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VOLT, P2P Delivery Platform based on Blockchain

VOLT is a decentralized platform. There is no intermediary or broker, which leads to lower the value supplied for customers, and also maximize profit for the messengers. In VOLT, we provide a obvious environment. All clients and messengers or delivery agencies advantage from the privateness and transparency of the prices and expenses. A tightly closed price system that lets in two authenticated P2P entities to ship and acquire money that receives held in VOLT Tokens until after a profitable exchange of services between the two parties.

Uber and other fashions play a position of Central Control as middlemen and acquire a rate of 20% or more. VOLT’s P2P direct deal mannequin is an efficient model that goals to cast off brokerage charge through lowering direct prices to clients and messengers, to much less than 5%, or even in hopes to cast off completely. The current transport mannequin is a centralized model, with a system called Hub & Spoke. This centralized model, which include DHL, has dominated the transport market worldwide. However, the centralized mannequin is unable to meet the wishes of identical day delivery. VOLT is blockchain-based P2P shipping model that solves challenge of the equal day shipping greater effectively than present models.

The VOLT Team

  • Philip Lee (CEO)
  • Sangchun Shim (CSO)
  • Migyeong Gwak (AI Team)
  • Josh Lee (AI Team)
  • Gyeongrae Cho (Sales and Marketing Team Leader)
  • Haewon May Byun (Blockchain development team)
  • Sungjin Lee (Legal Team)

 VOLT overview and analysis

Below you examine our objective evaluation and evaluation of VOLT.


Verifiable, expert and sizeable team. Mostly very younger team of students and recent graduates, slightly greater experienced CEO. The group is already running a functioning final mile delivery service
The crew has a imaginative and prescient to develop a token using management system to settle the give up of the chain transport service provision. This provider quarter in the urbanizing world will truly have a huge increase in demand. Working scalable business models in the discipline have massive growth potential
The organization strolling the challenge has some investing companions and plenty of current clients

Potential concerns

The whole valuation of 80 zero ETH for an idea even with a stable group is a lot
Due to the flexibility in the carrier pricing and so on the traders have to simply wait and see if the agency lets in the token to elevate in price for the gain of the investors.
The development schedule on the roadmap looks quite tight
The project has practically no visibility at all in the Western social media structures or industry websites 

The core concept


VOLT is a decentralized platform.
In this case, VOLT Will not implement an intermediary or broker, which leads to lower prices offered to customers, and also maximize revenue for messenger.


At VOLT, we offer a transparent environment. All customers and couriers or transport companies get from the privacy and transparency of costs and expenses.


How Gadgets make impenetrable payments approve two P2P entities that are confirmed to send and receive cash received in VOLT tokens until after a favorable offer exchange between the parties.

Same Day Delivery

Delivery on the same day VOLT shorten delivery time to 1-5 hours, while 1-3 days in the current on-line shopping center. Hub & amp; talking is a system that collects all objects to be sent, classifies them, and then can deliver them to the destination. This skill that every packet to be shipped from thirty seconds The Road to the 54th Street in Manhattan, NY will be sent to Delaware for classification and sent back to Manhattan. This is time consuming and also incurring the cost of giant warehousing.
To overcome this inefficiency, the couriers stationed near the 32nd street only collect what will be sent near and supply it as P2P so it can be delivered within a few hours.

* There are a number of rules and necessities for transport services in each united states and region. However, technically there is no way to alter VOLT users. Therefore, VOLT users do no longer have to spend time and cash to meet such regulations. 


04 APRIL ICO Start

ICO Pre & Public Sale

05 MAY Listing Preparation

ICO Complete & Proceed Listing Meeting

06 JUNE Blockchain Backend Start

VOLT Blockchain Backend Start

07 JULY Meetup in Seoul

Meetup in Seoul / Contract with PR company

08 AUGUST Android Version Complete

VOLT Android Version Development Complete

09 SEPTEMBER iOS Version Complete

VOLT iOS Version Complete

10 OCTOBER Service Partners Contracts

Service Partnets Contracts / PR Promotion

11 NOVEMBER Blockchain based Service Start

VOLT Token can be used at quite a number transport services

12 DECEMBER Meetup with International Conference

Meetup with International Conference

01 JANUARY Web version service

VOLT Web version service

02 FEBRUARY App Upgrade

VOLT App Upgrade

03 MARCH Deep Learning Apply

VOLT Deep Learning Apply

04 APRILDeep Learning Version Upgrade

VOLT Deep Learning Version Upgrade 
ICO Plan
VOLT Token Sale Plan

We only accept ETH for token purchases. (1 ETH = 50,000 VOLT (ACDC))
The agenda can be fully customized based on the crypto market situation.

Exchanging multiple currencies will only be available after the token sale is complete

How it works in the Market

The VOLT company model has connected customers and couriers, and delivers custom algorithms that utilize Big Data and matching gadgets that use smart contracts for practical provider shipments. Customer wants VOLT coins to use this service.

In an effort to transport food, goods, shipping distance, time required, taking into account the weight of the goods must be decided in accordance with the quantity of work difficulty. We named this work unit "Jula". For example, if the client wants to send the item to a point called A 2km away and you want 600 Jula, and 1200 Jula is required to deliver identical items to the B factor 6km away. VOLT is developing a major algorithmic thing to calculate this quantity of work, and will introduce the lowest auction device for some remarkable shipments
A VOLT coin is required for a service consumer to request delivery. That is, in order to request a sure amount of Jula performance, a VOLT coin corresponding to this is used. The ratio of this Jula to the VOLT coin is not continually constant. The ratio of the first Jula to the VOLT coin begins at 1: 1. The ratio is changeable in accordance with the charge at the market..

Token Flow

A customer who requires the provider can purchase the cash from the Exchange. A purchaser will purchase one hundred cash for the shipping carrier that fees a hundred coins. The client will pay a hundred coins to VOLT the place VOLT corresponds the request to the messenger. After the provider is completed, VOLT transfers 95 cash to the messenger. Approximately 5%(the price can be adjusted to maximize profit) of the coin is used as a commission to the company profit. The business enterprise sells the coin earned to the Exchange to produce revenue.
The income is used to maintain the corporation or supply dividends to the VOLT shareholders, but no longer to the coin-holders. If this system goes through a cycle, the coin demand in the end will be greater than the furnish from the Exchange, resulting in greater rate for the coins. A aggregate of algorithms and present day coin price, VOLT adjusts the coin/Jula rate. In lengthy term, coin/Jula price will increase, and for this reason able to very own greater Jula with 1 VOLT Coin. And as a result increases the fee of Jula.

* The above example assumes a scenario where 1 VOLT equals to 1 Jula, and the fee that VOLT charge to messenger is 5% of the consumer rate regardless of VOLT-Jula's calculation fee change.

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