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EtherSport - Innovative and absolutely decentralized sports activities prediction platform.  Based on blockchain technology and Ethereum clever contracts.

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About EtherSport

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EtherSport is a platform in which humans everywhere in the global can place bets on sports activities events. The lottery mechanism is finished through Ethereum contracts which ensures truthful and transparent results, fending off any risks and corruption. EtherSport has a number of benefits which includes security, easy consumer registration system, anonymity, the open and clear process of all currency transactions, activate prize payout with none hidden charges.

About EtherSport Token

Ethersportcoin (ESC) is an ERC20 token built at the Ethereum platform. 

ESC tokens may be used as platform forex for purchasing lottery tickets; as an funding to get dividends - 15% of the raised cash from each lottery; as a speculative commodity to change on an alternate. Now is a superb danger to get tokens at some stage in the ICO.

The benefits of EtherSport

EtherSport presents a completely new making a bet enjoy for gamers all around the globe.

Simple begin

  • Easy registration that calls for no less than private data.
  • No third party device will keep the user statistics.

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Unlimited winnings

  • No barriers on guess and reward quantities.
  • Fast and reasonably-priced withdrawals in cryptocurrency.

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100% honest and obvious

  • No hidden fees and manipulations.
  • Transparent consequences and payout machine.

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24/7 non-stop games

  • Every 4 hours a brand new lottery ticket comes out.
  • It incorporates the most famous game activities from everywhere in the international.

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Easy to play

  • Just get a lottery ticket with a line of game activities and predict outcomes.
  • Win a prize or maybe a jackpot

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Earn cash

  • Get a prize or win a jackpot in case you are a participant.
  • Gain a permanent make the most of every lottery in case you are investor in our ICO.

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How does the lottery work

The first recreation mode we're going to develop is the Lottery 11. It's a line of eleven unrelated events in football, baseball, tennis or every other game. The person desires to select one of the 3 options (victory of both team or draw) for every suit.


We are not going to persuade you that we are creating some thing excellent or genius, as maximum of the ICO campaigns state. Our task is primarily based at the visual appeal and hazard, expertise and fortune take a look at in the sport activities, in addition to on the chance to get a cloth praise because of these elements. It’s history lies within the human’s natural needs and ardour, that have been established by heaps of years of the human improvement.

EtherSport improves the provider on this enterprise ?Eld by using new technology, particularly, blockchain, clever contracts and cryptocurrencies. Such development is directed no longer handiest to the convenience of the technical carrier for the players, however additionally to the guarantee of the fairness and full transparency of the manner, which is executed thanks to the brand new technologies.

Based on this message, namely comfort and comfort for the gamers, primarily based on the con?Dence and fairness of the decentralized and absolutely open procedure, EtherSport team is positive that during such device and on our platform, the gamers can be cozy with participating in the sport and get pride from the system itself, compared to the traditional corporations which can be working in the marketplace within the normally normal net limits.

The principal concept of our challenge is that our lottery, opposite to many comparable offerings, isn't based on guessing the random numbers, however entails genuine willpower of the sports activities results, which can't be in?Uenced by all people. This means that the gamers have analytical abilities. Such lottery type allows players now not most effective to wager the sport consequences by using the use of their knowledge, but additionally get an extra pride from the view of the sports activities activities and aid in their favourite teams, which they've chosen in the price ticket. The equal can be said approximately the bets positioned between the gamers inside our undertaking, an analogue of the having a bet exchange.

From the investors’ point of view, the funding danger for the similar initiatives has a tendency towards 0, because the undertaking organizers offer best the possibility a platform with modern era, on which the sport is held, and charge a fee for that. Success of the project, its scalability and seasoned?Ts depend handiest from the scale and ef?Ciency of the promo marketing campaign. In fact, our crew is launching the ICO precisely for that reason and with the goal to get a suf?Cient sum of money for the promo campaign.

The mission is already launched and could be ?Nished anyways, but the extra price range are wished for its advertising and appeal of as many players as possible. 

