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TRAVELFLEX - If you're a traveller L think that is a brand new era which you look forward to a product introduction from a tour organisation to make it less complicated for you within the tour to overseas nations, travelflex make consolation a pinnacle priority, you just fill within the balance of the travelflex you could telecommuncation in foreign countries, and installation of the pockets travelflex in gadget you, to the perfection of the rationale follow a more L examining following

What is it and why need to I use it

Travelflex is a new cryptocurrency that is aiming to solve the scalability troubles that other cash like Bitcoin are facing in the intervening time. By the usage of a entire new DAG based totally set of rules Travelflex isn’t only a easy clone or a token.

The block pace, as an instance, is 1 block per 2nd, compared to at least one block consistent with 10 min for Bitcoin. It can be a actual Proof-of-Work (POW) coin that may be mined and runs on its own network not like 90% of all of the others coins. Don’t be burdened by the name Travelflex for the reason that coins can be used for nearly whatever charge related, no longer just journeying.

What is Travelflex

The journey enterprise is one of the world’s largest industries, with constant growth every year. In 1995, about 520 million people travelled internationally. Twenty years later, in 2015, this range had grown to one,0.5 million humans. The tour enterprise affords employment to extra than 292 million people, which accounts for 10.2% of world employment.

Travelers first paid with cash, then there were vacationers cheques, and sooner or later there had been payment cards to make financing your trip less complicated. With the improvement of higher modes of delivery and the discovery of the plane, accomplishing the opposite side of the world has become even less complicated.

Travelling has advanced in the past years, however, we at Travelflex accept as true with we will take it to a better degree. Travelflex desires to join the journey enterprise to blockchain, to make travel financially less expensive and extra comfortable.

When you pay with Travelflex coins (TRF), you don’t must fear approximately paying high expenses for changing cash cash, the usage of the ATM or your credit score card.

Your TRF cannot be lost or stolen, not like the cash cash or your credit playing cards you're sporting for your destination. You will by no means have any issues with the ATM now not accepting your debit card or even swallowing your card. Travelflex will include its very personal bodily card that may be used at every ATM. 

Furthermore, we need to install special Travelflex ATMs at principal journey hubs, so you can print your TRF like tourists cheques and test your cheques at our ATMs. The printed cash best work along with your own pincode, so even in case you lose your print-out, no worries, no one else can use your cheques.

Your credit card records can effortlessly be stolen. When you hand for your credit score card on the motel, a person can without problems reproduction your credit score card records and use it for themselves at a later time. The information from the Travelflex card and Travelflex cheques can not be stolen, as they nonetheless want your own private pincode to paintings.

When you are making a payment to a inn, TRF will paintings as an escrow. The coins will simplest be paid on the day of arrival, along with your in-app approval. So, even if you arrive at your destination and it looks like the resort does not exist otherwise you are not receiving the service you had been promised, you do no longer must fear approximately dropping cash.

What’s greater, mining TRF may be done via our mobile application. There could be no want for high-priced hardware, CPUs, photograph cards or ASICs. Everyone with a cellular cellphone can mine TRF. The mobile application is a unique social application. It has a friendlist, an encrypted chat function and it is able to be related to social media.

TRF does no longer just want to trade the way you journey, we also care approximately converting the sector. This is why we installation numerous wallets for charity. Every time you mine TRF, you'll be capable of donate some of the TRF to a good cause.

Key Features of Travelflex are

  • Super-speedy transactions international and a proper block length (0.5TRF in step with second)
  • Physical Travelflex card (usable as a credit/ATM card)
  • Mobile nodes to maintain the community decentralized and faster.
  • Direct, 100% relaxed and decentralized chat from wallet to wallet (peer to peer)
  • Connect on your favourite social media and add your pals for your friendlist
  • Near Field Communication (NFC) to peer who uses Travelflex around you.
  • A genuine ASIC resistant decentralized mining Proof-of-Work (POW) coin. GPU mining
  • Escrow provider over the network
  • Giving lower back to charities through mining
  • 24/7 support
  • Modern printable Travelflex cheques

Mobile Application Capabilities


Everyone with a cellular telephone could be capable of mine the Travelflex coin (TRF) with the mobile utility.


