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HAI Project - It is the first Hybrid Artificial Intelligence to mix three important sectors that rule the financial system of our surroundings despite the fact that we are able to’t see it so in reality. The predominant motive of HAI is to offer the chance to small business owners to compete in opposition to massive agencies with tens of millions of dollars destined to market studies and marketing, have the hazard to do profitable trading and eventually to shield themselves and their business from criminals of all over the world. Creating a effective Hybrid-AI blended with an ecofriendly infrastructure there are not any barriers, offering the opportunity to function this HAI device thru the use of the block chain technology (ERC20 tokens & Smart Contracts) all users with HAI tokens may be capable of enjoy the challenge.

Features  traditional AI system is very highly-priced and no longer to be had for everyday customers, with HAI the sport adjustments, imparting a reasonably-priced and powerful AI capable of:

  • Market Prediction In order to have a successful buying and selling experience, many hours or maybe days of studies are had to determine while to make a exchange, ordinary humans don’t have that point, you don’t have that point. HAI does the heavy lifting so that you can spend time doing what you in reality love, however if you are deep into marketplace research HAI let you to take better decisions, 1 HAI and 1 mind are higher than just a mind.

  • Threat Hunting Attackers have become smarter and improving the complexity of their equipment, it is going to be HAI the one who is going to guard you or even your business from these criminals, the use of danger looking, malware evaluation and behavioral evaluation techniques.

  • Decision Making Business Intelligence can help small enterprise to boom their sales presenting a robust analysis of viable eventualities, marketplace research and product improvement. Just because we don’t begin with lots of resources it doesn’t suggest we're not able to compete against larger competition, HAI provides a cheap studies and selection making helper platform for you and your ideas.

Antecedents & Scope of the Problems

Artificial Intelligence, a arguable subject matter that has raised numerous opinions approximately how awful it can be however, in the agreement and creation of new AI systems, mass approving has been increasing exponentially.

The AI is not the only emerging zone that needs extra attention, IT Security, Finances and Business Intelligence are developing too fast however specialists don’t have sufficient man-power to go along with it, assistance is needed.

Technology boom inside the closing 3 years has been huge, with groups acting out of nowhere and becoming main giants, new services for the hundreds (content streaming, videogames, etcetera), infrastructure growth inside internal networks and advent of new hardware, all the previous are vectors of assault for hackers who want to vulnerate them for any sort of personal benefit.

Financial area, as vintage as you would assume everything is on top of things, it isn’t. The average man or woman’s dream is to be financially unfastened; Most of the human beings think about making investments as a way to get rich with out researching sufficient therefore they may be liable to lose quite a few money. The latest region, the most important opportunity for small business owners or even titans inside the enterprise, a manner to realize exactly what your capacity clients want, who're they, in which are you able to awareness your interest and plenty of different questions a business makes earlier than even creating a product can be answered through the take a look at of massive records, known as Big Data however implemented to what many enterprise proprietors want Business Intelligence.

Scope Of The Problems

The three of the sectors we pick to assist with our AI software program have comparable troubles and a correlation huge enough for us to perceive, also they have a similar answer, smart wondering in different words Artificial Intelligence.

Losses in Private Sectors by Cyber criminals 

Only inside the 2016 because of cyber criminals there are reported monetary losses for as much as 450 billion greenbacks, this doesn’t best affect the financial sector, it even influences you, statistics leakage, degraded crucial offerings; you are not safe.

There is a loss of safety specialists skilled to shield touchy statistics and services, current research detected that we're brief at least 1,000,000 experts, we simply don’t have sufficient time, the hackers are already knocking a variety of doorways.

Artificial Intelligence can grow to be an best friend for small or big groups or maybe everyday users, detecting ability threats in order to defend structures in opposition to them.

Artificial Intelligence Ecosystem

Artificial Intelligence is knocking the door in almost every location of knowledge in which people analyze facts and attempt to remedy macro-problems. The essential aim of Artificial Intelligence is to take advantage of the modern processing abilties of a computer and make it think like a human with competencies past our information. There are many forecasts for the blessings of synthetic intelligence amongst those we're confident to contribute in:

Human Hours Saving & Assets Management

The human work wished for choice making, as an instance a enterprise method is huge; allow’s speak approximately labored hours in step with week. In common as a minimum the 20% of the Korean employees spend more than 50 hours in line with week operating, in different international locations like Mexico, the common quantity of hours labored every week is forty eight hours and moving on to India the average is 52 hours labored in step with week.

HAI Project’s Purpose & Application

HAI is the primary undertaking to bring wish for the average person, able to doing the little matters needed to make all and sundry’s existence simpler.

