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Red Pill Coin - The Best Currency Of Future

RedPill Coin - The introduction of bitcoin used to be the beginning of the blockchain revolution, and given that then blockchain technological know-how has endured developing into various areas of applicability. Ethereum, the second most famous blockchain in the world nowadays has revolutionized the whole computing area with its use of the smart contract in consonance with blockchain technology. Red Pill coin is an Ethereum based digital cryptocurrency asset regulated by clever contracts. It belongs to the subset of non-bitcoin cryptocurrencies referred to as Altcoins. Like all cryptocurrencies, it makes use of decentralized dispensed ledger framework in the form of blockchain technology, in this case, the Ethereum blockchain. It is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency which runs seamlessly on the Ethereum blockchain network and is well suited with numerous cryptocurrency wallets. There is no central manipulate over transactions involving Red Pill cash for that reason giving Red Pill customers larger manage and the capability to use their cash anonymously. Red Pill thrives on being extra than just any other cryptocurrency variant but a community of human beings devoted to exercising manage over their finances. This emphasis on the communal nature of Red Pills units the tone for what will make Red Pill be now not only a shape of forex for the Red Pill neighbor hood but also for the Ethereum network and the world huge neighborhood as a whole.

The 21st century has seen a notable expansion in the transition towards an absolutely virtual world. Many elements of human interplay are speedy leaving the so-called “real plane” into the digital surroundings of computers. The financial services zone isn’t left out in this revolution as considered by using the emergence of cryptocurrencies as means of processing financial transactions. Cryptocurrencies refer to the digital currencies; digital cash. They are in many ways, the digital counterpart of fiat currency like the US Dollar and the Euro. The title “cryptocurrency” is derived from the utilization of cryptography in the technique of encrypting financial transactions. By way of definition, cryptocurrencies may additionally be defined as a medium that makes use of encryption to encrypt (secure) financial transactions. All financial operations are characterized by the switch of price from one entity to another. For any financial transaction to be deemed valid, there must be an ability to supply authorization and authentication of the switch of value. For financial transactions involving cryptocurrencies, this is achieved using a blockchain. Every cryptocurrency makes use of a blockchain with the Bitcoin and Ethereum block chains being the most popular. Red Pillis built on the Ethereum blockchain which is a traditional block chain used by thousands and thousands of people. This presents strong community integrity for the Red Pill cryptocurrency. There are some different digital wallets and help services supplied with the aid of Ethereum for users of Red Pill. Red Pill is a forex designed to enrich online communities. Red Pill can be used for many different purposes. Communities can, for example, use Red Pill to reward their individuals for the whole lot from meeting positive milestones (e.g., making a certain wide variety of posts on a forum) or to reward them for their loyalty (e.g., awarding participants pills for being a member for a year). Red Pill can also be used to reward subscribers of a product or service. Furthermore at Red Pill also makes a terrific tip.

Red Pill Coin is an Ethereum blockchain based totally cryptocurrency regulated through clever contracts that presenting a guide for a plethora of financial transactions. The Ethereum blockchain gives a strong performance that permits the efficient operations of Red Pill as a cryptocurrency. Red Pill financial transactions in the form of clever contracts are validated and processed across the whole network. All the regulations of implementation for Red Pill cryptocurrency protocols are compatible with the smart contract framework of the Ethereum blockchain. The reality that Red Pill as a cryptocurrency is constructed on the Ethereum community also gives an extra layer of safety against malicious assaults on the Red Pill coin machine.

All Red Pill transactions are processed, validated, recorded, saved and allotted on the Ethereum blockchain. Red Pill coin customers have the freedom to choose from a variety of pockets preferences accessible to them to save their coins. These wallets come in both online and bloodless storage options. Our favored wallet alternative is MyEtherWallet which apart from imparting online storage for Red Pill coins also offers users the chance to generate Paper Wallets that can be used as offline storage options. These offline (cold) storage selections provide access to your Red Pill coins on the go. There are several methods users can get admission to their MyEtherWallets such as Ledger, Mnemonic Phrases, and UTC/JSON files.

Users are additionally free to store Red Pills on the official Ethereum Wallet; Mist. Mist is handy on is available for download on GitHub. Cloud affords advanced security for your Red Pill coins with constant improvements and updates to the framework. It is used via tens of millions of cryptocurrency users in the Ethereum blockchain network.

Transaction Security

Red Pill operates on the philosophy of complete anonymity with regards to financial transactions. As a decentralized cryptocurrency, there is an exquisite emphasis positioned on the safety and integrity of all transactions. The imaginative and prescient in the back of Red Pill stems from a neighborhood of humans with a justified shared mistrust for mainstream financial establishments who choose increased autonomy and manage over their finances. There is, in reality, no way to understand who owns a wallet.

Attacks on the Ethereum wallet will now not furnish information on the proprietor considering the wallet carriers do not keep hashes or any figuring out records about the proprietors and creators of the portfolio. The solely way to attain this fact is if the owners and creators themselves reveal this information. Thus, Red Pill customers can safely and securely ship and received Red Pills without worry of being tracked. The system employs sturdy cryptographic encryption mechanisms that make it theoretically not possible for everyone to acquire another user’s Red Pills. All Red Pill transactions require a personal key or UTC/JSON file to be processed and validated. As long as users keep their personal keys secure, their Red Pillscannotbe tampered with.