The cellular software has a built-in pockets. No want for an outside wallet.


You will be capable of add different customers of the mobile utility. You will have all your buddies, circle of relatives and other humans in one friendlist.


You can be in a position to talk to buddies, own family and different users through the encrypted chat feature.

Near discipline verbal exchange

You might be able to locate other Travelflex customers around you and begin speaking to them.

Social media

You can hyperlink the utility to social media. And while you do, you may routinely obtain a mining bonus.

24/7 help

We have a group geared up to assist and assist you 24/7 via our stay assist chat function.


Whenever you mine new TRF cash, you may be capable of donate cash to a wallet of your personal desire.


ESCROW & price locking

Travelflex will keep your money secure till you receive the payment. It can even ensure the rate is locked on the current market fee whilst you spark off TRF for fee.

An Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is a shape of crowdfunding or fund raiser. During the ICO we are promoting a percent of the brand new cryptocurrency TRF. These coins will include a well suited wallet. Through this ICO we are looking to receive the vital budget to finance our mission, pay salaries, cowl advertising and criminal matter fees and spend money on research and development, even as you will receive TRF for a low rate. Also, there could be a hazard to win one of 5 island vacation applications or a steeply priced, all-inclusive 112-days cruise trip round the world. Check beneath for more records on a way to win a holiday.

The Initial Coin Offering (ICO) will start December 14th 2017 and quit January 14th 2018, or until all coins are sold, whichever comes first. There might be a hundred,000,000 cash for sale. 95% of the cash will be offered to the public and 5% will cross the bounty program, the founders will not hold any coins for themselves. The founders will follow a founders praise model primarily based on Zcash. When mining has began, 90% of the newly created TRF will go to the miners, 2% could be donated to charities, and eight% will visit the founders. After four years, this construction will prevent and the coins will visit the miner and to charities. This will mean the founders have greater interest in supporting the product and they may don't have any capability to ‘pump-and-sell off’. This must give you greater agree with in Travelflex. The founders hold NO pre-mined coins. One (1) Travelflex coin will have a fee of $0.28.

To participate within the TRF pre-sale, you may pay with the subsequent currencies: Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), DASH, Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC) or fiat forex. The exchange price in an effort to be used for paying in coins, could be the equivalent of the price in USD at that second (charges may be taken from on-line assets, the real change price may additionally range from the exchange charge used because of the volatility of the cryptocurrencies). Coin may be transferred to consumers upon charge affirmation. The transfers can be performed manual, it'd take in to three weeks after the ICO to send anybody their cash. The bought cash will no longer be active till the cease of the ICO. There might be 15% extra cash offered as a bonus for purchases made within the first week of the start of the ICO.

The Travelfl ex ICO crowd sale might be released on December 14th 2017. Check the Travelfl ex website at travelflex.Org for the today's information. The ICO will characteristic ninety five,000,000 coins on the market and five,000,000 coins might be reserved for the bounty program, If cash aren't offered they may be burned with proof of burn after the ICO.

The founders will maintain zero pre-mined coins. This is truthful and might give customers confi dence that there is no “pump and unload” going to manifest with the aid of the founders. This is likewise why we do no longer maintain a pre-sale. We do now not need human beings to preserve reasonably-priced cash, just to promote them proper after the ICO. There can be no coin fl ipping at
Travelfl ex.

On the scrypt algorithm one hundred% of the block reward goes to the miners. This even gives the founders greater insentive to fi nish the new algorithm in time.

Travelfl ex has decided to go together with a 4-year founder’s praise model, primarily based on the Zcash model (https://z.Cash/weblog/funding.Html). After the ICO ends, the mining will start. Ninety% of the newly mined coins will visit the miners, eight% to the founders and 2% to charity. At fi rst, there could be 1 block of zero.Five TRF according to 2nd mined.



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