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MPCX - Digital Wealth Management and blockchain driven financial services Platform

MPCX is a virtual blockchain driven financial services platform. Our lengthy-term intention is to aggregate all crypto monetary offerings into one area. MPCX is designed to carrier entities’ and character’s desires in the areas of virtual wealth control, cryptocurrency exchange and trading, virtual banking, crypto lookup and ICO promotion, and crypto lending.

MPCX will create a blockchain decentralized surroundings to control an contemporary investor portfolio of crypto assets. Primarily based on the current market situation with first rate call for for services and really confined monetary management solutions, we determined to create an MPCX Platform. The platform is designed to serve the wishes of entities and people inside the fields of digital wealth management, foreign exchange exchange and commerce, virtual banking, studies crypto and ICO advertising, and crypto lending.

Our solution might be based totally on the Ethereum Blockchain and has the potential to considerably disrupt the banking and wealth administration panorama. Fully virtual solutions will make it possible for clients from the mass and mass prosperous segments to collect for the first time extremely good crypto buying and selling and wealth management services

We trust there may be effective disruptive viable with blockchain science and the ICO represents an modern manner of elevating capital. We opt to lead through way of example and support the disruptive use case. To boost our project's improvement, we have decided to looking for assist from members of the Blockchain and Crypto groups who percentage our vision. This is why we decided to fund the improvement of the MPCX Platform via issuing XDMC tokens a good way to be used to pay for platform offerings and take part in platform improvement.

Hooked up framework for integrating the commercial enterprise into blockchain and growing clever contracts for its needs. Compared to offer structures, as an example, Ethereum smart contracts, the mission offers the risk to create "clever contracts" except having the skills to software them. On the equal time, the Unibright purchaser does now not have to spend the effort to work with a variety of essential however complex technical info

At MPCX we exercise a holistic technique. We will combination all crypto services into one area, will create in house blockchain options for virtual wealth management, cryptocurrency change and trading, digital banking and then amplify our expertise to normal asset classless. We've determined to begin with virtual Crypto Wealth control Platform to manipulate portfolios of crypto belongings of innovative buyers.

MPCX Financial lnformation

Marketing Mix Business of MPCX

XDMC token will be the purposeful device on the MPCX Platform and offer unique possibilities to take part in the platform development.1. Hold XDMC2. Receive Votes3. Participate in a Referendum4. Be RewardedBuy XDMC Token with BTC, ETH, LTC, ZCash, WavesXDMC Tokens will be used to pay for the services inside the platform. Once the XDMC Token becomes liquid and popular, it will be used as the internal forex for our banking services.At MPCX we believe that crowd wisdom is a phase of a new reality where every man or woman can make contributions to the mutual well being of a community and be rewarded for their contribution fairly.

We strongly consider that "crowd wisdom" will assist us to create our platform to serve the nice interests of our community. In this way XDMC Token holders will have the probability to participate in the improvement of the network.

This is How XDMC referendum works

MPCX  Business development

 Structure of XDMC token 

Total supply

XDMC Token distribution 

Structure XDMC General Token Distribution 

XDMC Pre ICO Structure

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