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TokenPay The Safest In The World Coins

Token Pay

Token Pay - Digital currencies are often called cryptocurrencies because of the technical details of related cryptographic uses elaborate reply, but started in here. When looking at human history, turning from the shells on the Asian region until the first currency in the Kingdom, the people of people first saw the money printed in the middle ages. This breakthrough followed the electronic version to date. Currently, there are international banking ecosystem, which consisted of paper money, credit/debit cards, derivatives, stocks, bonds and more. It is a combination of ingenuity insan yg encourage citizen commitment & needs to produce innovative solutions create interaction concepts address the employee the most complicated handling of exchange value. Cryptocurrencies represents the next level in the evolution of money. The technology behind this new form of money called blockchain. This is entirely driven the mathematics and valid actually decentralized. Most notably, nir for example the entire cash advance, crypto claims he manipulated. This in essence is the money 2.0.

Blockchain is currently under going exponential growth period & adoption, not be confused with collective transition towards the use of the internet in the 90s was founded in the year 2008, Bitcoin is criptocurrency according to the blockchain. In just a matter of years, it has become a commodity that can be traded in & legitimate global scale. It has a massive liquidity using billions of dollars traded Bitcoin & worn every day. This exceeds the GDP of poly sovereign State. In fact, the market capitalisation of Bitcoin now exceed Goldman Sachs. There are 16 million Bitcoin yg scattered in among thousands of holders. Bitcoin is only one of more than 850 cryptocurrency available for people create purchased, used and traded. Other coins are known as altcoins. Many are based in this yg Bitcoin, other platforms is Ethereum & Litecoin wrote a very liquid. Features of the coin varies greatly from practical to simply not useful depending in the underlying technology. However, there is a dramatic imbalance in meta morfik shift to digital currency.


The main problem is that yg fundamental traditional finance forum & legislation and regulations related not aligned using criptocurrency. The concept on the bank behind the generic, designed and conceived for hundreds of years later. This is the term in the early transition to a decentralized world of finance. But there is resistance. Strong institutions & rooted nir interested in transacting in criptocurrency. And the impact of hordes of powerful special-interest ensure that traditional banks do everything possible make this new form of capital declined. However, blockchain allows the application of technology cryptocurrencies. Mathematical fluid and grow more rapidly than central banks, regulatory or fiscal agreements internationally. Currently, there are State mediators "limbo", where much crypto nir wrote holder can gain according to the corresponding economic value. There must be a solution to this critical issue affecting an increasing number of people using fast.

Introducing TokenPay

TokenPay platform already designed create combines the power of the established banking institutions using the flexibility and potential of the future will come from criptocurrency. This network allows the exchange of the Bitcoin, Ethereum and other primary criptocurrency with fiat transition to bridge the gap. It also lets users access the nir limited to fund criptocurrency at the location of the ATM MACHINE sales location & traders in all global. Users will have the ability create a save and the other a crypto Bitcoin on lucrative purses on secure and insured the similar antecedent is owned by ordinary bank customers in create account fiat. As a result, counter party risk is naturally minimized by licensed banks & bonded. TPAY token sales funds meant to be used create a complete acquisition of banking. The Bank will operate using the reply will meet and know the unique needs of the holder of the criptocurrency world.

The Vision Of The Project TokenPay

TokenPay goal is create opportunities on the client capabilities make commonplace against crypto facilitates transactions using the easy hard assets.

TokenPay'm on the negotiations to form a new bank Charter was created, the bank acquires or relation using bank was 20 years old, interesting and lucrative jurisdiction based on privacy. In addition to the benefits of consumers criptocurrency, TokenPay planned to create a complete set of merchant service introduced through strong TokenPay banking platform. All the Bills collected will be porto in a digital token TPAY, yg has been tested and thoroughly developed. TPAY is the coin of the ultra privacy is functionally superior according to Bitcoin in many ways. It contains several unique features such as multi indication of the hand, a gesture of the hand rings, dual key stealth address, proof of ZK (zero-knowledge), as well as using the encrypted Tor network integration yg and decentralized. TPAY is the backbone of banking integration fundamental criptocurrency based on TokenPay.

Security That Is Not Owned By TPay Bitcoin

TokenPay are in talks to form a new bank Charter was created, the bank acquires or relation with the bank was 20 years old, in the jurisdiction of interest and on the basis of privacy. In addition to the benefits of consumers criptocurrency, TokenPay planned to create a complete set of merchant service introduced through strong TokenPay banking platform. All bills & porto collected will be  in a digital token TPAY, yg has been tested thoroughly developed &. TPAY is the coin of ultra-privacy yg is functionally superior to Bitcoin in the poly thing. It contains several unique features such as multi-hand indication, an indication of the hand rings, dual-key stealth address, proof of ZK (zero-knowledge), along with using the encrypted Tor network integration yg & decentralized. TPAY is the backbone of banking integration fundamental criptocurrency yg TokenPay based.

