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FTEC - First Plaftform Trading On Exchanges Ecosystem

FTEC is plaftform trading on exchanges has a long records all through which the predominant difficulties have been the irrationality and psychological problems of its participants. The probabilities with the automation and the advent of trade algorithms make it viable to form the regulations for opening, preserving and closing transactions completely, each in buying and selling on the exchanges or in the over-the-counter securities markets and the crypto market. In this sense, automatic buying and selling permits the users to get rid of the "human factor" in trading and, in spite of the manual execution of transactions,

FTEC is a platform that ambitions to advance an ecosystem for environment friendly trading in crypto markets. Many offerings blanketed in the ecosystem will be primarily based on AI and Neural Networks algorithms, for customers with any stage of experience and understanding in the field of cryptocurrency.

The team already has journey in developing algorithmic solutions in the place of crypto buying and selling which allows us to communicate about the team's ability to enforce complicated technical tasks successfully, as nicely as to know the concern of working with similar products. We appreciated the team’s experience in the field of crypto trading, as nicely as their past trip and existing solutions, which were created with the aid of some of the team participants in the past.

The assignment has well-detailed documentation. The statistics provided to practicable investors on the internet site and in the documentation clarifies most of the questions about the product without having to resort to feedback. The undertaking has a pretty giant number of followers and participants according to the Whitelist and the list of subscribers.

For all that, there are some areas in which the assignment has a giant diploma of shortcomings.

There are fine economic aspects to the tokens, such as exclusives for holders and a wide range of makes use of at some point of the platform, although its use of FTEC tokens as a charge tool has a number of dangers and peculiarities. In general, we reflect onconsideration on the introduction of the token is justified for the development and operation of services.

It is also well worth noting that, despite the reality that we note the high degree of the planned offerings and the technologies used, they every so often lack clarity and precise positioning.

Of all dangers the mission is uncovered to, we word regulatory risks, enterprise risks and security dangers in the discipline of non-public data.

FTEC creates an ecosystem of offerings which lets in customers to behavior alternate in the crypto markets. The predominant idea of the mission is to unite separate trading offerings (bots and signals, auxiliary tools, academic and facts services) into a single platform to make trading extra handy and efficient. The important comfort of the gadget is that traders, depending on their professional characteristics and non-public preferences, will be able to select those services or units of product offerings that exceptional go well with their techniques in the market or elements of trade. The platform includes services each novices and skilled traders in its target audience, giving these members flexibility in their use of the ecosystem.

Currently, FTEC is a platform that unites about 15 offerings for a variety of purposes. Project offerings can be used independently of each other or as a mixed trading instrument.

According to the founders, the carrier is designed to resolve some of the troubles of crypto trading:  Increasing the efficiency of alternate using mental buying and selling systems of the project.  Saving time as a result of the information filtering mechanisms based on neural networks.  Increase in the degree of competence of traders by using growing a specialized crypto academy.  Improvement and optimization of trader’s buying and selling techniques by way of using the evaluation of the trader's buying and selling history and growing a machine of recommendations.  Reduction of risk as a result of the automation of trade.  Information and news assist for traders, based totally on the service for inspecting facts from social media and search engines.

The assignment has an tricky development method which relies upon on the quantity of dollars raised in the course of the ICO. In addition, the assignment team has already verified that part of the ecosystem features with the instance of ( It used to be designed to elevate our trading things to do in both manual and automatic modes. Currently, huge work has already been completed to enhance the ecosystem’s services, such as, an adaptive social assistant, a trading records analyzer, buying and selling modules, an arbitration assistant and others.

The assignment is anticipated to be monetized due to paid get admission to to some ecosystem products and commission expenses from the sale of hints on the internal platform of change guidelines and advertising.

Speaking about the services provided with the aid of FTEC, it is really worth noting their fantastic numbers. The mission ecosystem is designed now not solely to furnish merchants with a set of simple gadgets for trading in the crypto markets, but also encompass them with a set of auxiliary modules and offerings to inform customers and ensure the comfort of their change continuously.

Such a distinctive arsenal of a number buying and selling instruments is a strong, distinguishing trait of the project. Such an approach, in our opinion, has a wide variety of advantages each for the task and for the give up users. Therefore, the mission strengthens the loyalty of the audience attracted to it by way of providing a number additional offerings and opportunities. The users additionally get the opportunity to set their personal customized buying and selling pattern.

