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REPU - The blockchain era permits to hold the objectiveness every appraisal of the score and the review stays inside the blockchain. The internal machine token could be allotted amongst device users per every assigned rating, and might be utilized by corporations and users to manipulate their reputation.

In the future, following the gadget checking out, integration with all possible social networks and services, inclusive of Facebook, Instagram, Vk.Com, Tinder, Badoo, Booking, LinkedIn, and so on., is considered.

The idea of the mission arose even as attempting to find a solution that could permit to make the world better - first off, in terms of easy conversation between human beings, secondly, in phrases of possibility of presenting massive companies with a recognition control device, and - of trouble knowledge at any echelon of verbal exchange with its customers.

To enforce our project, we selected the ICO-investment model. Firstly, it will allow all people who desires to emerge as an investor and get hold of profit in the future from the increasing price of tokens or pay for services inside the platform with tokens. Secondly, the financing method and launching of the REPU will notably boost up, and thirdly, the ICO is a obvious, current method of accumulating investments.


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Since the start of 2008, social networks are experiencing a real “growth” amongst Internet customers. The number of users of various social networks is developing increasingly more rapidly each day and every 12 months.

The reason for the fast growth in social networks’ attendance price is the opportunity of verbal exchange, interaction with content, and expression of feelings. The expression of feelings, in maximum cases, happens with the assist of “likes”. The person offers idiosyncratic score that is not utilized in ordinary existence.

But an boom in the hobby in social networks tells about excessive cost of this type of score, supplied from society because every 0.33 character in the world uses at the least one social community, that is showed by the time spent via customers on the network.


Social networks in recent times represent a massive database, nearly about all of us on the earth. By possessing this facts, networks provide organizations an opportunity to buy marketing with maximum targeting of the audience of their interest. Thus, a enterprise can create its very own web page on a social network to provide its products offerings to customers.


REPU is a rating and remarks system primarily based on blockchain technology. REPU permits you to completely update the gadget of “likes” with the score - both for users and organizations.

REPU makes use of REPU tokens. Companies purchase tokens to get subscription length and to praise customers for providing rating and feedback. Users, in flip, can get a discount or pay for services.

What Troubles does REPU Clear Up

REPU is a platform that permits its customers (ordinary residents, banks and coverage groups, inns, companies, recruiters, authorities and law enforcement companies, and so forth.) to use the rating and remarks gadget as an assessment tool for professional skills, financial balance, and limitless abilities for all other desires.

REPU solution:
  • Save time required to area rating and go away feedback
  • Be goal and impartial eliminating fake, irrelevant score/comments
  • Employee comments (e.G. Rating a specific worker and a restaurant one after the other)
  • Fragmentation. Combining social, professional, score networks right into a singleprecise platform

REPU Token

We will create a hundred twenty five million tokens, 5% might be released for pre-sale and 70% on the market in our Token Sale event. Price is the bottom at the start of the token sale and will
be growing. Bonuses are furnished relying on the amount purchased.

Funds raised during the ICO could be used for PR, advertising and marketing & platform merchandising, infrastructure and community development, research and improvement, and to
cover operating charges and loan repayments.

REPU tokens are created primarily based on the Ethereum platform, and can be offered the usage of
major cryptocurrencies.

Our Partners

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Digital token RepuCoin is a digital foreign money that is used within the platform to pay for the business enterprise’s recognition control services (month-to-month, quarterly, 1/2 yr and annual subscriptions), rewarding users for rankings, and for internal bills for goods offerings in the REPU infrastructure. RepuCoin is a cryptocurrency, which is offered to customers who provide scores within the device.

RepuCoins are routinely generated by using the REPU smart settlement best whilst a business enterprise will pay for popularity management offerings with its personal method, so they may be no longer being taken out of nowhere. Therefore, there might be no surplus of tokens available on the market. RepuCoins are usually secured by way of other currencies.


