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RXEAL  - a new platform for secure garage hire deposit collateral in Ethereal, announced the start of income in token own. Platform RxEAL are making plans to deal with the growing variety of dispute of deposit gives an smooth way to conclude a contract of shrewd and gives a resolution of disputes that is decentralized. Currently, the organisation's essential awareness is on real property and rent a vehicle condominium marketplace.

Real Answers To a Developing Hassle

Nowadays, an increasing number of human beings involved in the transactions of actual property, vehicle rentals, and other assets sorts. The growth inside the volume of leases caused the increase in war of words related to the apartment guarantee. A size able range of the almost 50% of everywhere in the international are in a dispute, which brought about economic losses for tenants and landlords. Only inside the United Kingdom, the entire loss because of the dispute are anticipated to reach 6 billion euros. "The Mission of RxEAL is to create the conditions totally free movement of the war from the condo guarantee deposit. We want to decorate the attractiveness of the rent for renting as well as for folks who take such property for lease. By using the blockchain technology, this can be carried out in a way that is comfortable, easy and low cost, "said Dmitry Orlov, one of the founders and the leader of the RxEAL.

RxEAL platform can also be a powerful solution in the fight towards the developing quantity of fraud instances inside the transaction the lease, whilst the security deposit isn't done unfairly on the cease of the hire. By the use of the RxEAL platform, the two sides will be capable of make the agreed contract that provides a quality hire situations all tenants and landlords. The agreement guarantees the safe deposit of the quantity of deposits within the unit at some point of the entire Ethereum deal. In case of dispute, this platform will offer a decentralized and impartial arbitration, performed by way of certified specialists who get the token RxEAL for the settlement of disputes.

The device presented via RxEAL to exclude the possibility of a breach of settlement, for that reason solving the trouble of believe related to the hire cash. A new way to take advantage of real property notwithstanding competition from a brand new ICO venture and the truth that many similar tasks can hardly be referred to as a success, industry professionals believe that RxEAL is an answer that is lower priced, smooth understood and sensible well worth thinking about as an item of investment. , a companion in constructing the business enterprise Timbero Latvia, confident: "it's far an innovation for the department that's constantly in need of modernization and the decision to be a depend of consistent, from in which certainly one of the most important deposits.

RxEAL easy and less expensive in phrases of implementation, which makes such proposals as a very good manner to get a bonus within the actual estate industry.

Option to Profit of Real Belongings

Where as competition from the beginning of ICO initiatives and the fact that many similar initiatives can from time to time be known as a success, the industry professionals agree with that RxEAL is an less expensive, understandable and sensible solution really worth of thinking about it as an item for investment. The associate in constructing organisation Timbero Latvia, is convinced  "It is an innovation for the branch which constantly calls for modernization and selections for turn out to be regular problems, from which clearly one in every of the largest-deposits. RxEAL is simple and cheap in phrases of implementation, which makes such a suggestion an high-quality manner to make a income inside the real belongings enterprise.


  • Pre-sale will begin on December four, 2017 at 03:00 PM
  • The cease of the Pre-sale on December three, 2017 at 15:00 PM

Token pre-sale starts on December 4th at 12:00 UTC and ends on December 31st at 12:00 UTC or upon achieving the pre-sale cap. Pre sale contributors can purchase RXL tokens with 100% bonus at a fixed price of 0.00125 ETH. 

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