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ESR Wallet

ESR Wallet

This time I introduce to you about the terbru technology in kryptocurenci sector this is the latest product named ESR Wallet here I will explain a little about the ESR Wallet, okay friends let we go.

ESR Wallet is a new innovation that comes to us in this ESR project, transaction has a very tingii marketing margin in this year, the project is in lebelkan with an electronic purse system it works very in believe, ESR offers also offers  by using a virtual plastic card visa and mastercard for your convenience in the transaction anywhere.

Today it's far difficult to imagine a modern day individual no longer having a bank card of their pockets and a cell Internet banking software in their phone.

More over, the trend of the beyond years indicates an growing interest of the populace in cryptoсurrencies and blockchain technology.

According to the studies of Cambridge University, the whole quantity of the registered wallets of various cryptocurrencies improved greater than fourfold since 2013 and exceeded 35 million.

Having studied a whole lot of fintech start-united states of americabuilt on a blockchain, we did not see a single one capable of providing a complete range of banking services, to which all current customers have long been accustomed.

What key clients' needs will the ESR Wallet challenge fulfill first of all

  • Deposits inside the cryptocurrency, permitting customers to acquire passive income from the balance on their debts.
  • Short time period micro crediting inside the cryptocurrency.
  • Security safeguards of storing your balance on the ESR Wallet exchange.

Instant pass border money transfers in all popular cryptocurrencies, VISA/Mastercard playing cards, each plastic and virtual  those options will actually be to be had to all ESR Wallet users.

Transfers in USD and EUR are already available inside the beta model of the undertaking and are being actively examined. We have already released 3,000 registered playing cards for the first users and accumulate feedback to make our service more handy and secure.

The ESR Wallet project is already a running platform, providing a resident of any usa of the world to
create an electronic pockets in USD and EUR and issue a debit digital or plastic VISA/Mastercard card to it.

This service is actively in demand most of the populace for several reasons:


Unlike a settlement account, the value of servicing of which relying at the country and the bank is on common $20 according to month, the electronic pockets is served free of charge. 

There is an choice to open a virtual card, that's an awful lot inexpensive than a plastic card, for folks who use a financial institution card solely for on line purchases. Electronic wallet is opened to everybody, irrespective of credit records.

In addition, for our users we introduce a carrier of microloans, which distinguishes us from different
electronic wallets.

Since the release of the project in June 2017, greater than 3000 plastic registered cards were issued,
which indicates the relevance of our carrier.

The organisation ESR Wallet is registered in UAE one of the few nations with a clean position of regulators regarding ICO and cryptocurrency.

The personalized multicurrency ESR Wallet card will be launched without spending a dime and added to the cope with of residence for every investor who offered more than 20 tokens inside 60 days after the ICO.

The ESR Wallet crew owns greater than three hundred ATMs positioned in the US. This network can be extended to other countries. Withdrawal of coins through your personal ATM network is freed from rate for ESR Wallet cardholders.


Given the increase inside the wide variety of blockchain projects, more and more people will eventually should keep a part of their financial savings in unique cryptocurrencies if you want to make transactions inside a particula community.

Developing the concept, we got here to the realization that we are able to create a completely unique carrier via adding numerous alternatives to the present and beta examined ESR Wallet


  • The potential to keep for your pockets, further to USD and EUR famous cryptocurrencies: BTC, BCH, ETH, ZEC, DASH, LTC.
  • The potential to instantly convert currencies through an internet bank or cell utility at a favorable charge.
  • Creation of a accomplice community for the creation of the Cash lower back system.
  • The potential to open deposits in any of the cryptocurrency.
  • The potential to use for a mortgage in any cryptocurrency.
  • The possibility of transferring the cryptocurrency into consider control of a specific trader with a transparent history of transactions or to our machine for portfolio funding.

This product, in addition to the indexed options, will allow you to make immediate money transfers between network contributors around the arena.


  • The capability to spend your cryptocurrency using ESR Wallet's bodily card anywhere cards are everyday for price, both online and offline.
  • The ability to send cash thru the ESR Wallet software in 8 currencies to 120 international locations worldwide without commission 
  • The potential to right away send cash among customers of ESR Wallet.


Other massive cryptocurrencies can be added to the platform over time, when they turn out to be
great in the international and as users want them.


To start ESR Wallet, strategic companions are geared up to provide their very own purchaser base as begin ups. 

those companions, especially, are the arena's biggest microfinance businesses interested in growing
the direction of lending in cryptocurrencies.

We count on to attain more than seven-hundred,000 lively users and access to that allows you to be possible with out extreme advertising prices for the reason that release of the project. This will offer us with severe support at the begin and will supply impetus for extra speedy market insurance.

ESR Wallet Fund is elevating price range for the technical re-engineering of the ESR Wallet Payment and Credit Service and a advertising and marketing marketing campaign to sell it. To this give up, the fund issued tokens ESR Tokens (ESR), that are smart contracts primarily based on Ethereum.

Given the brilliant hobby within the assignment from traders, our crew decided to pre-promote 2,000,000 tokens with a 50% cut price. The sale date for these tokens is ready for September 25, 2017 and could closing for 7 days. Countdown to the begin of sales is about at the web site ESR wallet.

The ESR token is ESR Wallet's shared clever contract. The holder of the token is entitled to a share inside the income of the ESR Wallet Payment Service. The proportion of 30% of income is shipped to all issued tokens.

The Token is launched together with the eToken settlement and is written inside the Solidity programming language.

The ESR Wallet Foundation is a UAE-regulated agency situation to the laws and an audit. This
guarantees transparency of its actions and secure garage of funds.



