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EXPERTY is the first Ethereum powered voice and video utility which lets in users to monetize their time, expertise, and expertise on a worldwide scale.

platform that lets in two or extra events to connect via video or audio call. Within the utility, a understanding company can set their charge in line with minute, that's paid through the expertise seeker after they name. This change is settled seamlessly through the Blockchain the use of an Ethereum clever settlement coupled with off-chain software program. Experty provides value to the consulting enterprise through simplifying the change of information for currency.

Knowledge Provider. Can percentage his or her direct call link without worry of receiving fraud and/or advertising and marketing calls. They also can display their availability schedule.
Knowledge Seeker. Saves time and money via contacting desired man or woman immediately, and paying only for real name time. Third Party Services. Gain any other direction to monetize their existing purchaser base.


Our project is to encourage the adoption of cryptocurrency on a international scale by means of developing an intuitive, easy to apply utility this is suitable for wide scale utilization. We assume mass adoption within the subsequent 3 years. Anyone who desires to make a consultation thru the Experty app may even have a cryptocurrency wallet of their pocket.

Our contemporary attention is on solving the skills crisis within the blockchain community by way of allowing professionals to monetize their capabilities thru a skype-like voice and video software. Payments are treated via an automatic clever agreement machine the usage of Experty’s native token EXY. This will permit agencies obtain the talent they want, permitting the blockchain network to maintain to extend and flourish

Instant get admission to

There are a lack of incentives to percentage telephone numbers with strangers and solution their calls. Experty objectives to resolve this hassle. Through Experty any influencer, professional, or expert can provide immediate get entry to to their know-how from anywhere in the global to all people in the world.

Instant answers

Calls can be remodeled Experty with very little setup. This way that solutions from certified specialists can be received at brief observe. Per minute quotes are set by publicly rated professionals, and refunds may be given via the clever settlement if they fail to provide ok provider.

Instant price

Experty permits experts to be paid right away for time they spend on a call, with out going thru 1/3 party intermediaries. Callers don’t must pay prematurely, as price is dealt with at some point of the decision through our clever agreement machine.




The Experty app lets in blockchain influencers, advisors, and builders, and companies to monetize their time and information.

Blockchain Influential individuals have the energy to sway loads, set tendencies, and convey interest to promising blockchain initiatives.

Popular YouTubers, together with Omar Bham from Crypt0’s News, have massive audiences trying to contact them directly. Due to time restrictions, direct touch normally takes place via comment replies or live streams. Omar has expressed interest in using Experty to schedule consultations with those that want his direct attention. Integrating with our platform will allow Youtubers an extra income move through charging for personal calls.

Advisors Short consultations with a hit business advisors can end up a vital pivot factor for lots groups on all ranges.

Developers Talented developers are difficult to locate, and their skills are frequently wanted for a couple of projects. Experty permits them to easily get involved on new tasks and be paid for his or her work.

ICO Hotlines ICOs have become very popular. Companies and associations which include Bitcoin Suisse and CryptoValley Association address huge amounts of requests each day. These agencies are interested in the use of Experty as a hotline, in order that people will pay to speak with specific people within the companies.

Paid Premium Support – It can be difficult for exchanges to handle the excessive volume of guide requests they get. Instead of waiting, clients can skip the road and pay for premium help.


To increase decentralization, we've got decided to go away from the classic method of making a market in which users can search for a consultant. The market is already absolutely saturated with such offerings.

Instead of using a central marketplace, we're enforcing a very decentralized answer. Users are free to proportion their Experty contact facts anywhere they need, including discussion forums, Linkedin profiles, their websites, Twitter, and so on. This way, blockchain specialists aren’t limited to a unmarried marketplace.

This method permits us to omit two big troubles:

  • Identity of the Experts, which is already demonstrated by way of third birthday party services.
  • Lack of potential clients, because of a massive amount of customers in already current services.

Experty Details 


Ethereum (ERC223)




MobileWeb Pro sp. z o.o.

ul.Wieczorka 11/9

44-100, Gliwice, Poland

ICO Details




Bitcointalk nickname : Dervish doff
eth address  : 0x84D98d6D6775e7c5c52Ed3FBb81ad2133d596bdF

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