Compliance with Legal Aspects

As for the felony a part of the project and the situation with the use of blockchain and cryptocurrencies inside the international, EtherSport crew states that we appreciate the legislation of all countries. But we strongly deny common accusations of the ICO manner as a high-threat funding, due to the unfairness and absence of regulation concerning the protection of traders in most international locations. 

These dangers are not better than the dangers of normal investments, consisting of securities, which become demonstrated in many instances, especially after the closing monetary crisis inside the US, although there are legislative mechanisms for investors’ and investment safety. Therefore, best the investor can determine risks and tactics for protective their investments. And the blockchain device, clever contracts, and cryptocurrency are based totally at the equity, transparency, full freedom of desire and identity, opposite to the legislative law, which often creates an illusion of the funding protection.

Taking into account the state of affairs in the worldwide community and legislation of some nations, we of?Cially state that our ESC tokens are not shares or another securities.

We also kingdom that we do now not be given investments from the citizens of these countries which recollect ICO and ICO investments illegal.

EtherSport organisation is registered within the UK, the country with fair and intense legal guidelines.

We would like to thank anybody who discovered time to get familiar with the intro to our assignment.


EtherSport is a modern decentralized platform offering an actually another making a bet revel in to the gamers from all around the global.

Combining a lottery and sports activities making a bet, EtherSport brings new regulations into the world of the sports experts, making the process honest and simple for the players, pro?Desk for partners and as democratic for all of the participants, as viable. 

The determination of the exact results for the sports activities events based totally at the members’ knowledge and potential to analyze the situation make the muse of our gadget. According to the European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA), the overall capitalization of these specific playing sorts counts $86 billion, at the side of the general marketplace assessment of $430 billion. 

Thanks to the blockchain technology, EtherSport has the subsequent blessings compared to the present centralized analogues: protection, simple registration, anonymity, transparency of all cash operations, activate payouts, and the absence of hidden withdrawal charges. All that is feasible because of the decentralized gadget of cryptocurrencies and common sense of smart contracts. 

EtherSport doesn’t request personal facts from its users to participate within the lottery and prevents all viable unforeseen conditions linked with the centralized governmental regulation of the gambling enterprise, which occurs in maximum nations of the arena. Moreover, EtherSport has a simpli?Ed and, maximum crucial, transparent payout system operating within the short time period. There are not any limits for the payoff.

Our system doesn’t have a centralized determination of the payoff coef?Cient, which is the case for bookmaker agencies from all over the international. The gamers are loose to personally select the coef?Cients when making a bet against every different. All those and different EtherSport blessings may be experienced by using the members whilst cooperating with us. Play with EtherSport and revel in the service quality, its simplicity and accessibility.

Market Analysis and Problems

Nowadays, the blockchain gadget is best developing and it’s almost not possible to assess its diverse future. The competition degree a few of the gambling members within the blockchain is fairly low. In this example, the opposition is often in terms of the thoughts satisfactory, the most comfortable and simple services, as well as first rate and honest attitude closer to players. 

Our crew is familiar with those issues and works precisely in this course. An exciting and appreciably fresh concept of the lottery system is near the bookmaker commercial enterprise in terms of the limitless timing opportunities for the user to participate in the draw sport, which has constantly been a bene?T of the bookmaker business over the lottery. We take away this trouble. Also, the player gets an opportunity now not simplest to bet the numbers, as it works inside the regular lottery, but also get pleasure from their information and aid the favorite team.

Problem Overview With sports activities making a bet and participation in the lotteries on the conventional structures, players face the following issues: 

  • complex and long registration manner;
  • necessities and information storage; 
  • behind schedule payouts; 
  • excessive expenses; 
  • constrained having a bet quantity; 
  • governmental manage; 
  • jackpot quantity opacity.

This results in the problem that capacity gamers refuse to sign up in such structures.

Therefore, there are situations while gamers select shadowy bookmaker businesses or use the services of the middlemen. Reportedly, the illegal sports activities betting turnover counts $four hundred billion each year.

