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Bitcoin Crown is Crypto Platform For Online Gamers

BTCC Coin is the first cryptocurrency with authentic purpose Online gaming is one of the most evolving and stable segments within the scope of technology, supported by loyal viewers of gamers and the deployment of mobile technology, along with the expansion of the global high-speed Internet connection. The last two factors also work towards the development of the digital economy, and in particular, the virtual currency market. The virtual currency has taken 0.1% of world global money transactions and this is very meaningful.

The BTCC token integrates with ERC-20 and defines a general list of rules for all Ethere tokens to follow, meaning that this particular token empowers developers of all types to accurately predict how the new token will work in the larger Ethereum system. The impact of the ERC-20 because it has a very large developer, because the project does not need to be repeated every time a new token is released. Instead, they are designed to be compatible with new tokens, provided they comply with the rules. The new token developer has generally observed the ERC-20 rule, which means that most tokens released through Ethereum's initial coin offerings are in compliance with ERC-20

Payment Fraud It is estimated that for every authentic digital purchase made, there are 75% digital objects lost to fraud, Assets saved and managed on-line can be open to manipulation or chargebacks. Merchants have to deal with greater burdens, and scammers harm the game's reputation.

High Fees and Slow Transactions Game publishers and communities depend on third-party platforms to system digital items transactions. Gamers come across slowness, opaque fund flow, and high transaction fees. two

Lack of True Ownership Rarity Virtual objects are, in-essence, licensed to the gamer and are often solely reachable for use on their proprietary platforms. At instances they can be manipulated, lost, or taken again with little recourse for the user. Genuine transparency is missing.

Locked in and Centralized Digital objects and currencies are usually locked to a single recreation and no longer transferable. Trading items outdoor of the recreation environment is cumbersome and difficult. If a player receives banned, they can lose all of their gadgets and currency.

No open requirements There are presently no widely-accepted requirements for decentralized currencies and belongings in games. The consumer journey is frequently an afterthought, so users do not comprehend what to expect.

Expensive & time-consuming Developing a platform for managing digital goods is time-consuming and costly. The complexity of managing a digital financial system on proprietary infrastructure delays time to market. Security issues introduce a in addition set of difficulties.

Lack of cost gamification Value primarily based gamification facets are lacking in content administration structures and forum software. Users do now not get rewarded in real world cost for participation or contribution.


BTCC will increase equipment that allow recreation publishers, recreation servers, and communities to manipulate digital goods and in-game gadgets across a couple of platforms. Monetization using BTCC Coin will be a key focus with sturdy facets and toolsets provided. Great benefits will be received with the aid of utilizing a decentralized platform and the helping frameworks.

Benefits for Communities 

● Gamify your website and cellular neighborhood with custom BTCC Coins two 
● Increase person participation and contribution on forums and walls. 
● automate rewards and setup a range of condition based totally triggers. 
● Tie-in your neighborhood rewards with in-game items on servers or games. two

Benefits for Game Publishers / Content Creators 

● Create new tokens to symbolize virtual currencies, recreation items, or privileges. 
● Create and manipulate digital goods programmatically or by using an app. 
● Create time limited or subscription based totally virtual goods. 
● Mint non-fungible objects or distinct version items. 
● Setup a virtual goods store. 
● Run a decentralized charge gateway with no middle-man. 
● Transparent transactions. Setup reports and fee systems. 
● No fraud, chargebacks, or cancellations. 
● Minimal fees for blockchain transactions and no fee fees. 
● Open-source suite of APIs and SDKs for each and every popular platform and engine. 
● Smart wallets that facilitate effortless automated repayments from users.
● Easily setup a website and cellular neighborhood with full digital goods integration.

● Buy & promote items with no risk of fraud. 
● Trade between gaming objects from one of a kind games the usage of Bancor for liquidity 
● Take your foreign money with you across any neighborhood or sport and retain value. 
● Own precious foreign money and rare gadgets that can never be taken away. 
● Use BTCC’s marketplace and social community to find and exchange recreation items. 
● Earn BTCC coins taking part in games. 
● Convert customized digital items immediately again to BTCC Coins and keep value. 
● Earn coins by taking part in communities and posting on forums. 
● Buy in-game objects on heaps of sport servers and games that support BTCC. 
● Prove ownership of gadgets by means of displaying them off in internet site widgets.

Global Gaming Market

The international gaming market is experiencing explosive growth, attaining US$108.9BN in 2017 and a projected US$128.5BN by using 2020.