Changing your existence starts through fixing your troubles, we recognise HAI is not the ultimate solution however it's far a start, it will start with budget, cyber protection and enterprise intelligence however it doesn’t forestall there  HAI.

The HAI Project targets to cowl the three fundamental sectors described above the usage of the quick getting to know curve of an wise device, the usage of the main standards that are critical for the successful implementation of our AI. 

Basic AI Functionalities to be Applied

It is the primary function of letting the AI system to find know-how by itself using more than one net assets formerly whitelisted with the intention to ensure the credibility of the records digested through the device, permitting it to amplify capabilities without stopping. 

At the early tiers of development these are wished in order to serve has a baseline (essential motive) for the AI so it can begin mastering about subjects needed to fulfill the needs of the initial algorithms.

This network is designed to be similar to the human fearful machine (the communication of neurons thru links within the brain) allowing the use of gaining knowledge of ranges wherein the AI learns the way to solve complicated issues by using breaking them. The full method consists of segmenting problems with the aid of issue and applying answers increasing analytical contemplating the AI machine.

Language processing allows the HAI system to interpret the human’s communications so that you can determine not unusual slangs used within the Cyber Security, Financial and Big Data industries.

It is a feature of an AI gadget as it's miles the fundamental precept for acquisition of understanding through a system, parsing statistics giving a context to it and making fundamental relationships.

Supervised Learning: As important tasks the AI machine may be appearing it's miles an duty for the HAI Project’s team to oversee the acquired know-how by the HAI AI’s consequently verify its validity, that is a crucial task because the studying procedure won’t be seen for the crew.

Reinforcement Learning: The simple reason behind this idea is, professionals inside the 3 industries we choose to help, will educate our AI machine principles approximately each enterprise in an effort to enhance the gaining knowledge of performance (making the learning curve shorter).

Transfer Learning: This gives the capability to the HAI machine to go looking by using its own without any education given, improving the accuracy within the produced predictions.

HAI Tokens

The HAI Project become born considering solving problems that no one became capable of remedy in years and are extra pressing to clear up as those troubles have become bigger and bigger. Artificial Intelligence is the solution, creating a system capable of outrunning thousands of people in only a fraction of an hour, saving thousands of hours and extra vital, saving money, loads.

A HAI token is supposed to represent a percent of the actual network electricity, permitting an consumer to apply the AI for functions in the scope of the challenge, this will be finished the usage of a web software developed by using the HAI Project’s group so that you can lock up tokens for a given amount of time additionally the customers can be able to add records to the AI (a guide can be supplied) and receive reviews for that statistics.

At the very beginning the HAI tokens will be issued the usage of the Ethereum Platform, creating 70,000,000 HAI. Once the ICO is over and the primary block chain is launched a token switch is deliberate, migrating to an impartial community and not using a congestions, huge charges or scalability troubles Many AI systems are owned through huge businesses; HAI Project is supposed to be owned via the human beings and targets to become the primary public AI provider at every body’s disposal the usage of tokens as computing power as described above.

Token Supply & Sale

The implementation of the tokens might be thru a Smart Contract which goes to generate tokens in keeping with Pre ICO and ICO orders on the costs certain below. There is a tokens difficult cap of 100 MILLION HAI tokens.

The whole token sale may be divided into 3 stages: Pre ICO, ICO Phase 1 & ICO Phase 2. The Pre ICO will assist us to degree the eye received via the venture and mostly for funding the ICO, which include: Promo Ads, Strategic Recruitment and Meet-Up costs to increase the capability investors. The begin date of the Pre-ICO is April thirtieth lasting 14 days for you to permit buyers to examine approximately the task and determine if they need to take part on this journey.

Once the Pre-ICO phase is over, strategic ads will be issued and the ICO Phase 1 will begin at a better rate (25% growth from the previous phase), viable meetups will occur in numerous places around the arena, this stage will last 15 days or till it is sold out beginning at May 14th.

The closing stage of the ICO is the Phase 2 from May 28th until June 11th, at the identical fee as the Phase 1, it's far wished in an effort to permit buyers to shop for their tokens as huge guide from crowds is expected consequently a excessive quantity in transactions too. 

Calendar Pre-ICO April thirtieth to May 13th ICO Phase 1 May 14th to May 27th ICO Phase 2 May twenty eighth to June eleventh 

  • Pre ICO Price 0.0004ETH for every HAI token This will include a 20% bonus.

  • ICO Phase 1 Price:0.0005 ETH for every HAI token A 15% bonus could be blanketed.

  • ICO Phase 2 Price: 0.0005 ETH for each HAI token A 10% bonus will be covered.

Funds Allocation In case the ICO system doesn’t attain the Hard cap the final tokens will be burned giving a higher value to offered HAI tokens in the Pre-ICO and ICO levels. Since HAI Project is public and open to the venture the budget allocation will be too, the main plan for the funds is for marketing and operations hardware, research.