With that during mind, gamers misplaced cash in the classic bookmaker companies, because they play in keeping with bookmaker’s coef?Cients that are frequently decreased and, in fact, dictated by the bookmakers. Other misplaced funds inside the shadowy groups, mainly due to the prejudice of the underground bookmakers.

Problem Solutions

EtherSport gets rid of all the above cited troubles by using decentralizing the whole system. We create  situations, beneath which shadowy players do now not need to use the unlawful systems anymore. In our machine, recreation gamers get plenty of excessive blessings thru blockchain mechanism, except for many danger elements. Apart from that, all approaches are almost obvious, and the payouts are brief and anonymous.

In one of these way, all gamers who have chosen the shadowy having a bet market because of necessity, emerge as ability EtherSport customers.

EtherSport is a decentralized device. This allows attracting more players. As the EtherSport platform is based on blockchain and smart contracts, no person can in?Uence the result and jackpot payouts.

Why will gamers pick EtherSport - Players from all around the world will maximum likely prefer EtherSport to the traditional centralized gambling services, which includes bookmakers, lotteries and making a bet exchanges, due to the standards and technologies that EtherSport is primarily based on  blockchain era and clever contracts, which permits us to be as honest and ef?Cient as viable.

Our primary advantages:

Simple registration to participate within the draw games? 

All the arena bookmaker agencies, as well as lotteries and making a bet exchanges are very stressful in terms of the identification veri?Cation toward the participant who's inclined to participate within the draw games. They say, it lowers the unfair sport tries of the users. The clever contracts gadget automatically eliminates the fraud chance, which is why you simplest want to sign in a pockets and play anonymously.

The potential to use as much price range as viable? 

When it involves the EtherSport decentralized machine, there is no want in limiting the having a bet quantity for gamers, which is commonplace for the centralized offerings. Thanks to the clever contracts, the gadget tracks the ?Nancial status of the players, having a bet fairness, and distributes the rewards.

The potential to get an nearly immediate payout? 

Contrary to the traditional playing businesses in which the huge payout is withdrawn in pieces, our gamers can withdraw the ESC rewards in the shortest time. There is not any want for the billing device or fee playing cards. Only the player is free to pick how they may use the praise.?

Full independence? 

EtherSport is completely independent from regulation, inclusive of the governmental one, which generally leads to ?Nancial losses and possible troubles for the players due to the unforeseen obstacles. 

EtherSport Advantages

Technical Implementation

Smart Contracts Technology

EtherSport’s operation core is primarily based on the Ethereum platform, that's meant for growing decentralized on line offerings. 

Implementation of smart contracts allow the gadget to do away with the main hazards of the conventional playing business. Thanks to the transparency and cryptographic reliability, EtherSport plans to draw hundreds and millions of recent players from all around the international.

EtherSport protocol solves the trouble of consider between all of the community’s participants. In the conventional lotteries and bookmaker businesses, there is a massive wide variety of personnel that are in fee of the betting validation and payouts. This often leads to the possibility of diverse fraud schemes that depend upon the human factor. Those are constantly made in favor of the bookmakers, lotteries and all feasible middlemen, but no longer in favor of the players. Smart contracts in EtherSport protocol dispose of those negative aspects. They act routinely in line with the Code is a Law principle. In fact, they may be an escrow detail in the community. All information about the bets is stored at the blockchain, which makes the payout device 100% obvious NO hidden hobbies and temptations for numerous manipulations, based totally on the human element and directed against the players.

EtherSport structures targets to:

  •  speed up the payout procedure (payout pace is restrained best via the speed of transaction processing inside the Ethereum network, which is less than a minute);
  •  make the jackpot technology procedure and access to the records approximately it transparent; 
  •  get rid of the fraud danger;
  •  anonymize the participation — no 0.33 birthday party is going to preserve your facts;
  •  get rid of the hidden fees and manipulations with the having a bet and payout amount — the records on all rewards is public.

It is well worth mentioning that EtherSport is in the main a software product as a way to be continuously progressed to draw new audiences. In this regard, the system will have an open charge, with a view to be used for growing and improving the protocol and including new functionality.