Bitcoin Crown is headquartered in UK, offering the ideal springboard to in addition target the Chinese, Japanese and Korean markets. 58% of the boom in 2016 came from Asia-Pacific countries.

Tokens and Smart Contracts

We will install BTCC Coin and digital property as ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum network.

Ethereum is the most famous and broadly supported clever contract blockchain, with a huge improvement community and robust language support. We trust it has a sturdy future in recreation development and in developing the new decentralized internet.

A collection of smart contracts will furnish core performance on the blockchain: The Mint, Payment Gateway Contract, Smart Wallet Contract, subscription Contract, Custom Coin Registry and Top List Contracts.

Public API BTCC 

will host a public Platform API using the JSON-RPC protocol with techniques for checking account balances and accessing each of the above clever contracts. This will enable web sites to display records to web customers besides requiring a web pockets extension installed in the web browser.  

Exchanging Coins 

The Mint contract shops all BTCC cash used to mint each unit of a Custom Coin. BTCC wallets grant an interface to alternate Custom Coins lower back to BTCC Coins that are contained in the Mint contract. This presents liquidity and the option of backing customized property with a recognized BTCC value.

Economically, any custom property created with BTCC will minimize the variety of BTC in circulation, keeping and growing the price of the BTCC ecosystem over the lengthy term. Custom Coins that obtain their personal intrinsic cost inner the gaming ecosystem will be held and traded in addition by way of the community, while others could be traded back to regain their unique BTCC two Coin price - giving all users easy liquidity.

Custom Coins as recreation items The same mechanism for minting Custom Coins may additionally be used to represent special game items. In this scenario, BTCC coins would be used to mint one or extra Custom Coins representing a sport object that has fee tied to it.

Unique Items Non-fungible objects may additionally be issued at the time of minting by means of such as unique records such as the authentic player who owns the item, the date it used to be minted, the boss monster it used to be looted from, or other irreproducible statistics infused into that unique unit.

Item Trading Economies Using decentralized property permits game enthusiasts to alternate with each different outside of the recreation environment, and even trade and establishes cost across multiple different games. Custom Coins will be well suited with any external trade that helps Ethereum Tokens. Additionally, BTCC will be creating a marketplace, wish-lists, and auction features, immediately inner of the BTCC social network and Activity Feed system to facilitate P2P trading.

The power of Custom Coins as privilege tokens Custom Coins will be added to the existing get admission to controls used across the BTCC CMS and can be used as a powerful approach of delegating power. For example, a website proprietor may promote a confined variety of "Ad" tokens that permit uploading an advert to the information page or message board. In a game, a customized "Chest Key" token ought to be required to open chests containing uncommon items.

Community Integration 

BTCC Coin facets will be integrated throughout the whole BTCC CMS platform and natively supported by over 250,000 present gaming websites. Going past the BTCC CMS, BTCC will advance phpBB, vBulletin, Xenforo and other discussion board and CMS integrations as phase of the opensource Platform API that will enable even more web communities to without difficulty undertake BTCC Coins into their web sites and games. Open-source PHP and NodeJS SDKs will give net developers effortless access to all BTCC Coin features and functionality for custom internet site and API integrations.

Reward Automations 

The existing automation gadget on the BTCC CMS Platform can reward coins to person Accounts primarily based on powerful mixtures of stipulations and triggers. Various rewards System can be setup for person participation on the forum and other internet site activities.

Forum Boards 

The BTCC CMS includes an tremendously feature-rich discussion board system, currently powering the whole lot from small teams to massive communities with over a million customers collaborating on their message boards. Forum votes and factors will be extended with the ability to display Custom Coins. Tipping will be delivered to the Forums so that coins can be tipped to users with a few simple clicks (and this action would be displayed on the thread).

Donations And Group 

Pay Many websites take delivery of donations as a substitute of the use of a shop – particularly smaller eSports clans or guilds made up of friends. BTCC Coins will now be a price alternative in the Donation module and Stretch Goals.

Promotion and Advertising 

BTCC Platform BTCC’s extremely famous wall machine will be upgraded with a Post Promotion system which accepts BTCC Coins as the fee method. Promoted Wall Posts can be focused to unique video games and hobbies within the target audience of 18 million engaged gamers.  

Token Allocation

Token Information


Team Management 


Bitcointalk nickname : Dervish doff
eth address : 0x84D98d6D6775e7c5c52Ed3FBb81ad2133d596bdF

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