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The Cryptocurrency market is surely unpredictable. We recognize, but, that actual enterprise exists within the lower back of the Blockchain. Cryptocurrency is a “Decentralised destiny technology as a way to result in transformation of the sector economy.” Thriving obligations in the enterprise will benet stakeholders and traders alike. We at CyBit are at ease to introduce such a promising challenge to you. We are at the forefront of creating an open source atmosphere in an effort to permit consumption and creation of nancial services and products designed to facilitate a crowdfunding mechanism on a global scale.
Our project is to leverage the modern implemented sciences to deliver a comprehensive smartcontract
capability for seamless execution of initiatives. Investors will experience full transparency and liquidity, as well as a clean exit strategy. We're prepared for marketplace increase and scaling—it is why the CyBit group is comprised of high-stage science experts and industrial business enterprise authorities with solid statistics in all regions of strategic IT enterprise alignment. Our platform offers protection options for a international digital infrastructure in order to empower businesses to differentiate themselves as leaders interior their respective industries.
We are proud to be supported through enterprise specialists who serve as our Advisory Board. These professionals embody Legal Advisors, Industry Advisors, and Cybersecurity Advisors who've served in key executive positions at reputable rms round the globe.

Duplicate efforts to waste time and resources

A fraudulent campaign has been committed which resulted in the founders disappearingafter fixing the finances - basically deceiving the public;

Developers create a collection of personal instructions, landing pages, and exposure campaigns from
scratches; and

There is no synergistic channel between builder and consumer that can be achieved.

Cybit creates an open supply ecosystem as the best way to enable income generation and creation products and services to facilitate crowdfunding mechanisms on a global scale. Environment built on the Ethereum platform with a smart contract and will (1) a useful initial investment resource, and (2) help Investors see proposals from proposed business firms.
Our motive is to provide a conceivable investor platform for funding responsibilities through "CBT" as the underlying utility token. This initiative allows early buyers and buyers to collaborate on world markets built for this offers a reputable token-based token-based token, which in turn allows for forex payment tools transactions and crowdfunding sources.
In growing the environment, we decide on improvement techniques with a strong view in many ways
the limits of gift answers. The solution (CyBit) will empower ICO developers to visit platforms, post their investment requirements, and use the Cybit channel for evaluation by purchasing buyers. After compliance evaluation, consumers will invest in their duties using CyBit Token.


Crypto Platform Utilizes Crowdfunding
Empower Startups and Investors!

Cybit Meru Open Source Ecosystem to facilitate Crowdfunding! Our platform is built on the ERC-23 protocol with smart contracts for validation and protection of transactions that are immune from malicious attacks. It adopts a methodology that helps the flexibility of infrastructure and ensures protection & amp; engine stability.

Cybit allows three types of fundraising campaigns; Initial Coin Offering, Crowd Investing, and Crowd Funding. Cybit provides a very special vehicle for Investors to finance the project through CBT as an underlying price token!

We provide a complete smart-deal functionality for unlimited liability with full transparency and liquidity.


Springboard for the Beginning

CyBit Tokens - or CBT - has many benefits over major currencies. CBT Token takes advantage of the tough ERC-23 platform to deliver Token Track via Smart Contracts. It helps the flexibility of the infrastructure to ensure the security and balance of the gadget.


On the Cybit platform for buyers, one extra CBT continues to be received. When a buyer guides a pre-ICO, ICO, or Crowdinvesting campaign, they immediately get the currency, giving it a double advantage. When they do the Crowdfunding campaign manual, they collect CyBitCoin, making sure they compete with mission failures.


Blockchain Infrastructure. 
Integrate blockchain technology to provide a unique identity for each node.


Easy Token Integration
Each node has its own token. You can get tokens through artwork.


Global and Safe System
Inexperienced international machines survive in all corners, providing good fact protection.



Quarter 4 2017

Research on Market Opportunities-Global Market Analysis


Early research art work done and finalization of the concept

The first quarter 2018
Q1 2018, JANUARY

Starting UI Interface Creation Process


ERC-223 Tests on Whitepaper Blocknet Blockchain, public statements

Q1 2018, MARCH

Registration is legal

2nd Quarter 2018
Q2 2018, APRIL

The CyBit platform checks

Q2 2018, MAYBE

Pre ICO began to be passed
ICO pre ends
The ICO began to pass

Q2 2018, JUNE

Creation of SRS

Third quarter 2018
Q3 2018, JULY

ICO ends recruitment organization for corporate & amp; platform development

Q1 2018, AUGUST

Exchange Registration, Platform & amp; operational systems


The enhanced Android / iOS software program launches alpha CyBit & amp; trying to get out of the platform

Fourth quarter 2018
Q4 2018, OCTOBER

Cybit ad platform and ad marketing and marketing campaign


Contacting buyers & amp; startup for platform registration


Organizing international wholesome & amp; peak

The first quarter 2019
Q1 2019, JANUARY

Set up operational & amp; medium development in India


Set up startup / ICO sports meetings on world routes

Q1 2019, MARCH

Get global investors on board from at some stage in the world


CyBit solution

The CyBit solution will apply the empowerment of ICO builders to go to the platform, and will position their funding needs, and use Cybit channels to be evaluated through viable Investors. After a favorable assessment, Investors will invest in their obligations to use Token CyBit. The complete way is guaranteed the use of smart contract. This platform protects the rights of each and every stakeholder.

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