EtherSport Platform 

The EtherSport architecture is based totally on Ethereum. Ethereum is the most advanced platform, which has the maximum appropriate characteristics for implementation of all fundamental capabilities. The key benefit of Ethereum over other analogues is the smart contracts good judgment, as well as high processing pace of the transaction in the network. In addition to clever contracts, Ethereum presents several crucial services from the WEB 3.0 stack like Swarm and Whisper. 

Whisper is a conversation protocol that provides changing messages among players.

Swarm is a protocol for distributed garage of records. It is an analog of IPFS, but advanced through the Ethereum team. Initially, the implementation of the distribution and storage of records inside the community will be carried out on IPFS.


The person interface may be developed in HTML and JavaScript (+ Web3.Js). In reality, it is going to be an interface for working with the EtherSport community.

Data Storage

Storing huge volumes of statistics on a blockchain is simply too pricey and irrational. To post costs in peer2peer mode, in addition to lottery tickets, we use a distributed IPFS ?Le device. Smart contracts will save a hyperlink to the lottery tickets which are located in IPFS. The lottery price tag might be archived for at the least a month after the lottery quit.

Smart Contracts 

EtherSport clever contracts might be evolved the usage of Solidity, that's currently the main programming language for the contracts improvement for Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

EtherSport Platform Description

 Roles EtherSport protocol contains sure roles, their rights and responsibilities in the machine. In the unique protocol design, the subsequent roles exist:

  • EtherSport (The of?Cial lotter) EtherSport platform gives its very own lottery, policies, outcomes and winning funds distribution. Our duty is to provide a list    of all occasions and their effects from the certain game leagues. Moreover, EtherSport provides a simpli?Ed internal alternate of the ESC to Ethereum.
  • Players Can purchase lottery tickets from lotters to take part in the “Lottery eleven”, as well as play peer2peer on the proposed via different players’ phrases and conditions.
  • Lotters Can create and host “Lottery 11”. In truth, this is a player who has ful?Lled a few necessities and got the proper to post their model inside the “Lottery    eleven”. Each lotter gets a percent of the quantity of bets accumulated from the road provided by using him. Requirements to turn out to be a Lotter might be defined inside the guidelines    published at the EtherSport device.
  • System builders Interested in developing and improving the EtherSport infrastructure. After launching the center features, the group of developers will keep enhancing the machine, add new functions, and stay lively members of the EtherSport community. This will assure development of the product and increase in demand for tokens.
  • Token holders The gadget’s users who will preserve EtherSport tokens on their wallets.

The listing of supported leagues in the EtherSport system

Betting Modes EtherSport incorporates  most important playgrounds: 

  •  “Lottery 11” - innovative on-line sports lottery platform. 
  •  Betting exchange (Peer2Peer) - One on one, one in opposition to all.

“Lottery eleven” This type of bets combines a lottery and some elements of game having a bet.
How does “Lottery eleven” work.

The official Lotter publishes a line of eleven unrelated events to the community a lottery price tag, which is a bet. Each lottery price tag is constrained by way of time and carries occasions that all begin almost on the identical time (60 minutes distinction is allowed) and closing the following three hours. We hold 1 hour of buffer time in case of delays at a few occasions. By the cease of occasion, the outcomes can be processed by using EtherSport machine and jackpot could be raffled off.
Each occasion has 3 (in some cases two) ways of outcome: 1st team wins, draw or 2nd team wins. In some sports activities (like tennis), the draw isn't feasible — in this situation, the occasion has simplest  versions of outcome, win of the primary or win of the second crew. Players buy lottery tickets for inner ESC tokens. The fee of every lottery price ticket is equal to $1 and displayed in ETH, the cost of with a view to constantly fluctuate relying at the ETH/USD price. Players fill it in and affirm the price tag by sending it to the blockchain.

Jackpot is the sum accumulated from all no longer dispensed and now not won price range in the previous lotteries. 

