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CCA ICO - is a process where a business promoting a project to raise funds by selling digital assets - token as Cryptocurrencies . This Token based on blockchain technology a technology that allows a decentralized direct transactions from one person to another. Considered in the form of Cryptocurrencies Token as Bitcoin.

Ethereal and many more. Initially, tokens sold with lower prices. But as time passed their value increased as with digital currencies and investors can then take advantage of their sales to generate revenue.

Composite Cylinders Advanced is the first financial investment producing project in the world that combines advanced technology in the field of finance and one of the most preferred products in the global market industry cylinder type 4 to gas CNG, LPG and gas industry of modern composite material.

Decentralized direct investment in the project will be through the purchase of the software token. This is "decentralization" tokens must ensure the independency of the project.

The premise of this project is to develop and create the production of ultralight, gas cylinder type composite 4, exceeds the existing analog in the case of the technical parameters, competitive on the cost of technology for the assembly in the production.

We are talking about a project with the return quickly, moderate risk and background of professional experience that strong. The project team has expertise and experience in the field of the design and construction of a composite material and have all that is required for the implementation of projects

Composite Cylinders Advanced is for the purpose of project combines advanced technology in the field of finance and blockchain to develop the type 4 Cylinders for the market. 4 types of soft cylinder, cheap corrosion-free and not to break and create a high demand product.

Composite Cylinders Advanced recently launched such as ICO to gather funds for the creation, production and composite launch high-tech composite type 4 cylinder. The first phase is the fundraising, followed by production and finally is purchasing return to profitability.

If you are an investor in the field of crypto this is a golden opportunity to achieve victory, the best solution.

As investors, this is one of the such as ; ICO out there that you need to take advantage. First of all, tokens are on presale stage. The importance - you will buy CCA token in the lowest price. So when the value increased, you will get the benefits of the high.


  • Pre-sale starts: 15.01.2018
  • Token sale starts: 20.03.2018
  • Soft cap: $ 5,000,000
  • Hard cap: $ 15,000,000

100 Million Tokens Issued

Structure Marketing of Expensive

How To Buy CCA token Using PayPal 


Before you want to buy or want to become investors in CCA first you create an account with how to click picture wallet in the lower right corner of the website and the menu that will come out as below.

Then you will be in direct next menu as below, then you sign up to create an account for a token purchase transaction process.

For more complete clarity for investment procedures please read the instructions in pdf below:

For more info about complete CCA is better for you to read one paper and whitepaper









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