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RCI - Cryptoinvestment in real property

RCI - The top-20 RCI token owners will receive a privilege to use the RCI Company’s residences and motels for their own vacation. Seeing that program, it simply implies that the company’s improvement is a mixture of blockchain plus a authentic business which makes it virtually precious of your investments.

Furthermore, the RCI token is ERC20 agreeable, which if truth be told capacity that there’s a massive opportunity that it can be considered being listed on a public exchange. Lastly, RCI Company ICO accepts ETH, BTC, XRP, BCH and L cryptocurrencies only.

Main motive of the ICO is to accumulate dollars for further funding into popular and comprehensible realty market. The RCI token will be supported by commercial property with acknowledged or projected profitability that lets in no longer only to preserve cutting-edge token's price however elevate it by way of distributing dividends The RCI Company’s token is referred to as RCI and the token’s permitted really worth all during the chief initial coin imparting (ICO) stage is constant at $0.50 USD per 1 RCI token. The business enterprise has $100,000,000 quantities of tokens and traders can make a contribution a minimal of $100 These Terms, such as the Appendices, constitute a binding settlement between RCI Company and individuals or entities (hereinafter "You" or “the "Participants") accessing the Website and/or providing repayments to RCI Company in connection with the RCI Company assignment (the “RCI Company Project”) and collaborating to the RCI Token Sale. The contents of the Website and web sites on hand from hyperlinks on the Website, do no longer shape an imperative phase of these Terms.

Realty Crypto Investment Company is a community of realtors and developers from distinct countries. Our group consists of gurus from Spain, Russia, Azerbajan, Gergia and the Czech Republic. Some of us have greater than 20 years of experience.

The blockchain science gave us the chance to consolidate investors and developers. A time has come when we can collect all the exceptional that we have in blockchain and make robust and reliable product which protects investments. We see many pitfalls of one-of-a-kind ICOs and we apprehend that tokens ought to have actual market value. That's why we distribute earnings (pay dividends) gathered as a end result of our job. We will share profits by using these numbers: 40% will be stored by way of the team for in addition investment and 60%  will be disbursed among token holders.

Moreover, all contributors will be able to vote exceptional options for investment. We will solely purchase realty that YOU choose. Thus each investor will have have an impact on on our funding policy and RCI token's price.

Finally, Top-20 of our token holders will have the proper to use company's resorts and residences for leisure.

Therefore, our assignment is a mixture of blockchain and a real commercial enterprise in the material world. Become a phase of the future.



$5,000,000 — in finished small inns and apartments
$25,000,000 — in finished motels and additionally construct new
$45,000,000 — in constructing new hotels


Create a hotel commercial enterprise to get income from tourism
Building hotels to be sold, now not extra than 40% of the overall fund
Sell apart of objects to impenetrable profits
Continue investment
Create RCI motel network


Calculated every year
Divided as 60/40
Proportional to the tokens amount
Bonus program for the Top-20 of the token holders



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