Current bank is the quantity accrued inside the cutting-edge lottery because of bets in EtherSport gadget according to the lottery rules. 

Bingo eleven is the prize quantity, with the exception of the quantity paid to the players successfully decided the result from 7 to ten occasions within the ?Rst lottery after the jackpot gained. It transfers to the subsequent lottery.

If the player efficaciously predicted 11 activities, he wins a Jackpot = the gathered financial institution for all the lotteries. 

If the player correctly anticipated 7 to 10 occasions, he wins the modern-day financial institution x coef?Cient, in which the coef?Cient is, for example zero.22 for 10 anticipated occasions, allotted some of the wide variety of gamers who guessed 10 occasions. View the desk 1.


The player gets the jackpot in case of the proper prediction of all of the 11 occasions. The jackpot and the cutting-edge bank is distributed in possibilities depending at the range of guessed events. In order to win, you need to correctly predict at the least 7 activities. The Table 3 suggests the odds of the distribution of the jackpot and present day bank.

Forced jackpot 

The machine reserves the right to hold a pressured jackpot. The pressured jackpot is held most effective in case a positive quantity of tokens has been accumulated inside the jackpot, which makes it not possible to hold the acquisition of the lottery tickets. In case of the pressured jackpot, the share may be distributed from the quantity of the entire accrued jackpot, thinking about the contemporary financial institution. 

The distribution mechanism for the jackpot, pressured jackpot, cutting-edge bank and P2P bets might be supplied in greater info in the regulations for this mission.

Token holder — a person who has bought our tokens on the ICO level.

15% from the gathered bets in every “Lottery eleven” in the EtherSport network are charged to the Token Holders. A Token Holder get a rewards proportionally to the invested price range into ESC.

Each month, till the fifth day, 15% from the gathered amount inside the “Lottery 11” might be disbursed amongst all the token holders, proportionally to the range of tokens every holder has. Payouts are enabled simplest for those token which might be out of the EtherSport system. If the participant has won, withdrawn the tokens and decided to leave them at the pockets to get bonuses, then this token quantity is delivered to all the token outside the system, and, respectively, to his tokens as properly. The payouts are made to the pockets of the Token Holders. Token Holders are given three months to open their wallet and show their pastime (which indicates that the pockets has not been lost). If the Token Holder doesn’t prove that within three months, his bonuses are allotted among different individuals. Therefore, EtherSport prevents sending our tokens to doubtlessly lost and disabled wallets.

Peer-2-Peer Bets

The EtherSport community also supports one-on-one and one-towards-all bets, an analogue of the betting trade. 

To take part on this mode, the player chooses an occasion he’s inquisitive about, the amount of the bet, in addition to the coef?Cient. After the player offers the wager, it's far posted on the network. Once there may be a participant who accepts this wager, they enter into a smart settlement. At the give up of the event and the e-book of the end result, the winnings are dispensed in keeping with the smart contract. EtherSport gets a 2% price for organizing the technique and offering a playing platform. The fee is charged for each win inside the concluded wager.

Ethersportcoin Token (ESC)

Information approximately the ESC token

Internal tokens EtherSport are known as ESC (brief of the Ethersportcoin) and follow the ERC20 wellknown. ESC is an internal currency and is used to behavior all operations inside the EtherSport machine. For ESC, you may purchase lottery tickets, in addition to make and accept bets (P2P).

The key on your EBC can be stored on the pockets furnished by way of EtherSport platform, on the standard Ethereum wallet, or on the pockets supporting the ERC20.

The history of ESC paid to the players and lotters will be saved and publicly available. Thus, each lotter could have a "popularity" as a way to assist players to pick the lottery wherein they want to take part and see how popular and stable this lotter is, how frequently he affords occasions for the gamers. Each lotter is in fee of building his reputation.