So, as groups will continuously require tokens to pay for platform services, as well as to pay customers for their scores it is maximum handy for them to simply accept this token, as a way to pay for his or her offerings and or goods.

Thus, corporations truly need to accept fee from customers in tokens or offer a discount for any product carrier, in return for REPU tokens.

On the only hand, this may permit customers to spend tokens that they earned for supplying scores in the real international, without exchanging them for fiat cash or other cryptocurrencies, and on the other hand for agencies without continuously depositing fiat cash.

The gain for the platform is the boom of the alternate fee, in percentage to the increase inside the quantity of corporations, which take delivery of tokens for his or her services goods.


The foundation for the price growth of REPU tokens can be a increase inside the quantity of customers, in addition to an growth within the number of organizations in an effort to use the platform to control their business enterprise’s popularity. The greater customers will use the platform in ordinary existence, the extra businesses might be inquisitive about using the gadget as the main device for managing their reputation.


REPU tokens are created on the premise of Ethereum ERC-20. At the instant, we're working on technical description and specification of clever contracts. Information and open supply code could be delivered in a while.

The REPU trouble is restricted to a hundred twenty five,000,000 REPU throughout the closed spherical, pre-ICO and ICO. Undistributed REPU that were issued for sale in the course of the closed spherical, pre-ICO and ICO, can be frozen on the clever settlement without the possibility of subsequent withdrawal or use (destroyed virtually). The REPU issuance is programmed by using a clever agreement and will be conducted in the following order:


THE CLOSED ROUND - can be held until the Pre ICO

  • HardCap - 2500 ETH
  • The minimum buy quantity - 1 ETH
  • The maximum purchase amount - 300 ETH
  • The funds could be spent on making ready Pre-ICO and ICO.

PRE ICO might be held in January

  • HardCap - 2500 ETH.
  • The minimum purchase quantity - 0.1 ETH
  • The most buy quantity - 500 ETH
  • The budget might be spent on practise and marketing of the ICO degree.

ICO is deliberate to be held in February

  • Goal - 3.000 ETH
  • HardCap - 30.000 ETH
  • The minimal purchase amount - zero.03 ETH
  • The most buy amount - limitless
  • Description of charges is on the next web page


Closed Round

  • Price in keeping with token – 0.000055 ETH
  • Minimum purchase quantity – 1 ETH


  • Minimum purchase amount – zero.1 ETH
  • Price consistent with token: (charge in USD are said, based totally at the approximate alternate charge of 350$/ETH)
  • The charge increase every day during tokensale. The chart is given underneath:


  • Minimum buy amount – 0.03 ETH
  • Price in keeping with token: (charge in USD are said, based totally at the approximate alternate charge of 350$/ETH)
  • The price growth each week for the duration of tokensale. The chart is given below:
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There is a bonus software for purchases of 2 ETH and higher. Bonuses are provided, relying on the
quantity of investment. The genuine quantity of bonuses you can calculate within the chart below.

In case the number of bonuses exceeds the total issuance of tokens, the bonus accruals will be
allocated from the pool of tokens provided for the team.


Get the possibility to grow to be one of the 50 randomly selected winners in the token draw. The lottery can be held in 2 tiers with prize swimming pools of 300,000 and 325,000 tokens consequently after Pre-ICO and ICO. Within 2 weeks upon finishing touch of each level, the first 5 winners can be decided on - those are the 5 biggest sums in descending order on the way to be credited to our account, and forty five random winners who will obtain tokens.

Distribution of tokens among winners:

  • 1st area - 10%
  • 2nd place - five%
  • third vicinity - three%
  • 4th vicinity - 2%
  • 5th vicinity - 1%
  • 6-50 vicinity - 80% (lightly disbursed)

Terms and timeframe for participation: Pre-ICO, and the primary week of the ICO, Purchase of tokens for participation from 2 ETH. Winners will obtain an electronic mail with a confirmation of the receipt of winning tokens.


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