In complete there are 15 modules with various functions in the FTEC ecosystem: Smart Trading System, Adaptive Social Assistant, Service of Trader’s Behavioral Analysis, Anomalous Volume Dynamics Analyzer, Cryptoacademy, Exchange Order Management Module, Analyzer of the News Background, Arbitrage Assistant, Trading Recommendations Platform, Global Price Analyzer, Module of Cryptocurrency Portfolios Management, Telegram Assistant, Desktop App, Mobile App.

The approximate performance of most modules becomes clear from the title, so we will solely overview a few key modules of the ecosystem. The content material of the last modules can be determined in the White paper of the project.

Smart Trading System is a set of 12 components, which makes transactions in the market automatically. In essence, this device is the core of the challenge providing customers applications for algorithmic trading on cryptocurrencies.

Adaptive Social Assistant is a module which filters statistics on cryptocurrencies from social media, which is then furnished to users primarily based on the parameter This module resembles present notification systems used by way of quite a number data resources: the frequency and the precept of notifications (keywords, accounts, etc.) are customized and the device offers the consumer with potentially interesting information.

Service of Trader’s Behavioral Analysis is a module that is in a position to shape positive recommendations on the buying and selling strategy based on the behavioral analysis of a trader’s trading history. Exchange Order Management Module is a module that makes it possible to set stoploss and take-profit levels. This solves the trouble of there being a massive of crypto exchanges where there is no possibility of putting stop-loss and take-profit levels.

The crypto market is young and dynamic. Trading in this market still faces some difficulties and desires help from a number services and service providers. Since the crypto market (despite its extraordinary features) is an analogue of ordinary markets, the troubles here also partly repeat the issues of traditional markets. Such difficulties encompass the development of adequate buying and selling strategies, focus of the kingdom of the market and the provider component. As already noted, FTEC affords options for most areas of crypto trading.

The most good sized factor of the FTEC ecosystem is the automation of purposes for buying and selling activities. In this section we will center of attention on the competitive analysis, and on the description of the competition in the field of automated trading.

In general, trading on exchanges has a lengthy records throughout which the most important difficulties were the irrationality and psychological troubles of its participants. The chances with the automation and the introduction of exchange algorithms make it possible to structure the policies for opening, keeping and closing transactions completely, both in buying and selling on the exchanges or in the over-the-counter securities markets and the crypto market. In this sense, computerized buying and selling allows the users to get rid of the "human factor" and it has the following advantages:

  • Continuity of transactions. 
  • High pace and flexibility. 
  • The accuracy of algorithms and independence from the psychology of the trader. 
  • Ability to prepare and analyze market trends. It is predicted that global algorithmic trading market will grow to $18,160.8 million by way of 2025 with an average annual increase fee of 8.7% between 2017 and 20251.

The report "Algorithmic Trading Market 2025 Global Analysis and Forecasts" focuses on the in-depth evaluation of the market primarily based on its features and applications.

The venture entails the use of FTEC’s personal token, which will act as the internal cryptocurrency in the future of the project. In particular, with its help, members will have the chance to participate in the rating system of priority ordering and priority execution of applications in algorithmic trading, which will supply them extra possibilities and degree access, etc.

FTEC is a utility token that delivers the customers the proper to use the platform and its offerings and prioritize the use of positive services. FTEC will be a part of the platform ecosystem and all payments will be tied to it.

The maximum variety of tokens that will be issued was calculated by way of the venture in accordance to many criteria, which included:

  • The measurement of the target audience and the proportion of its coverage. 
  • The price of the common user's check.
  • Estimated time horizon of capitalization growth.

Token Analysis 

The project includes the use of FTEC’s personal token, which will act as the inner cryptocurrency in the future of the project. In particular, with its help, individuals will have the probability to participate in the ranking machine of precedence ordering and priority execution of applications in algorithmic trading, which will give them extra opportunities and stage access, etc.

FTEC is a utility token that can provide the customers the right to use the platform and its offerings and prioritize the use of sure services. FTEC will be a phase of the platform ecosystem and all payments will be tied to it.

The maximum variety of tokens that will be issued used to be calculated by using the project according to many criteria, which included:

  • The dimension of the target target market and the percentage of its coverage. 
  • The value of the average user's check. 
  • Estimated time horizon of capitalization growth.

We extraordinarily respect the strategy in which the number of tokens has a certain mathematical model, despite there being a number of assumptions.

The customers will have a number of primary scenarios for using tokens: 

Acquire tokens and hold them on account for faster and precedence execution of buying and promoting orders when the usage of the algorithmic trading platform systems.