  • The licensed company of digital cash, regulated through the Gibraltar Financial Services
  • Commission. License No: FSC0056NK.
  • Official member of Mastercard/Visa.
  • It has PCI DSS LEVEL 1 certification and become under audit SSAE16 SOC TYPE I.


ESR token is released on the basis of e-Token agreement. The variety of tokens is restricted and quantities to 10,000,000.

After ICO all unsold tokens will be destroyed, further technology will not be done.

Payment system

According to the Сharter, at the quit of every sector 30 percent of earnings of the Payment and credit score provider ESR Wallet are transferred to specialized wallets, after which BTC, BCH, ETH, ZEC, DASH, LTC will be disbursed amongst holders of ESR tokens in keeping with the phrases and conditions of the smart contract. Profit won in USD and EUR might be transformed at ESR Wallet market rate as of the date of distribution of dividends in ETH and transferred to the applicable wallet.
Starting alternate fee.

Token cost is 10 USD.

Distribution of the Tokens

  • 7% Founders
  • 90% On open sale
  • 3% Bonuses

Main alternatives of ESR WALLET card

The capability to spend your cryptocurrency the use of ESR Wallet's bodily card anywhere playing cards are conventional for fee, each on line and offline.

The capacity to send cash via the ESR Wallet application in 8 currencies to one hundred twenty international locations global with out commission.

The potential to instantly send cash between users of ESR Wallet the way to ESR paintings device


The credits in the crypto foreign money have a totally critical gain - the lack of regulatory coverage at the part of authorities government, which makes it feasible to work truely in all countries of the sector without obtaining licenses.

The demand for this kind of product will grow each day due to the reality that an increasing number of online traders start to be given crypto foreign money.

We are at the degree of the formation of crypto economics. It represents the financial model, wherein it is feasible to close all human desires without using fiat money. Acceptance as payment for work and pay for personnel in the crypto forex is already a standard exercise for many groups working in the area of blockchain.

The emergence of credits is the step that have to be taken in the very close to destiny. ESR Wallet is a group that has exceptional experience in micro crediting, which offers us every threat of achievement.

In addition to crediting from the depository fund, the possibility of p2p credit may be added.

Each patron can have a credit score score decided with the aid of monetary interest within the ESR Wallet infrastructure.

This score can be publicly available at the request of the client, and he could be able to acquire individual gives from capability non-public lenders.


As of nowadays, the crypto foreign money has so far simplest been a tool for making transactions, even as there are no gear to get passive danger-unfastened income from it.

The amount of free budget placed on diverse wallets and exchanges in greenback terms exceeds numerous billion, and this money does now not deliver any income to their owners.

We see a big potential inside the creation of deposit services inside the crypto industry. Ensuring profitability may be made through the parallel implementation of the ESR Wallet consumer crediting service.


The trouble of the protection of budget is what will be the main emphasis inside the construction of the ESR Wallet structure.

The ESR Wallet exchanger may be allotted into a separate assignment with its own legal entity. Its reliability could be strengthened with the aid of the opportunity of each holder of ESR tokens to turn out to be a member of the founders of the company, paying simplest the costs of legal services to enter the registry.

The total share of the felony entity of the ESR Wallet exchanger is identical to 30%, distributed between the holders of tokens. The proportion that every token holder can claim is proportional to the wide variety of his tokens relative to the entire range of tokens issued.

By introducing this device, we show full openness to the beneficiaries, that's today an remarkable practice for comparable projects.


With the growing recognition of the crypto industry, increasingly more on line dealers may be pressured to introduce alternative kinds of payment for their items and offerings which will be in a trend and build their client base.

As of these days, there may be no person absolutely convenient and effortlessly integrated answer for accepting simultaneously famous cryptocurrencies and fiat cash.

Creating its own merchant module, along with its very own uniquely protected currencies exchanger, will organically fit into the concept of widely wide-spread charge and credit score service and could boom the recognition of our product inside the commercial enterprise phase.

Execution of the position of escrow agent in the furnished merchant-carrier, moreover will add self belief to our product.


Many modern banks, in addition to deposits, provide their customers a number of offerings for agree with control of price range. This funding scheme has a greater capability for profitability, as compared to standard deposits, because the profits in this case is generated not from credits issued, however from trading transactions at the exchange, which with a equipped approach, carry extra profit.

Within the framework of ESR Wallet, there may be 2 alternatives to be had: the transfer of finance to the believe control of the gadget and the switch to the management of a particular dealer.

When shifting funds to the gadget, we can offer a portfolio tool together with strategies of investors with the most stable and excessive degree of profitability.

In case a customer desires to select a trader for consider management himself, he can do it, being guided by the open profitability signs of each player of the gadget.

It is noteworthy that all trading transactions within the framework of the accept as true with control carrier will be viable only in the ESR Wallet change, which will make all actions obvious and understandable for traders.


Today it's miles hard to imagine a huge buying and selling community, filling stations, business inside the sphere of services that don't have their personal loyalty gadget. The drawback for the common consumer is that there are too many cut price cards and they are hard to keep in ownership.

The creation of the Cashback device is gaining recognition everywhere in the international within the final 2 years. This is genuinely handy: instead of cut price a customer receives a refund of cash returned to his account, even as he makes use of only one card and he does not need to maintain loyalty playing cards of every logo one by one.

We see inside the Cashback system a splendid capacity in terms of retaining the customer and increasing the quantity of transactions. As such, it will no longer convey a right away earnings to the system, however it'll be capable of boom the employer's total earnings through growing the variety of transactions.


ESR Wallet


ESR Wallet


ESR Wallet


ESR Wallet




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