Initial Distribution

The target layout for the initial distribution of Red Pill coins starts off evolved with an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) of a hundred Million Coins. The total furnish of Red Pill cash is 200 Million which potential that the ICO will account for 50% of the total supply. In subsequent years, 10 million cash will be made available till the whole currency quantity is reached. The minimum bidding fee for the coin public sale will be decided by using the present day market cost of Red Pill coins as at the time of the sale. Red Pill cash will be listed based on Ethereum upon release, with one eth being equal to 5361 Red Pills.

Token Sale

Softcap: 1250 ETH $ 500,000 USD

Hard Cap: 15000 ETH $ 6,000,000 USD

Token sale: 50,000,000

Token Supply RPIL: 100.008.760 (Pra-Mined)

Token Standard: ERC20

Token Type: POW (Proof of Work)

Name: Red Pill Coin

Symbol: RPIL

Decimal: 8

Address : 0x9e386da8cdfcf8b9e7490e3f2a4589c570cb2b2f Unsold

Setting Up MyEtherWallet for Red Pill Coins

The first step taken to use Red Pill coins is to create a cryptocurrency wallet, ideally a MyEtherWallet. Creating a cryptocurrency wallet simply ability the movements taken in specifying the wallet address, token symbol, and decimals. The first step is to unencumber your wallet account via identifying how you wish to get right of entry to your wallet. There are quite a few capacities such as UTC/JSON Keystore File, TREZOR, Mnemonic Phrase, and Private Key, etc. Once this is done, your wallet is unlocked, energetic and ready to get hold of your Red Pill cash for safekeeping. The subsequent step is to add the Red Pill coin tokens that you own into the wallet. You will need to specify an address, token symbol, and decimal. Once this is done, click the retailer button and your Red Pill cash are stored securely in your wallet.

Setting Up Hardware Wallet for Red Pill Coins

Hardware wallets offer an extra layer of safety for your Red Pill cash than online and paper wallets. While it is distinctly unlikely that online portfolio choices can become inclined to malicious attack, storing your treasured Red Pill cash extra securely is actually something that should activity all Red Pill users. There are two popular Hardware pockets picks available: the TREZOR and the LEDGER Nano S. Red Pill coins are well suited with each of these device portfolio options. They each supply passcode security performance and are notably convenient to use. All you have to do is plug and play the hardware machine on your computer, enter your passcode and attain get right of entry to your Red Pill coins. The LEDGER Nano S is substantially more cost-effective than the TREZOR so those on a tight price range can think about getting the LEDGER Nano S. even To provide greater safety for your Red Pill coins, you can get each choice and break up your coins midway every between them. In this way, in the not going match that something catastrophic takes place to one wallet option, half of your funds are nevertheless saved safely. Transferring Red Pill Coins.

The method for sending Red Pill coins is simple and simple and follows the identical floor rules as other Ethereum based cryptocurrencies. If the receiver of the Red Pill cash is a fellow member of the Red Pill neighborhood (i.e., the person has a Red Pill coin address), all you need to do is log into your wallet and click on on “send ether & tokens.” The subsequent step is to specify the quantity of cash whilst making sure that you have enough “Ether” (ETH) for the transaction. Some cash being will decide the gasoline rate for the purchase. Once all is set, you can proceed with the switch and the recipient will obtain the coins almost instantaneously.

If the recipient is no longer but a member of the Red Pill neighborhood (i.e., the character does not have a Red Pill coin address), as long as that character has an Ethereum address, you can still send Red Pill coins. All that is required is informing the recipient of your wish to lift Red Pill coins and asking for that the man or woman units up Red Pills on their wallet. Alternatively, you can go ahead and ship the Red Pills to the non-Red Pill coin Ethereum primarily based person, however, ensure the recipient knows to use the Red Pill coins contract tackle for the money to show up. By so doing, the recipient’s wallet turns into mechanically set up to receive Red Pills.

You need to have gas to ship Etherium to other people, for example, your favorite content writers. two Most of the content writers generally go away your Etherium pockets account on their description so what you need to do is simply test their portfolio and send Red Pill to them. It is blissful and convenient


Red Pill will no longer be es-crowing any of the obtained funds. Funds will be used to enhance purple capsule product and services. Funds are released from the crowdsale contract to the Red Pill crew at the give up of every ICO round. Of The 200 Million Red Pills created, one hundred Million Red Pill cash will be made accessible to buyers all through the round 1 ICO. Any remaining cash will then be made handy for the duration of the Round 2 ICO. If no coins are final after the round 1 ICO ends, then the Round 2 ICO will be canceled.

50 Million Red Pill Coins will be stored for the Red Pill Team, while 20 Million had been set apart for Pre-sale buyers. The Remaining Red Pill cash will be sold every year at market price.

How to Buy

We’ve learned that some customers are still having trouble, understanding how to purchase Ethereum, set up a myetherwallet, and then purchase Red Pill coins. The links below will help to clear up the process a bit.


Step Three

Redpill Coin Listing On 

Our Platform

Red Pill Roadmap

  • Launch Red Pill Coin ICO Round 1 October 1st, 2017 – October 31st, 2017

  • Launch Red Pill Coin ICO Round 2 December 1st two 2017 – December  2017

  • February 2018 – Launch Red Pill Chrome extension that allows Red Pill proprietors to tip their favorite content creators on (YouTube, with an assist for twitter, and Instagram planned).

  • April 2018 – Launch Red Pill Send And Receive Application for Android with IOS version following in Fall 2018.

Team Management 

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