The task reveals the trouble of liquidity. With a large quantity of funds, it is frequently tough to enter a buying and selling function without a robust have an impact on on the charge which can have a critical effect for future returns in the quick and medium term. When exclusive clients with distinct amounts are sorted out on the equal algorithm at the same time, it becomes tough to track whom and at what price the transactions have been made, specially if the utility is sent concurrently to all. The question of precedence of execution arises.

In order to increase precedence in the execution of purposes with the aid of trading algorithms, the customers need to buy tokens and upward push in the ranking of investors. It is assumed that this will inspire customers to buy extra and extra tokens in order to have a greater profitability. The order of execution will be controlled via blockchain.

We do now not see a robust want for this answer and it seems to us like they are "imposing" tokens on their users. The hassle exists when exclusive customers simultaneously order the execution of their applications. Some purchasers receive a lower priority and others higher. Usually, with a large number of transactions, this impact is leveled off (under the same conditions of latency, trade and other technical components).

However, if we speak about the honest distribution of the execution of applications, we suppose that this mission lies in the product vicinity and algorithmic solutions. The trading algorithm always has its capacity, above which there is a sturdy decline in the efficiency of trading operations and this gives the probability to limit the acceptance of new funds. Therefore, there are solutions for algorithmic portfolios and their different modifications to enter into barely special time periods and different solutions.

Pay for all services presented on the platform in FTEC tokens

Payment for any carrier whether subscription to signals, evaluation of behavioral exercise and other offerings will occur in FTEC tokens. However, at this stage there are no prices or determination of what the fee will be calculated in.

The assignment assumes that all the severa services that will characteristic will be solely available in exchange for tokens. This ability that FTEC becomes another intra-platform capacity of price without serious unique features and creates the impression of an intermediate charge link because: a) the emission is fixed, and b) the venture will sell tokens in the market to generate revenue in cryptocurrency or fiat, so we do now not quite understand the need for payments in tokens.

Exclusivity and precedence access to specific functions, depending on the variety of tokens in the account and the spherical of investment

A membership system will be on hand when distinct participants have specific depths of get right of entry to to offerings relying on the fame of the user:

  •  Early supporter - buyers of tokens at the Pre-Sale and Token Sale stages. 
  •  Node holder - users who save at least 99,840 FTEC in the system. 
  •  Full member - customers who spent at least 99,840 FTEC for the use of ecosystem     modules. 
  • Member - users who have at least 1 token in their balance. 
  •  Holder - the lifetime of the token in the stability of the ecosystem is no less than 69 days. 

We see sure dangers associated with the massive use of the token as a payment instrument. On the one hand, it develops the undertaking ecosystem, but on the different hand, the mission progressively receives a sure wide variety of tokens, withdrawing them from the turnover.

The indication of prices in tokens gives a sure reference to the costs of services however the costs will require future modifications primarily based on the adjustments in the value of dollars in the future. 

Exclusivity seriously impacts the motivation of token holders, who are targeted on the use of services and want to get extensive functions. We exceedingly respect this decision, as nicely as the specified coverage of the use of the token in the project documentation.

Analysis of Factors Affecting the Future Value of the Token 

There are a lot of elements but we will only point out the most important ones:  Success of the offerings and following the roadmap. In the system of inspecting the elements affecting the fee of the token, we noted that the challenge implements a giant quantity of services. The undertaking may also launch either a raw product or launch the full product after the declared deadlines. Important milestones consist of the release and development of a line of algorithmic robots, the launch of mobile functions and computer variations and different vital platform elements that are needed by means of a huge audience.

Platform sales factor The platform accumulates a positive quantity of tokens in the technique of charging commissions which can cause a robust depreciation when promoting to hold contemporary operations. When paying for the a number platform services, the gradual reverse buy-back of tokens that occurs can reduce the free glide of emission and influence the change price positively at a certain point in time. The platform claims the right to withdraw tokens from circulation to every other crypto wallet. In this case, it is possibly that the fee may also expand due to a minimize in supply. However, it is extra in all likelihood that the platform will promote the gathered tokens. It looks logical, in view that the platform is now not decentralized (it cannot exist on its own) and has expenses no longer in FTEC tokens and therefore will convert them, i.e. sell in the open market, which should adversely have an effect on the price in the medium and long term.

The aspect of income on the phase of the traders at the Pre-sale stages. Investors will historically prefer to sell phase of their funds when its listed on the exchanges. We did now not see the lock-up length for early traders and therefore, when listed on the exchange, the token will be below stress from the pre-sale buyers within a sure period.

The downward dynamics thing or elevated volatility of cryptocurrency. Not only will the standard correlation between tokens and principal cryptocurrencies be current in this project, however additionally "business dependence" which is associated each to interest in the crypto enterprise and to the profitability of algorithms due no longer solely to algorithmic structures but also to the reputation of the alleged services.

