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SANCOJ - The Sancoj undertaking intends to offer Opportunities to every body free of charge (at zero transaction fee). We understand that the word opportunity has very huge meanings and may be interpreted to be a venture, venture agreement, event, mastering, certification, socializing, competencies management/enhancement, searching for and selling, industrial company acquisition, distributorship or franchising, and lots of others. That is why we have used our hybrid algorithm to synchronize all of them into one smooth platform on the equal time as additionally permitting the man or woman to make use of our Artificial clever Agent (Zingo) in making sensitive opportunity discovery and choices.

Everything approximately the SANCOJ task became cautiously crafted to carry achievement to its users

Green Color In the Logo: Means inexperienced grass, productivity, possibilities, greener pasture, smart artwork, chlorophyll that allows appeal to mild (strength)

Dark blue Color inside the Logo: Means wealth, success, self perception, intelligence, stability and safety.

Position of inexperienced shade in The Logo: Green is the premise because green is productiveness, clever work, and so forth this is the foundation if you want to produce the better quit result.

Position of Blue Color in logo: Shows wealth, success and stability which have become produced by means of productivity and smart art work. Conclusively, the green and blue color, marries every other in the SANCOJ emblem to provide wealth and stability to customers.

Zingo is an Artificial Intelligence Agent constructed into the Sancoj platform to analyze character information and propose the most worthwhile opportunities to the patron. We observed that many humans make career choices based on their location of specialization and education, contemporary economic fame, modern-day region, circle of relatives ties, and many others. They do not consider the opportunities that different factors can provide.

Sancoj is quite simple to apply. With just few clicks, you could use all modules on the Sancoj plaform.  

  • Post Opportunies  
  • Find Opportunies  
  • Find People  
  • Meet ZINGO


Many humans do no longer have opportunies to do the matters if you want to motive them to acquire life. In most countries, human beings have a tendency to conflict, if they will be not born with silver spoons.  Example; There is a market in Lagos referred to as Alaba Internaonal Market. It is the biggest electronics market in West Africa. Once you visit the market, you will be greeted via many, even earlier than you  get to the shops  asking you what you want. 

Do you keep in mind that eighty% of these human beings in Alaba, do now not have a unmarried product or save of their very own? They market for product and shop owners for the huge apple quantity which won't even cover their fare, lower back home. It will take them so many years to maintain up those big apple costs as capital to start their very personal agencies due to the reality they may need shops, products, energy deliver, and so forth. This problem is found in many countries.

What if the ones human beings have the opportunity to use their huge apple cash to get products and promote them, with out annoying approximately preserve, strength, and so forth? They can sell without paying commission to the plaorm. They can also be exempted from bank (fee transfer) costs through PEER TO PEER transfers. 

Ethereum Blockchain

Since each Ethereum based totally transaction requires Gas to execute and there are numerous operations at the SANCOJ platform in order to be seen as transaction via the usage of Ethereum, what is being done to lower rate of Gas for customers.

SANCOJ is a Hybrid System. This technique that SANCOJ uses ON-CHAIN/OFF CHAIN Algorithm to make certain that customers spend Gas ONLY while money changes hand.

Is SANCOJ Token a Security or Utility Token SANCOJ Token is a software token in an effort to energy the operations of the SANCOJ platform.

What is the SANCOJ TOKEN emission fee. Total supply for SANCOJ tokens is one hundred Billion and not even 1 more token can ever be brought to it.

Why is your softcap low. Because we are already growing the Sancoj platform. We will retain the paintings regardless of the quantity raised.

What is your hardcap. Our hardcap is 60 million USD. Why is your hardcap excessive. Because Sancoj has many modules and additionally uses Artificial Intelligence that is pricey to increase.

SANCOJ expenses ZERO COMMISSION. What does this imply. It manner that, for any transaction you do on the SANCOJ platform, SANCOJ fees you not whatever. Whether you put up opportunities or you're taking opportunities, SANCOJ will not collect any charge.

What if I need to charge money for the opportunities I put up on SANCOJ. You can charge cash to your published opportunities. Example: You can put up FREE or PAID publications, events, products, distributorship, franchise, and so on. Gives.

Will SANCOJ fee fee once I placed up PAID possibilities. No. SANCOJ will no longer take any commission from either you or beneficiaries of your PAID possibilities.

Is there a plan to characteristic special opportunities in the future. We plan to add others. They are presently being researched and will be announced in due time.

What makes you particular

Our Product. Our Team. Our Location. We have large ALL IN ONE product. Our team is made from younger professionals, passionate IT stars which might be keen to surprise the world. Our vicinity is unusual within the Blockchain sphere. Depending on interpretation, this could be a bonus or a downside. For us, we do no longer need to hype the hype however work the paintings and convey SUCCESS TO EVERYBODY.


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