ESC Tokens Distribution During the ICO, a hundred,000,000 ESC tokens might be created: 

  • 70% (70’000’000 ESC) might be distributed publicly inside Pre-ICO and ICO; 
  • thirteen% (thirteen’000’000 ESC) will stay at EtherSport for assisting the sport technique;
  • 1% (1’000’000 ESC) might be left inside the system for building the ?Rst jackpot; 
  • 5% (five’000’000 ESC) may be allotted for the bounty campaign; • 1% (1’000’000 ESC) can be dispensed among advisors; 
  • 5% (five’000’000 ESC) could be paid to the task founders and the team; 
  • 5% (five’000’000 ESC) could be paid to the Angel traders.

In case all tokens which can be foreseen for sale are not bought on the certain level, the relaxation amount may be bought at the subsequent stage. By the sale of all deliberate tokens at a certain level over a smaller time frame than it became expected, the subsequent degree begins automatically.

5% of tokens dispensed among the bounty marketing campaign contributors might be credited during one week after the quit of ICO. The participant who has received tokens, has the proper to apply them at their will. In case of no longer whole ESC sale, unrealized tokens could be saved inside the clever settlement and used for the ticket income. 

If less than 60% of tokens may be offered, the surplus will be used for the machine aid. These tokens could be ?Xed on the clever agreement stability and can be simplest gained within the lottery. Other withdrawal alternatives could be blocked.

ICO Flow Each player of the EtherSport crowdfunding campaign will acquire a respective amount of ESC tokens. 

Investors will have get admission to to the preliminary token sale inside Pre-ICO. During the Pre-ICO, 10,000,000 ESC tokens might be bought at 0.0005 ETH for 1 ESC.
Token distribution all through ICO can be carried out in 4 tiers. In preferred, ICO will closing one month.

Tokens that had been now not sold at a positive stage, will bypass to the following stage. Part of the money amassed in the ICO will visit the preliminary bank of the “Lottery 11” for to the jackpot. At the instant of the gadget creation, EtherSport will invest in a jackpot of a million ESC, which include unsold tokens left inside the clever contract.

Budget Distribution

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With the purpose of making the EtherSport platform as soon as possible, an quantity of no longer less than $500,000 ought to be gathered. The maximum quantity that must be collected by using EtherSport for recognition of all primary and additional features, as well as the global promotional marketing campaign and attraction of as many members as possible, is beyond dialogue.

EtherSport will make investments the finances acquired all through ICO within the project development and the worldwide advertising campaign (South and North America, UK, Australia, China, South Korea, Portugal, Brazil, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Israel, nations of the Arabian Peninsula, India, and many others.).

EtherSport is an already launched task, and the platform development will retain irrespective of the gathered finances. 


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The development of the EtherSport idea ended in March 2017. At the moment, we've a clear imaginative and prescient of the development and promoting of the product. The middle of our team consists of experts within the subject of software program development, management, advertising and marketing, as well as experts inside the playing enterprise. 

The implementation of all EtherSport features can be conducted in an open mode. On our blog, we can constantly inform buyers and gamers approximately the degrees of product improvement and improvement. 

The recognition of all fundamental capabilities and modes will be completed in early 2018. After this, the crew will start growing and increasing the functionality, with a purpose to allow EtherSport to attract greater new gamers. 

Feedback plays an vital function in the development of EtherSport. We will create a forum for players and investors in which they can share their ideas and guidelines for improving the machine. We can be in contact with anyone in my view, as well as pay attention to the common opinion. In case many lottery contributors specific a single opinion at the alternate or addition of a particular characteristic, we are able to without a doubt enforce it, if that is technically viable. 

Preparation and development tiers

March 2017 

EtherSport Idea Formation At this stage, we've got installed the main team and fully described the challenge concept.

June 2017 

Project Architecture The complete structure and the operation mode with the Ethereum blockchain prepared.

July 2017 

The Team and Project Start A 10+ contributors group is hooked up. The team started developing the EtherSport essential platform and “Lottery 11”.

September 2017 

Preparation to the ICO Marketing team is whole, all of the elements required for ICO are organized.

October 2017 

Website and White Paper Ethersport.Io internet site is created and the task Whitepaper is provided to the complete network.

