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VOISE ICO has set a cap of 100 million Voisium (VSM) tokens for the crowdsale, leaving room for price appreciation once the adoption increases. The VSM tokens based on   ethereum smart contract   technology are to ensure transparency in the ICO, and will only be issued to the Ethereum wallet sending the initial transaction

VOISE ICO has raised 408.12 ETH. That is roughly US$36,000 at the current ETH valuation. A total of 65.299.24 tokens has been issued to investors at press time.  There is a total of 100 million VSM tokens available for purchase. The VOISE ICO runs for another 29 days. Anyone who wants to support the music industry needs to take a closer look at this platform.  VOISE has a lot to offer, and they can shake up the music industry as a whole

VOISE ICO will be held in a smart contract. The developers will make the smart contract code publicly available on GitHub in coming days. All funds will be kept in a multisignature wallet, ensuring no one can move funds without the team’s permission. The team is also running a    bounty campaign

The Voise platform will be developed completely in last two quarters of 2017 and could be used for all key operating systems. In addition, having strong emphasis on indie artists, the artists will be able to promote their work in near future through this platform. In terms of media and music artists, Voise ICO is being taken as one of the most important ICO this year and time will reveal its significance in other industries also.

VOISE allows a fairly simple process for artists and users to sell and buy digital content easily. Artists, who want to sell music on VOISE upload digital files on the platform. Once uploaded, the tracks will be checked in a peer to peer network, visible to the user. Users, karaoke platforms, or looking for travel, can easily find relevant music and even before making a decision to buy.

After the decision is made, the user will pay for the selection of tracks with VOISE tokens for transaction transactions. Transactions will be visible in blockchain, thanks to transparency. After confirmation of each transaction on the Ethereum blockchain, the artist will receive funds into their wallet. The artist will receive 100% of the transaction minus the fraction, sent to the Ethereum network as a gas to fill the transaction.

VOISE offers full freedom of artist to showcase prices and give examples of audio clips to users. The sample clip can be 30 seconds long, with the provision to make the entire song for free in return.

VOISE will continue to introduce new ways of content monetization for the benefit of artists. At the same time, users will benefit from a higher price than can be used if using a conventional channel.

VOISE Platforms and Tokens

The revolutionary VOISE platform is powered by VOISE tokens. This token, built around the technology of smart contracts Ethereum is the primary medium of value exchange over the VOISE music ecosystem. These tokens can be easily stored on user-selected devices using personal desktop wallets, compatible web-based ERC20s such as MyEtherWallet or within the VOISE platform it self.

VOISE Tokens make it easy for users to purchase music and other digital content on the platform. As with other popular cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Ether and more, VOISE tokens can be traded against cryptocurrency or other fiat on some of the leading exchange platforms.

The VOISE platform is built over Ethereum protocol and makes use of ERC20 succesful native VOISE tokens for transactions on the platform. The Token specs are as follows
Token Name: VOISE
Token (VOISE)
Decimals: 8
Contract address: 0x83eEA00D838f92dEC4D1475697B9f4D3537b56E3
Supply Style: deflationary
Format: ERC20 Compliant
Tradable Between Users: Yes 
Total Supply: 825,578,000 VOISE


The platform capabilities a devoted seek engine that allows users to supply content based on particular facts consisting of:

  • An artists’ call
  • Album name
  • style of tune
  • Playlists or the name of a tune

for next information, please visit link in below, for information complete


Bitcointalk name : Dervish doff
eth address  : 0x84D98d6D6775e7c5c52Ed3FBb81ad2133d596bdF

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