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OTHO Network

Otho Network

OTHO Network is a worldwide, blockchain oriented and decentralized payment gateway, To maintain such our team develop otho platform following the aim of offering comformtable operation conditions for cryptocurrencies. Global buyer and merchants can acces Otho platform for transactions completely inexpensive and decatralized way. displaceintermediaries which will your account balance.

Know, What Is OTHO Network

Otho Network is a crypto Payment Platform that enable those who have crytocurrencies to pay them on varied order based mostly online services and stores whilw nit losing value on the exchange.
And the homeowners of online stores are ready to seatle for cryptocurrencies rate.

By having blessings of the decenttralized currency. Otho Network platform offers favorable in operation term each to merchants and custumers, there upon increasing turnover shareof crytocurrencies in business. we are able to modify perception of the crux of cryptocurrencies. This will ensure online store for of telecomunication facilities and restaurant facilities easy.

Operation Schema 

OTHO Network

Reable and Efficient 

Otho Network offers reliable mobile payments on top of top of Otho platform. We create extra value for merchants and provide mobile wallet for users. It is Known as mobile hany wallet. We combine web payments, e-commerce and currencies as well.

Merchant  Satisfaction

Otho Network has given full freedom to its merchants can accept payment via Otho mobile aplication in transaction process system record it and proceed.

Custumer Satisfaction

Otho Network enhances the customer exprience by more engaging and very wallet and leave the physical wallet at home.

Token Distribution 

Otho network

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