November 2017 

ICO Launch At this level, we're making plans to release ICO marketing campaign for the EtherSport venture. It will last until the mid December. 

December 2017 

Preparation to Run on the Test Environment At the ICO final stage, our team will begin getting ready to launch the platform inside the Ethereum take a look at community.

Q1 2018 

"Lottery 11" Launch on the Test Network A beta model in which players can manipulate their wallets and take part in Lottery 11, furnished by means of the primary lotters. At this level, we are able to have the ability to check the device, get comments from customers and connect the bugs. 

Q1 2018   "Lottery 11" Launch at the Main Network “Lottery 11” launch on the primary Ethereum network. Using ESC tokens, gamers could be in a position to shop for tickets, lotters will offer a list of the events, and investors get hold of their dividends.  

Q2 2018   The Launch of P2P Betting on the Test Network Launching the beta model of the making a bet characteristic towards every other, where gamers can select their very own activities, and set their coe?Cients and the amount of the guess, choosing their fighters with the other guess.  

Late Q2 2018   The Launch of P2P Betting on the Main Network After all factors of the peer2peer making a bet mode are examined, thi mode will be released on the Ethereum most important community.  

Q3 2018   The Launch of additional EtherSport capabilities  After all of the elements of the EtherSport system are released on the Ethereum major network, the builders will begin growing additional capabilities. Among the primary dreams are: ingame chat, a complex price ticket for the "Lottery eleven", including factors and overall in peer2peer mode.

Q4 2018   New lottery types The users can anticipate new sorts of lotteries and bets.  

The Team

EtherSport crew have years of experience inside the lottery and bookmaker industry. Our developers were practically working with the blockchain and clever contracts from the instant this era regarded. 

Timofei Bezruk 


Timofei is a enterprise representative in playing and lotteries. He is subsidized by means of a few years of revel in in entrepreneurship and doing enterprise at the highest degree. 

Within EtherSport undertaking improvement, Timofei is in rate of the concept introduction and platform idea, so one can create the maximum obvious and exciting gambling experience for customers.

Co-founder and CEO 

Aleksei has a many years’ experience in entrepreneurship and bringing the groups to the next stage through integration improvements into the commercial enterprise. Currently, the complete attention of Aleksei is directed to technology, carefully linked with the blockchain integration to the finance, investment, and price industries. 

Aleksei is the pinnacle of the project and a tech leader in relation to the questions of the blockchain technology integration, as well as awareness of the decentralized and transparent gambling platform. 

Leonid Astrakhanskyi 

Co-founder and Investor 

A pinnacle-magnificence professional inside the finance with over 30 years of European enjoy. Leonid is specialized in coping with the entire range of debts, together with economic and administrative reporting across diverse European markets. 

Leonid is the investor in EtherSport and, on the equal time, is in price of the prison documentation for the employer status quo and registration of all required files in diverse jurisdictions.

Julia Polonskaya 

Head of Marketing 

Julia is in rate of the marketing communications, income, advertising and marketing, promotion and services distribution of EtherSport. She has over 15 years of revel in in the business improvement, management and advertising. She is also a advertising representative inside the NY Consulting Group.

Liudmyla Klochan 

Leading Lawyer 

In addition to her coping with companion role, Liudmyla has a varied practice regarding both contentious and non-contentious regulatory, industrial and accept as true with subjects. 

Liudmyla advises worldwide regulated groups on TIEA requests, worldwide tax and regulatory investigations. Liudmyla contacts with United States SEC problems involving agency. 

Mike Balagna 

Marketing Advisor 

Insightful and multi-gifted, Mike has been extraordinary in giving form to many innovative advertising thoughts. Shows awesome understanding in communications approach and making plans, media family members, collateral developments and different allied features.  A PR expert who has served as Marketing and Communications Manager for Dcorp.It, he brings price to EtherSport from more than one angles. He’s counseled and controlled the fulfillment of numerous projects inside the Blockchain area, together with Nexus Social, Gladius.Io, and Network Units.

