrency is the latest innovation in the field of digital currency making technology. This technology uses cryptography for security which makes it impossible to fake. The value of cryptocurrency prices is largely determined by the purchasing power and sales of users of this technology.

Cryptocurrency is highly developed by various companies and teams of engineers in various parts of the world. Even Google Ventures also invests in one of the cryptocurrency technologies.

According to my observations to date, there are more than 500 cryptocurrency recorded based on my monitor on the site. Where some cryptocurrency has different concepts and some have concepts that mimic other coins.

Because the value of cryptocurrency purely based on buying and selling power is not guaranteed by anything; Cryptocurrency often has a value of more than 20% in a day.

Today I will inform all friends about the new innovation platform, in the field of cryptocurrency, which controls Blockchain & Smart Contract portals, such as Ethereum, specifically for the next level of esports & gaming applications, namely eByte Blockchain eSports Ecosystem, or briefly with eByte .

Many interesting features launched by the eByte Blockchain eSports Ecosystem below I will explain one by one.

Various types of Smart Contract portals in the world but are rarely involved in the Blockchain eSports Ecosystem to create Smart Contract portals, but the Blockchain eByte eSports Ecosystem creates a type of Smart Contract portal, capable of launching the best program to improve project development in the present and the future.

But the eByte Blockchain eSports Ecosystem  is also making new innovations along with the development of the cryptocurrency world, eByte Blockchain eSports Ecosystem also offers altcoin tokens that are no less sophisticated than other altcoins, although new altcoins are relatively competitive in future cryptocurrency markets. will come . for further clarity, I will provide information about tokens launched by EBYTE.

The eByte cryptocoin is a present day compensation system for the eSports community: modern, efficient and effortless to use. The project is the usage of a consortium blockchain, developed in cooperation with Draglet, to establish the first global monetary system in particular designed for the eSports community.

Like the Ethereum blockchain, builders will be capable to use the eByte blockchain as a third celebration improvement platform optimized for gaming tasks as well as eSports solutions.

The eByte project also includes a honest contract system for leagues, teams, and players, to ensure all contributors and carrier vendors can be rewarded for their achievements in a protected and easy way.

In addition, the new cryptocurrency will enable fans to guide their favourite teams and players with donations. And the eByte portals and systems will supply buyers and sponsors a whole overview of the eSports market, making it simpler for them to participate in the increase of eSports.

Furthermore we will create a number systems and portals to clear up the current issues in the eSports community whilst preserving its decentralized character.

The eByte undertaking uses its own Blockchain technology, to establish an international payment and contract machine for the eSports community. The eByte Blockchain will be the fundamental improvement platform fueling 0.33 party eSport applications. 

Despite the top notch market plausible and increase eSports currently lacks in chances that are vital for its future development. As a quite younger and booming industry, eSports lives from the enthusiasm of its community but has a clear need for expert market structures that make sure secure, convenient and obvious contracts between all parties. Our imaginative and prescient with eByte is to make a contribution to the maturation of eSports by using fixing the following challenges.

Investment decisions are very hard considering there are no uniform portals that permit basic and invulnerable participations in eSports.
eByte solution: eByte will provide a new platform (the eByte Team Market) that offers future buyers and sponsors a whole overview of the market thru particular measures and manageable market values of teams, leagues and players.

Insufficient monetary compensation for eSports match organizers and teams. Only excessive ranking gamers are rewarded for their performance. This consequences inhibited growth of eSports industry.
eByte solution: Development of a new contractual system (smart contracts) to enable the first profound market economy in digital sports. Monetization of eSports initiatives via secure distribution of participation fees, prize cash to all members and producing income through mining.

Players invest a lot of time and electricity in education and competitive video games however have no financial safety. Self-marketing and sponsor acquisition is stressful and therefore teams go through a high fluctuation of their players.

The eByte clever contracts allow groups to send their players normal compensation by using blockchain. Teams are in a position to bound successful gamers for longer phrases with participant contracts. Our eByte compensation device will supply extended financial scope for purchasing hardware or software. The eByte network provides additional chances for utilization of the revenues, such as buying services on the eByte Service Market and advertising content material on the eByte making a bet and streaming portal. An eByte blockchain database presents information about the market value of every participant at any time, which also improves the inclusion of sponsors and investors.

eSports sponsors and followers have to use fiat money to help their favorite gamers and leagues. Betting on eSports through famous systems provides no added cost for the real content material producers.

The eByte blockchain allows sponsors and fans to help their favorites in cryptocurrencies in an convenient and invulnerable way. Through eByte betting portals the manufacturers of eSports content will then be capable to make profits.

Community provider vendors cannot be rewarded in a truthful and easy way for their work – some even volunteer their work.

By the usage of the eByte blockchain technology remuneration of community services can be processed securely and transparently in a new way. This will amplify believe internal the community and will make contributions to establish new jobs in eSports industry.

Know by you other interesting features released by ebyte

The cutting-edge state of affairs of the eSports enterprise reveals the following challenges that need to be solved.

Player compensation

Players make investments a lot of time and power in education and competitive video games but have no monetary safety.

Organizers and Teams

Insufficient economic compensation for event & tournament organizers, teams and leagues Inhibiting the increase of eSports.

Service providers

Service providers can't be rewarded in a fair and handy way for their work – some even volunteer their work.

Sponsors and Fans

eSports sponsors and followers have to use gradual fiat money to help their favourite players, groups and leagues.


Investment choices are very difficult because there are no uniform portals for tightly closed participations in eSports. 

eByte Token Markerting Allocation 

Token Distribution

The following graphics show the distribution of the ERC20 Token amount and the distribution of the raised funds.



For you gift hunters, you can get EBYTE tokens by collaborating with the EBYTE promotion team, by following various promotional objects, such as Articles, YouTube, Translation, Twitter, Facebook and other bonuses.

A substantial allocation of $ 450,000 was allocated to the gift campaign.

I quote this source from the campaign for the gift of the bitcointalk forum. You can visit this link

For those of you who want to know more about EBYTE, here I attach the whitepaper that I quoted from the ANN nebula exchange on the forum.

A little extra from my personal advice for those of you who like to invest in the world of crypto currency in the altcoin section, you better immediately invest in EBYTE tokens.

Tokens generated by EBYTE, because these tokens have very good potential price increases in the future, many tokens are released by their own platforms, have a price increase, and many are attracted by cryptocurrency traders in the world.

I think if you don't invest your funds into EBYTE tokens,
On the other hand you don't need to worry if you have EBYTE tokens, EBYTE tokens have a good place to exchange on the best exchange website after ICO runs out. and I think you get ease, for that my next suggestion, this token can hold in the long run. my prediction is EBYTE tokens, the price will soar in the future.

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