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Hdac TGE

M2M Transaction Platform based on Blockchain

Our IoT Contract

It’s arrived. The Internet of Things (IoT) has transformed the world in to a colossal, ever-evolving records platform. Anything that can be connected, will be related. Now it’s time to embrace that connection for everything the IoT is about to grow to be.

Experts have expected that via 2025 there will be as much as 30 billion linked devices, a number of which you often use on a every day basis. From smart homes, smart cars and clever watches to health trackers, VR headsets and any other wearable tool (or certainly any device in any respect, for that remember) you could likely believe, the opportunity for safe and efficient “hyper-connectivity” is endless.

Our aim is to harness that opportunity to help you pass “Beyond the Human Pay”. Through cozy Blockchain generation, Hdac can assign contracts to all your smart devices to suit your existence pattern. In layman’s terms, we make your lifestyles less complicated.

Our M2M transaction platform

You are your own financial institution.

Sounds properly, doesn’t it? Thanks to our DAC (Hdac*T), our Beyond the Human Pay philosophy allows you to provide the foreign money your gadgets can use. You are on top of things, safe in the understanding your transactions are interactively comfortable.

Privacy is one in every of the biggest challenges going through IoT, so Hdac configures unique Hybrid Blockchain Networks for fashionable and unique motive users. Our platform acts to help micro-transactions with today's hardware wallets proof against viruses.

We’ve were given all of the bases covered. Your devices can experience a carefree connection, simply as you meant.

Hybrid Blockchain

Reliability. Confidentiality. Integrity.

By fusing Blockchain with the IoT, we maintain center principles while you remain happy your connectivity, from person to tool, is nestled the various most secure of environments.

From private to public and lower back once more, our Hybrid Blockchain is configured as a hidden community with safe tunnelling between a consumer and tool to fight hacks, privacy invasions and outside assaults. Remember, mutual authentication among device and person is vital for a reliable Private Blockchain, which basically will only be practical if it interacts with the Public Blockchain.

Choose Hdac. We’re no longer simply leaping aboard a technological innovation we’re turning it into a technological revolution.

How We Stand Out

Eco-pleasant, honest mining 
Energy-saving, equitable hazard. That is the Hdac philosophy.

Let’s break this down: To create a block you have to mine. A standard blockchain consensus algorithm includes Proof of Work (PoW) and Proof of Stake (PoS). This method, but, regularly results in immoderate and useless energy utilization (PoW) while concentrated mining creates an unequal proportion among individuals with a select few stakeholders controlling the community (PoS).

Our ePoW targets to eradicate strength inefficiency and mining monopoly. By making use of a block window idea, we overcome commonplace boundaries and welcome an prolonged institution of stakeholders inside an flippantly distributed, decentralised community.

Reduced power. Reduced greed. After all, we’re on this together.

Connecting Chains

We seamlessly link Public and Private Blockchains.
Firstly, it’s important to interpret a node as any tool connecting to the blockchain network. Now, a Public Blockchain is open. A Private Blockchain calls for an invite. As a result, the “permissioned” nature of the latter way it’s not likely to be accessed by means of nodes as freely as the former. Problem created.

Cue Bridge Node, an intermediary which contains key configuration statistics if you want to hyperlink the two. Problem solved.

  • In essence, Hdac permits you to enjoy the first-rate of both. Brilliant.
  • Enhanced tool protection

With tremendous blockchain comes terrific duty. Hdac keeps you safe. As with each digital transaction, cyber criminals loom. We aim to stop them. In fact, we don’t even intend to offer them a danger.

Recent cases have identified vulnerability with Pseudo Random Numbers generated while developing your wallet addresses and personal and public keys. 

Hdac implements a selected authentication scheme by making use of a Quantum Random Number (starting with our identifiable characters “Hdac”) to do away with the possibility of hacking. 


The Hdac TGE target is 6,000BTC 
Exchange rate : zero.1BTC = 2,200dac (400dac bonus included)

Don’t miss out!
  • The total marketplace capitalization of Bitcoin currently crossed $100bn.
  • ‘IoT’ is expected to enhance global GDP by way of $10-$15 trillion inside the subsequent two decades.

DAC Allocation

  • The overall issuance amount may be 12 billion dac.
  • 17% of DAC may be kept for capital reserve.
  • 27% of DAC might be allotted to the Hdac presale / TGE participants.
  • 3 The final 86% of DAC can be earned thru equitable 'ePoW' mining. 
  • The first block praise could be 5,000 dac.
  • Anyone can participate within the Hdac mining for the next a hundred and seventy years.

Use of Proceeds

  • Pre-mined DAC will be used as follows. (14% of the total)
  • Capital reserve (A+B : 7%)
  • A 35% of pre-mined DAC might be saved for capital reserve.
  • 35% Capital Reserves
  • B 15% of pre-mined DAC can be saved through Hdac basis & Hdac generation AG for capital reserve. 
  • 1% Hdac basis / 14% Hdac era AG
  • The Bitcoins raised through presale & TGE can be used as underneath (C+D+E : 7%)
  • C 24% of pre-mined DAC might be used to put into effect Hdac technology.
  • 12% Hdac Core R&D / five% Hdac IoT Hardware R&D / 7% Operation
  • D 11% of pre-mined DAC will be used for global advertising, coping with social media channels, advisors, and bounty programs.
  • Eleven% Global Marketing E 15% of pre-mined DAC will be used to create infrastructure, surroundings enterprise, liquidity control and activation.
  • 11% Strategic Partners / 4% Business Development

Hdac Roadmap: Our 4-yr plan


  • Hdac Token Generation Event
  • Hdac consensus set of rules – released
  • Hdac operating environment field test – finished
  • Hardware Wallet – to release
  • Advanced Security Module – to launch


  • Hdac operating surroundings – to launch
  • Hdac IoT Contract PoC
  • IoT authentication and tool manipulate
  • Private Blockchain PoC
  • Smart IoT diffusion PoC

  • Practical application of Hdac IoT Contract & Smart Home – to launch
  • Practical utility of Hdac IoT Contract & Smart Factory – to launch
  • Hdac Hybrid Blockchain – improvement


  • IoT High Speed ​​Transaction Distributed Processing Blockchain – development
  • Private Blockchain Security Enhancements , Advanced Security Module Ver 2.Zero – to launch
  • Hdac Hybrid Blockchain Network Live Operation


Hdac apps API – to launch

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