Frank Bonnet 

Technical Advisor 

Founder and Developer of Dcorp.It, having suggested several different successful ICOS, Frank Bonnet comes with 9 years of enjoy designing, in addition to building endless employer .NET applications. Co-founder, developer and proprietor of "DS Verzekeringen", an insurance organisation in the Netherlands and many other net-based totally initiatives.Ether enthusiast, and investor in both

Hansko Leek 

Business Advisor 

Early Bitcoin adopter and investor, successful stockbroker, entrepreneur and Business owner. Has had outstanding success trading and speculating on many markets. Co-owner / founder at Autodealers (a successful Automotive IT agency) amongst others.  A co-founding father of Dcorp, and a valued marketing consultant of several a hit Fintech tasks and ICOS. Hansco is a robust supporter of Ethersport and his tremendous expertise of enterprise and management brings value to our team.

Melcom Copeland 

Gaming Advisor 

14-years of substantial C-Level Business Development and Sales of B2B and B2C iGaming  answers and services consisting of betting exchange, sportsbook, soccer pools, virtual racing,  on line casino video games, and on line casino price solutions covering internet, cell, and retail channels. 

Expert in conceptualization, improvement and commercialisation of Electronic Point-of-Sales 
Gene Libov 

Security Advisor 

Certified Information Security expert Gene Libov has been helping healthcare, purchaser items and technology organizations preserve their essential records secure for more than 18 years. 

Prior to setting up Planet 9 Security Consulting, Gene become Director of Blue Shield’s Security and Technology Assurance group. In addition to main IT and security audits as well as HIPAA and SOC 1 compliance activities, he oversaw inner and 1/3-birthday celebration protection exams.Other web-based tasks.Ether fanatic, and investor in both mining and trading. Experience with growing contracts in Solidity using Truffle and Mocha.

Gary Baiton 

Business Development Advisor 

Gary’s entrepreneurial spirit become evident early in his career, as he based his first agency, a primary browser based totally virtual private community referred to as AllVpn, before he turned 25. He co-founded and served as CSO and VP of Marketing for Hotcreditreports, Inc., in which he led both the strategy and advertising efforts of the business enterprise's domestic operations.? Gary is currently on the Board of Directors and Advisory Boards for more than one organizations. 

Max Krupyshev 


Max has a Bachelor’s degree in Physics and Master’s in Business Administration. He heard approximately Bitcoin for the first time in past due 2013 proper after finishing his Master’s diploma in Management. Max became right away inspired by the revolutionary and disruptive generation behind Bitcoin and quick made a call for himself in his nearby Bitcoin community. Max has also labored for one among the biggest Bitcoin Cloud mining structures prior to becoming Product supervisor and later Chief Operating Officer at Cubits.


Blockchain based EtherSport gadget is an really revolutionary, decentralized, and open platform within the gambling enterprise. EtherSport affords equality for each player inside the system, and clever contracts guarantee the success of all situations and payouts. It is a platform, wherein the whole thing is as open as possible to all. Each player can emerge as each a player and a Lotter, which permits you earning rewards no matter the outcome of the events. 

For our partners who bought tokens at the ICO level, the EtherSport lottery gives comfortable and worthwhile phrases on the way to permit the investor no longer only to gather Tokens at the lowest charge, however also receive dividends, proportionally to the invested funds, at some stage in the complete time of EtherSport life. 

Players are furnished with a convenient interface so that it will lead them to feel comfortable and revel in all the capability of each the superior user and the newcomer. Our administrators will assist all people to evolve to the gaming process. The charge of the lottery ticket will permit every inhabitant of the planet Earth to take part inside the lottery. Since we're going for walks a sports lottery on the Blockchain gadget, this makes the machine absolutely decentralized, democratic and open.? No rules! EtherSport just presents a listing of eleven sports activities activities and no one can influence at the final results, except for the athletes participating in those events.

Team EtherSport

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We are specialists with extensive experience in numerous fields:

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Bitcointalk nickname : Dervish doff
eth address                 : 0x84D98d6D6775e7c5c52Ed3FBb81ad2133d596bdF
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