The success of buying and selling algorithms. The excessive profitability of algorithms can truly lead to an enlarge in demand for tokens and an increase in its price. However, if the profitability of the algorithms decreases, there will be a decrease in activity in the token, and it will be offered through the members who will no longer have the motivation to hold it, which can cause pressure on the price. This thing is extremely important, because it can cause high volatility for the token.

The platform pastime with its own tokens received at some stage in the charge of services. In case of burning, there will be fewer and fewer tokens, so exclusivity and the rate will be higher. This is advantageous for early token holders, however, it will have an effect on the future scaling of the project. In another case, when they are put returned into circulation, the task acts as a vendor on the exchange which may also motive a decline in the rate of the exchange.

The above factors that can affect the charge of the token are no longer the only ones. We listed the principal ones associated to the product and the economics of the token. It ought to be referred to that due to a restricted emission and restrained grant of buying and selling algorithms, it will be extremely hard to scale the fundamental product of the mission in the lengthy term. This is much less so for analytical services.

Even with the profitable dynamics of the algorithms, there will be a restrained pool of investors, the quantity of which will be extraordinarily low (as nicely as the dynamics of their trading accounts). However, if the alternate is successful, the rate can exhibit upward tendencies due to an expand in demand for services.

In the brief term (up to 1 year), the impact on the trade charge is due to the feasible sale of applications via the early buyers and the success of the launch of the product line of services, as nicely as the dynamics of cryptocurrencies and the effects of the algorithmic strategies.

Investment Risk Analysis 

As in any ICO project, funding consists of a significant quantity of risks. In addition to the standard risks for any investment, the undertaking is characterized via the following risks:

Legal risks Despite the fact that the undertaking does no longer accumulate dollars and conducted an impartial evaluation of legal risks, leveling out a phase of them (which we think about a massive advantage), in developed markets, such things to do can be categorized as intervening in financial markets, which clearly must be licensed and may create barriers in the future improvement of the platform. In turn, we see some future regulatory dangers in the since:

  • The service that develops the platform, Module for Cryptocurrency Portfolios Management, is, in fact, an asset management activity. Actually, it incorporates the risk of thinking about it a administration simply as algorithmic buying and selling with API keys provided. 

  • The appreciation of the services and the challenge as an "investment company" in the crypto industry.

Cybersecurity, the hazard of storing non-public data. When storing alternate API keys and other considerable data of the investors, there are large dangers of unauthorized get admission to to accounts. It can be executed even barring the withdrawal of cryptocurrencies however with trading operations (crypto trading, selling at distinct prices, manipulating the market, etc.).

The trouble of the danger of a "mediator" nevertheless remains. The incident in March 2018 with Binance crypto alternate demonstrates this vulnerability.

Business risks of the absence of demand for a number of services presented on the platform.

The task implements a large range of services related to crypto trading. We word the elevated interest in this industry and a greater competitive environment. Competition is massive even in an location such as algorithmic crypto trading. There are groups that provide auto-exploration and trading on patron debts comparable to the one presented by means of the platform. Many of the offerings provided with the aid of the platform additionally have a strong area of interest for merchants which may additionally no longer be reflected in the future and poorly monetized.

 Risks of centralization. Despite the use of blockchain, the platform has a strong dependence on the crew and, as a consequence, on the product line. Since other developers' offers are not used on the interior market of the platform, there is no possibility for product competition, which may restriction the future scalability of the platform.


We already have presently jogging projects based totally on algorithms for automated trading on cryptomarkets, they gave us a top notch and valuable experience and therefore we moved on to fulfill extra bold goals.

The ecosystem offers a complex of 15 original options for:

- Boosting your trading efficiency

- By the use of smart trading systems

- Saving your time

- By the use of neuronetworks for statistics go with the flow filtering

- Studying the specifics of crypto trading

- with the assist of automatized cryptoacademy and extensive database

- Improving your trading strategies

- By using a smart system for inspecting your buying and selling history on cryptocurrency markets

- Minimizing the dangers of the buying and selling activity

- By the use of the hints of the automated search for most worthwhile provides on the market

- Receiving the state-of-the-art tendencies in the industry

- By means of clever carrier for inspecting social networks and internet search data

- Closed beta checking out of all developed modules.

Some of the ecosystem's factors are already accessible for trying out for all users. We will provide get right of entry to to take a look at ALL modules which are already in creating for customers who sold tokens well worth from 20 ETH.

Team Management 

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