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eGold - is a new digital currency based on the Ethereum blockchain. EGold aims to unify eSports making a bet enthusiasts all over the international with the aid of imparting an clean, short, and relaxed opportunity for having a bet on their preferred games Counter Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, DOTA2, Hearthstone, World of Warcraft, and plenty of others.

EGold group consists of specialists with substantial enjoy in iGaming, product development, operations, eSports, marketing and Blockchain generation.

What are the existing market problems and how eGold can remedy them. The lack of transparency and the inadequate security are currently the two essential problems in our industry, eGold tokens are the ultimate answer for each of them.

EGold brings blockchain innovation to the eSports betting marketplace as it is an Ethereum based ERC20 token. As a crypto token, each transaction with eGold could be recorded at the blockchain, so ANYTIME ANYWHERE any patron can test them, which actively solves the
transparency trouble.

On the other hand, the blockchain functionality ensures that every wager as soon as positioned is truly secured it can’t be deleted, it can’t be declined, it may’t be confined, your stake is locked till the suit is over and your income may be mechanically paid out way to the clever contracts.

Where will eGold be incorporated

Social eSports making a bet internet site Buff88 can be the first iGaming logo to combine eGold and
enable players to enjoy the most advanced solutions for placing bets on the widest games coverage powered by using UltraPlay fast and smooth.

More over, UltraPlay’s customers’ network, along with greater than forty main iGaming operators and extra to comply with could be using the modern-day blockchain generation of eGold for quicker and less complicated betting than has ever existed on the market.

Cryptocurrencies are taking on the having a bet world wherein eSports is growing in significance at an exponential price annually with its number of fans, fanatics and lovers. Instant low price transactions are something that the betting global has needed for a totally long term and cryptocurrencies will absolutely improve that. Blending that with the high laptop literacy of people worried in eSports makes the marriage among eSports having a bet and cryptocurrencies a really perfect fit. Realizing this need, UltraPlay become one of the first provider to undertake bitcoins within the online gaming industry, allowing iGaming operators ,who required the sizeable benefit of blockchain generation to provide it to their gamers for quicker and greater secure transactions.

EGold lets in the eSports making a bet community to sense the subsequent degree of gaming enjoy and be related in a unified eSports atmosphere primarily based on cryptographic security.


With the rising recognition of video games and the developing wide variety of fanatics following the virtual competitions and tournaments worldwide, eSports is becoming the hallmark recreation for many generations to come. Now, eSports are viewed and played predominantly by means of the present day generations (Y and Millennials, additionally called the Z Generation). Considered as one in every of the largest generation corporations in history, Millennials are transitioning into their prime spending years and are predicted as the brand new target audience which could restart the manner business is performed in lots of industries. Millennials grew up playing video games and this medium has end up one among their important approaches to socialise and build groups.

Esports affords

Esports affords numerous demanding situations, but along with those challenges, it offers even bigger
rewards. Traditional sports activities have inflexible guidelines, which can move again many years, if not centuries. In addition, they're now exceedingly regulated with neighborhood and global government bodies, managing the rulings of said sports. In contrast, eSports is at its infancy stage, with a completely unique and unmatched integration of technology in it. Game developers roll out monthly revisions, patches, updates to game mechanics, that may alternate the playing field extensively, as well as the rules, to preserve their competitive games clean, clean and nurture fierce competitions amongst gamers. This allows for:
  •  Games of natural talent
  •  Different techniques to becoming excellent at those games
  •  Relatively low price of entry and sustainable boom because of the character of the medium
  • Potential to out grow conventional sports activities, because the guidelines, maps, mechanics,characters, and sever variables, can alternate to create new strategies and tighter balance


Across Borders andCultures

eGold targets to unite eSports having a bet enthusiasts all around the international with the aid of supplying an easy, quick and comfortable alternative for making a bet on their favorite games – Counter Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, DOTA2, Hearthstone, King of glory, World of Warcraft, and plenty of others.

Buff88  Gamers Can Bet On It 

The decentralised eSports making a bet platform Buff88 can be designed conceptually from the floor up round middle ideas essential for eSports precise characteristics. An open check version of the entire website will be to be had rapidly earlier than the gang sale.

Token Distribution

  •  2% for the eGold bounty program sports
  •  6% of all tokens can be dedicated to the eGold advisors
  •  6% for the eGold crew to make certain long-time period determination
  • 11% of all tokens are needed to cowl our advertising finances
  • 12% of tokens are to be located in bloodless storage contingency reserve
  • 13% of all tokens are reserved for the development price range
  • 50% of the minted tokens can be sold in the eGold presale and sale


For Betting Reserve

To make sure the smooth betting method and in reality unlimited bets inside the preliminary stages we can want a massive enough having a bet reserve if you want to have sufficient liquidity for the automatic pay out of all the prevailing bets.


We want to gather the best body of workers to guarantee the improvement of the smart contracts for deposits and withdrawals. Then, we can attention on expanding the incorporated blockchain factors with the having a bet API.

For Marketing

In the preliminary tiers of eGold, we want a tremendous marketing finances as a way to make certain mass adoption, large-insurance, and emblem recognition. Promoting eGold and selling eSports move hand in hand, so our advertising efforts could be useful to the community from the start.

To Team

The smallest part of the price range could be for the team in the back of the eGold assignment. To make sure complete alignment of pursuits those finances can be vested with a six months cliff.


  • 1-8 February 2018 (20%bonus)
  • Sale begin February 18th 2018
  • 15% Power Day bonus - February 18th 2018
  • 10% Power Week bonus - 19-25 February 2018






Bitcointalk Nickname : Dervish doff
eth address : 0x84D98d6D6775e7c5c52Ed3FBb81ad2133d596bdF


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