Buy-Back Program The goal of the buyback program is to assist the tokens have a comparable price to the computing strength of the HAI Project, this program will consist of purchasing sure quantities of HAI tokens from exchanges affecting immediately the trading increasing the charge.

Market Opportunity The 3 sectors chosen to be the primary HAI cores were developing so rapid inside the remaining decade because of the globalization and era which can be very useful providing more records and evaluation equipment also we're inside the era of specialization wherein we have greater workers organized for complex responsibilities however, with an insane growing rate the possibilities for something awful going on increase.

Business Model

The predominant pastime for the HAI Project’s group may be the continuous development and development of the HAI device, supplying higher performance ordinary and usability of internet programs for the control of HAI. In order to keep with the undertaking development once the systems get launched we can pass directly to the Affiliate version.

Affiliate Model This is how HAI Project could be maintained, get a recurrent influx of resources thru the rate of a rate for lending HAI tokens as described above, this way we lock a move of revenues. Besides lending prices, the challenge will also have a second sales movement by using running on non-public investigations under the HAI Project’s veil in which all of the findings derived from the usage of the Research Fund will provide an influx to the mission and now not a personal earnings.

Business Plan In order to accomplish the whole thing defined on this file it's far required to proceed with a very careful method of ways matters are going to be carried out. In different words, an schedule is needed so the assignment can fulfill all of the goals described in the roadmap within the time-frame detailed, going as the subsequent.

Main powering plant creation ( Defining a vicinity and hardware to used ) 

  1. HAI Project’s Team Organization.
  2. Development of HAI System.
  3. Beta Testing for HAI’s Network.
  4. Smart Contracts Integration.
  5. Web Application for Smart Contracts Development.
  6. Beta Testing for HAI + SM.

Products & Services The design is the maximum critical section as it's far the inspiration for the proper development of the HAI Project’s vision. The development phase may be executed taking in consideration the evaluations and information of professionals (Advisors and Team Members) in long sessions.

Thinking Outside-The-Box: In order to create a Hybrid AI an outsider-questioning is vital, provide a huge scope enables our AI to end up smarter every day with out rambling too much. The Model of Innovation for use will assist the HAI Project’s team to define the tactics and activities to be done. Resources may be carried out to review the subsequent milestones:

Market Analysis: The very first step is to realize what the customers specifically want and need, reaching a couple of companies and viable very last users the HAI Project’s crew will analyze the gathered statistics to define absolutely the given needs.

Technical Opportunity: The predominant assignment is to define the technical solution for the desires the group defined inside the previous step. In this section the main reason is to create a flowchart in which the mastering procedure will begin.

Concept Generation: Once both the preceding levels were developed it is vital to create the concept of the HAI System absolutely defining the multiple scopes and preferred capabilities.

Specifications of the Project: The scope of HAI Project will be completely described inclusive of learning competencies, marketplace research, viable problems and technical specifications.

Experimental Models: At the past due development stages an experimental version is wanted so as to recognize any flaws in the layout and pass lower back to the preceding milestones.

Challenges Since Artificial Intelligence is an emerging generation many issues are included but HAI Project has what it takes to conquer them. Most of those issues are era credibility, implementation prices, technical knowledge required and the approach for customer belief.

Main Services From all of these factors we will count on to absolutely define services and products derived from the principle idea of HAI, we are expecting to convey:

  • Customizable Threat Hunting Instance: In this service the HAI gadget may be capable of hunt threats inner a community or a particular surroundings so that it will offer a full document of the situation to the owner of the example.

  • Dedicated Business Gathering Instance: From this service many enterprise owners will be capable of collect statistics form any desired subject matter and it is going to be the primary functionality of HAI to add variables to the studies therefore presenting a more correct record adding hints.

  • Specific Market Prediction: Once the human language processing is fully supported by means of HAI it'll be capable to analyze the overall recognition of a stock, coin or monetary device on the way to provide a prediction based on technical analysis blended with fundamental evaluation.

Market Opportunity

Token Distribution


These are the activities that we are going to be making within the first 12 months with a purpose to reap our dreams

Q2 / 2018

- Team advent

- Facility Arrangements

- Partnership Agreements

- Release of test net V1

Q3 / 2018

- Product Development

- Multiple industries studying

Q4 / 2018

- Product Lineup Release

- Facility Upgrade Test Net Upgrade

- Main net Release

Q1 / 2019

- Product Lineup Expansion

- New facility creation

- Business Expansion

Token Sale

- Token Supply : 100,000,000

- Pre ICO

- ICO Level I

- ICO Level II

Team Management 



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