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WorkPress is the following technology marketplace constructed at the Ethereum Blockchain, for WordPress unique tasks, hosting, themes, addons, inventory photos and offerings. Our purpose is to create a Blockchain powered, strong platform to cater all sort of WordPress desires at one location. Eliminating troubles and barriers of the traditional freelance marketplaces are the biggest motivation to construct WorkPress. It will cater for WordPress service companies, builders, dealers and commercial enterprise proprietors with seamless work and charge structures. This paper highlights the problems we clear up and the fee we create, in addition to our method.

WordPress is a massive, multi-billion greenback industry. It is the maximum popular and effective CMS which dominates 76.Four% of CMS marketplace. Powering more than 80 million web sites, it's far rightly said that WordPress is the backbone of the internet. Governments, educational institutes, high tech groups, groups and millions of small groups use WordPress to run their on-line presence. This enterprise is contributing over $100 billion in profits in U.S alone and worldwide profits are an awful lot better.

WorkPress is aimed to seize this marketplace and provide a entire strategy to all WordPress desires underneath one platform. It is sponsored by software program houses and web improvement groups from various international locations, growing a market with the intention to use WPX atmosphere for payments. It will give the crypto world, a way to spend their cryptos in a big multi-billion dollar enterprise.

We are aimed to create a worldwide WordPress ecosystem that flourishes and make use of the full strength of WordPress and Blockchain. We simply want you, each single individual of the Blockchain global network to recognize its capacity and be part of this technological soar. Be part of WorkPress Community.

Mission Statement .

WorkPress is enthusiastic about the activity security and marketplace transparency for all WordPress freelancers and digital sellers. We need to provide an open WordPress market where each person will enjoy the whole blessings of work freedom with out bias. An empowering platform without a incentivized center men.

Here are a few motives why you should pick out WorkPress:

The WorkPress platform is constructed with clarity in thoughts, with a easy person interface. This makes navigation around the website smooth and guarantees that the mission control method is as easy as feasible.

The WorkPress platform will function 2-element authentication to shield freelancer money owed and finances earned at the platform. All bills may have escrow protection built on Ethereum clever contracts.

Our no-glitch project management device will ensure that customers and freelancers can fast work collectively and payments are processed within seconds.

On the WorkPress platform, there are no center men or incentivized dealers to take cuts or commissions off your income. Whatever you figure for, is what you get paid in complete.

Without entities to control project claims and disputes, the WorkPress platform through its smartcontracts will make sure that customers and freelancers work inside a network community in which affordable boundaries are installed location to manipulate how challenge disputes are handled.
WorkPress ICO.

WPX Tokens can be sent to all individuals all through crowd-sale right away at the defined rate/degree listed on website. As quickly as transaction is showed and successful on Ethereum Blockchain sender will receive WPX tokens. We’ve been advised that this is the best manner to make certain that the distribution is clean for anybody who contributed.

1 ETH = 3000 WPX
ICO Stage 1.= 1 ETH = 2500 WPX
ICO Stage 2. = 1 ETH = 2000 WPX

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