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GBcoin - Identify by you a system of GB that consists of a number of banks domiciled in the region of the European Union and the surrounding Russian bank and the bank of the United States also cannot escape from participation in GBcoin, and will soon be opened in cooperation with the Bank of China. The financial system in the launch every day developing and aims for improvement to our clients in the years to come. this goal is directed to us united in a financial network that can provide banking services, cryptocurrency GBCoin currency in stock GBMarkets, in which each of those who join or professional traders, able to increase capital by joining GBcoin, trade in the Stock Exchange. To satisfy GB coin make pouches online that will be able to install and can be access as payment service system through smart phone or computer and are adorned with interesting features. Even for the improvement of client capital, that belief arise against us make GB funds, clients also get a percentage that is quite interesting given once a month to work together in the best and professional trader us.

So the financial service system we continuously improve each month, next in different countries will be opened that will allow to use our services to citizens . all our services will be in the allocation of the for all our clients. We provide loans, car loan, mortgage credit and deposit investment, deposit trust management, and insurers also with a great opportunity for you, foreign currency swap, payment system that is also to pay taxi service GBCoin cryptocurrency in various countries, to payer s money traveler you. And this is a recent innovation in the present by Gbcoin all to Comfort and create the belief.

Now the interesting features in the launch by Gbcoin for your convenience is as follows:

Grande Finance (Russia)

Plastic cards Visa, MasterCard, Union Investment deposits, Deposit account. Insurance. Credit. Charity basis.

Grande Bank (Europe)

Plastic playing cards Visa, MasterCard, Union. Investment deposits. Deposit account. Insurance. Car loans. Mortgage lending. Consumer lending. Charity basis.


Venture fund Work on believe management Finance, on deposit account.


The alternate of cryptocurrencies with TOP20 of world cryptocurrencies.

GB Network a regulyator on launch bank playing cards

Visa, MasterCard, Union pay. Multicards Marketing Network route.

GBCharity Foundation

Help kids, disabled, aged, needy young family, mothers by myself and fathers on my own.

GB Wallet

Cold purse for garage of manner: Cryptocurrency, Dollar, Euro, Rub, GBP.

Why the decentralized GB Systems platform is necessary

Using Blockchain system, we're going to create a new business case of courting among structures including: Payment service carriers, Banks, Financial establishments, Restaurants, Cafe, Motor indicates, Car offerings and different distinct structures of the enterprise so one can allow to change and provide comfort to all clients fairly. The massive raw volumes of facts which can be collected via proprietors of Payment carrier companies, Banks, Financial establishments, Restaurants, Cafe, Car showrooms, Car services, and also other special systems, could permit producers to enhance pleasant of labor and tariff coverage. For example, at sale or buy of these or those items by using members of the market, will permit to do transactions more transparent and open before different contributors of these transactions.

We represent GB Systems - the new method inside the financial industry based totally on the ideas of decentralisation, same opportunities and the closed economy inside our gadget. GB systems: grande-finance.Ru grande-financial institution.Es gbmarkets.Net gbwallet.Information, turns into a brand new foundation of the GB systems Blockchain-platform for customers if you want to additionally permit to take part in exceptional activities and attracts for clients of GB structures, the entirety that we do, we do genuinely for you.

For this cause we already took the following steps having filed documents and having paid nation. Obligations for receiving: 

  • License of the Central Bank of Russia CBR
  • License of the Central Bank of the European Union ECB
  • License of cryptocurrencies
  • License for the more than one foreign money exchanger
  • License for an insurance activity
  • License of investment fund
  • License FinCen
  • The license Rpay in step with the PCI DSS popular
  • License for implementation of problem and acquiring of MasterCard playing cards of the price provider company

Business version

GBMarkets is virtual the exchange. It approach that the registered user can region fiat money or cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum) and to perform transactions with different customers. The GBMarkets device permits customers to show requests for purchase/sale according to demand and deliver Bitcoin and the fiat of money deliver. It manner that GBMarkets works as the buying and selling platform: we receive and we shop way (fiat and cryptocurrency), giving to customers an opportunity to carry out transactions with with every other and to eliminate approach at the request of the user.

Introduction and elimination of cryptocurrency are finished routinely. Transactions with fiat cash are checked via the staff of the organisation and done manually after the corresponding tests and confirmations. GBMarkets expenses the minimal price for transactions on advent and money withdrawal additionally as well as for trade operations.

Banking merchandise, own charge service issuer

An possibility to pay each in cryptocurrencies, and fiat cash from the bank card or the utility on phone.

Users of traditional banking products have an possibility:

  • To use monetary contraptions of a brand new layout 

  • To invest in any assets, token with the help a blockchain, receiving gear in advance to be had simplest to institutional and large buyers.

The folks that do not have get admission to to economic gadgets get get right of entry to to banking products in the smartphone.

Experienced customers of cryptocurrencies get hold of the integrated banking merchandise thanks to which they are able to effortlessly function in one interface with conventional and virtual belongings.

Integration into monetary System third party blockchain of offerings

The most wide choice of offerings and also the maximum nice financial gives aggregated from all world market in one gadget. This step will entice even more experienced customers, will simplify an entrance on the market for brand spanking new and could hold customers in machine.

The AI assistant simplification of attractiveness of finance answers

Users depending on their behaviour in a economic gadget will receive non-public offers on funding and price optimisations (AI assistant) according to their responsibilities.

Tasks of customers may be 3 sorts:

  • The user exactly knows that it's miles necessary for him and independently chooses gear in device.

  • The consumer knows type of the solution of a venture and appears for the most fine provide: contribution, credit score, price of bitcoin, and so forth.

The consumer knows best end result to which wants to come: for example, to boom accumulation from $100 to $2 hundred. The gadget gives a fan of options with forecast phrases and risks as a percent, an possibility to automatically gather a portfolio, placing the "terms" and "dangers" parameters.

The device frequently automatically estimates relevance of the decisions made by way of the person within the present day marketplace situation and signals if at present there are more fantastic gives.

The AI assistant facilitates with all elements, supporting to limit prices and predicting development of procedures within the future. For instance, he can dispose of fraud, analysing the general repeating fashions of fraudulent behaviour.

This step will cardinally decrease an entrance available on the market for customers with the low level of economic and laptop literacy, will growth influx of money to system, quantity and volume of transactions and will also maintain customers in gadget.

Benefits within the GB economic device for:


Each consumer of machine, no matter experience degree, effortlessly makes use of monetary units. The uniform account presents handy get entry to to control gear assets. Transactions take location with the minimum commissions. It is viable to invest or acquire money directly, passing intermediaries.


Entrepreneurs get access to new economic devices and an opportunity to work legally with cryptocurrencies: to just accept and acquire bills, to pay taxes and the profits.


The state gets the tool of legalisation and law of crypto-foreign exchange market. We create the obvious structure with the machine of identity meeting the international requirements: KYC, AML.


Open API offers the danger to developers to create new services and aggregators primarily based on the GB offerings.

Tokens Sale

Token sale of the GB structures assignment and all associated procedures are primarily based on clever contracts which paintings at the platform Ethereum and Blockchain.

Start of develop sale of tokens

Complete sale tokens
01.01.18 - 01.05.18

Exchange charge of tokens
zero.04 ETH

Minimum cause

The general currencies

Maximum reason

Strategy Of GB SYSTEMS

Distribution of method will depend on amount of the bought tokens of GBCoin (GBCN). The fixed a part of expenses will move for the remained machine improvement. The relaxation of means can be spent for advertising of all gadget and the global enlargement.


For greater statistics make certain go to the link



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