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The MoonLite Project will perform within the Crypto-Currency Mining space, and plans to start by means of mining predominantly Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, DASH & Litecoin on an industrial scale. Operations are set to start in August 2018, and objectives to be in time, certainly one of the bigger worldwide crypto-mining corporations.

We will set up our information centres in nations where the contractual strength supply is easy & inexperienced, dependable, costs are the bottom, and which are politically solid. Our first factscentre is deliberate to be inside the country of Iceland, where the average tariff for an industrial connection is around 0.Half USD per kWh.

We have the great operational team to supervise and maintain powerful operations of our information centres, and we have the maximum experienced and certified board of advisers to help in planning and executing a clean launch. We are very selective of who we invite to be element of our group, and best have interaction with the quality talent.

MoonLite will combine a number of emergent technology and systems with the intention to paintings in synergy to maximize the earnings and efficiency of massive-scale cryptomining.

The proceeds from mining operations will be break up as follows:

  • Liquidating a percentage into fiat forex for operational charges and conventionalinvestments, adverthoc re-investment into operations, and different crypto & blockchainpossibilities
  • Retaining a sure percentage of crypto-foreign money for the appreciation andfunding value thru, funding in a number of crypto-hedge-budget, and funding though different conventional investment channels.
  • Retaining a sure percent of crypto-foreign money to be used for planned device purchase and expansion.

The ratio will be placed to a vote through token holders on a quarterly foundation, but will begin with a 60:20:20 cut up. All balloting may be completed by means of secure.Vote, a decentralized blockchain governance balloting machine.

MoonLite intends to grow into one in every of the most important crypto foreign money mining companies in the world by way of using low value, sustainable, and inexperienced power exclusively, run with the aid of the first-class group available, and using custom designed algorithms and Artificial Intelligence installations to dramatically enhance operational efficiency and autonomy of all statistics centres, with the aid of implementing our custom “clever-mining” answer.

Smart Contract

The MoonLite Token Swap will be done by using the Ethereum Smart Contract. Ethereum is a decentralized platform for programs that run precisely as programmed with none danger of fraud, censorship or 1/3-party interference.

Smart Contract, additionally called a Crypto Contract, is a computer software that directly controls the switch of digital currencies or property among parties under positive situations. These contracts are saved on blockchain technology, a decentralized ledger that also underpins other crypto currencies.

The blockchain offers extraordinary possibilities for transaction protection, garage, authentication, and manage. Leveraging blockchain is one of the most powerful methods to get beforehand of the market.

We use Ethereum blockchain, based totally on using tokens which can be bought, offered, or traded in ERC-20 widespread. With Ethereum, each time a program is used, a community of hundreds of computers processes it.

The MoonLite Smart Contract is written and produced by way of The ICO Rocket (theicorocket.Com), our ICO underwriter and being audited via Smart Dec (smartcontracts.Smartdec.Net) which have been fixing complicated virtual troubles because 2009. They are professionals in a huge range of areas such protection audit, analysis tools and decompilation.


The MoonLite Project targets to feature fee to all token holders by way of employing the present day technology, rolled out inside the maximum green way, and run with the aid of the most appropriate group for you to meet and exceed all performance and increase objectives.

We will only use one hundred% easy, inexperienced, and sustainable strength assets.

MoonLite will include youngsters, generation, a laugh, and goals to be a preferred employer of the nice skills available. We embody Blockchain Technology, and could preserve to develop the corporation and teams in parallel.

We are a blockchain organization and accept as true with in a hundred% public transparency. All operational, funding, and government choices are despatched to public vote, wherein token holders have the final say. Additionally, all economic, crypto-forex, and buying and selling records may be independently audited on an annual foundation, with the effects are posted publicly.

MoonLite will trouble the MoonLite Tokens (MNL) via an audited and examined Smart Contract, created to run on the Ethereum environment.





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