6 security key that is not owned by TPay Bitcoin

Multi Signature Transactions

Raw deals in the network TokenPay can be called "single hand sign transactions", as the transfer requires only one hand-sign of the owner of the private key yg related address TPAY. However, P2P networks TokenPay supports transactions that are much more complicated be need hand sign some people before funds can be transferred. It is often claimed to be the transactions M of N. The idea is that coins TPAY being "weighed down" using provides addresses some of the parties, as a consequence requires collaboration based on parties.

Signature Rings

In cryptography, a gesture of the hand ring is a type of sign digital signature of reply can be done by members of the hordes of users who each have a key. Therefore, a message reply signed with an indication of the hand of the ring passed by someone on the hordes of people. One of the security nature of the ring is hand indication based on that personal computers should be not feasible to select key members of hordes of yg wear make make an indication of the hand.

Dual Key Stealth Addresses


This address is not the same of the standard generic reply address used in crypto and privacy allows a better reply. Stealth address dual key can be shared publicly by the recipient but the transaction was custom made to this address cannot be linked back to him. When the stealth address already revealed on the payer, it will allow the payee gets payment not collectible yg is not limited. This means that each payment to the address the address of the new normal count Stealth unused where funds should be accepted, any tappers  will be able to connect both the address.

TPAY combines these features available make creating the user experience be private and secure.

Knowledge Proof

In cryptography, a zero-knowledge proof or zero knowledge Protocol is a method in which one party was able to indicate to another party (the verifier) that the statement of reply given is correct, without disclosing any fact based regardless of news that statement is indeed true

When describing the statement requires the knowledge of some of the coverage of the mystery obey party giver, the definition above imply that the verifier will not be able to indicate the statement alternately on others, because giver of proof has a description of the mystery.

Tor Network Integration


Tor is a network of distributed overlay designed create anony mising TCP based applications low latency such as web browsing, secure shell, and instant messaging. The client determines the path through the network and create a "circuit", in which each node (or onion router) on the road knowing his predecessors, but his successors & is no other nodes on the circuit. Traffic flows into the lucrative circuit posted on measuring the permanent size of the "cell", opened by the key symmetrical on each node (for example, a layer of onions) and forwarded to the down stream.

TokenPay SCI Or Secure Communication Interface

TokenPay already encrypted instant messaging system to incorporate peer-to-peer using the procedure of solving make keeping direct dialogue when using TokenPay wallet.

All messages sent and received is encrypted the algorithms AES-256-CBC proven and distributed between nodes in such a way create a message recipient does not prevent so that compromised or seen by anyone, even sincerity  wrote If hackers can see the entire network or run & node network.

To reduce the risk of password sharing discomfort & significantly, we implemented a method of Elliptic Curve Diffie Hellman that has proven reliable & or also known as ECDH key exchange. This encryption level in the same level using used Government created secret archives.




Accept coins TPay yg supported the network of decentralized

The wallet is encrypted using TokenPay yg conducive according to automation technology breakthrough Proof-of-Stake supported the blockfain TPAY a fully decentralized. User's desktop because award wallet only let their wallets open. Processing power of your computer's graphics card pushes the machine completion TPAY. This is a decentralized network, fully supported the users. Some desktop TokenPay and mobile digital wallet has developed fully downloaded now made available &. Click here create sign up an account.


While a wide range of digital wallet TPAY determine zenit advanced security protocols, poly who still suspect the system cold storage paper purse as a digital token cache is the most closely guarded. Literally, TokenPay Paper Wallet is a physical document containing all the yg yg crucial data is expected to create an exclusive key generating TPAY is important. It is capable of being the safest create save TPAY because their wallets were not affected by the malware. This can be stored in a personal safe. The private key is obtained by the user on the server TokenPay wrote a very secure. It is recommended so that users release based on the internet when in the process of forming an exclusive lock. In this way the paper wallet believed to correct generator invalid autonomy and the key is not posted online. TokenPay regularly audit & verify the integrity of key generator exclusively client-side it offers on its website.




Crypto Multi currency

The concept on integrated BlueDiamond debit card home was that it would be easy to put a personal connection to the wallet considering digital TokenPay. Therefore, shopping is able to do virtually any merchant or a reply is being sold both online or in person. In addition, international debit card allows you instant access to funds multi-currency automatic teller machines on the network. Transparent prices low makes & porto BlueDiamond debit card as a very interesting mechanism created to monetize their digital create tokens allow the purchase of assets. Digital user token for example TPAY or Bitcoin can be accessed whenever you need thanks to the direct exchange of real-time closed-that will be part of the banking platform based on TokenPay. Therefore, the user does not need to convert a digital token amount would certainly create the fiat transaction.

Profit based on Card:

  • Low cost business card holder wrote
  • Global ATM Access
  • Real Time Conversion
  • Support Multiple Currencies
  • Reward Purchase TPAY







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