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CREDITS - The greater advanced generation inside the world of banking transactions started out to apply computer based totally technology to facilitate transactions with customers. Which had served customers by means of having to satisfy  clients come to the financial institution branches supplied through the financial institution he used to store end up less complicated because the financial institution started the usage of computer-based era and now can get entry to via the net in spite of cell ular smartphone with SMS has been implemented by way of many banks. In the banking international, the development of information era to make the company change enterprise strategy through setting era as a key element within the manner of product and provider innovation which includes:

  • The existence of transactions in the form of money switch via cellular or thru teller.
  • The lifestyles of ATM (Auto Teller Machine) coins withdrawal in cash 24 hours.
  • Use of Database in banks. 

Data synchronization at Branch Office with Bank Head Office

With the community pc courting or our verbal exchange with clients so greater efficient, and faster. For instance: email, teleconference. While at domestic can communicate with other customers to establish a relationship (chat), and as enjoyment can be used to play online video games, file sharing. If we have a couple of laptop, we can hook up with the net thru a community. For example like in a restaurant or house that has many rooms and there are each laptop in it. In the banking global, the development of facts era to make the organization change enterprise strategy with the aid of putting era as a key element inside the procedure of product and service innovation. As well as electronic transaction services (e-banking) via ATM, phone banking and Internet Banking, as an instance, are new forms of financial institution services that remodel the service of guide transactions into transactional offerings based totally on generation.

The function of information generation (IT) has passed through fast modifications and tendencies within the final decade. An more and more specialized IT characteristic encourages every bank to shape its own unique phase, branch, or paintings unit. Despite the fact that the shape is depending on different factors inclusive of business scales and workload, however the work unit displays  factors of interest, specifically elements of generation development and operational aspects. 

The statistics processing facilities available within the bank today are the result of technological advances and the need to run the operations systematically and properly in keeping with the influx and outflow of bank finances. The facility serves to handle, select, calculate, bring together, file, and transmit facts. .So the use of IT in such banks is to improve the effectiveness and performance of information management of banking business sports with a purpose to provide correct, well timed, timely consequences and may assure the confidentiality of statistics as in line with Bank Indonesia policies. 

The right TSI function cannot be separated from the standards of selecting the kind of generation in order to be utilized by the financial institution. The computer utility machine used within the banking region have to be able to accommodate all the wishes of the bank and according with the provisions of the economic authority (regards that is Bank Indonesia). This calls for the choice of pc software program given the type of software program to be had and provided in many relative markets. In widespread this election is primarily based at the suitability between the capacity of the bank with the facilities or the potential of the software to be selected in order that the investments that have been issued are certainly effective and offer delivered fee to the bank . 

For example, Banks with rather small capacity, consisting of Rural Banks are less relevant while the use of pc application systems that provide transaction facilities in foreign forex or giro management. This is due to the reality that it isn't always allowed to behavior transactions in overseas currency and does now not participate in the payment of call for deposits. The use of such software will become inefficient and the investment value is extra than the introduced fee it produces. 

Selection criteria for desirable banking computer software in accordance with the desires of banks in fashionable primarily based on the subsequent concerns:

Documentation or Data Storage Capabilities 

The type and type of financial institution statistics that relative a good deal must be accommodated through the software for use, which includes consideration of phrases of facts safety. The number of customers in addition to the frequency and range of massive each day transactions require massive pc memory, similarly to requiring a excessive velocity processor as nicely. For instance much less efficient while the use of huge machines, eg AS / four hundred in operation due to the fact capability and geographic insurance are commonly distinctly small.


Bank operations are usually evolving with converting needs and may increase inside the future despite the fact that the basic statistics remains the same. This condition should be anticipated with the aid of laptop software to a point. Each bank has a machine and methods that can range even though the records or simple records is processed the equal. Flexible laptop software may be used by two banks of equal ability but extraordinary structures and procedures.

Security System 

As an corporation of trusth, the financial institution needs a reliable safety system to keep the confidentiality of the purchaser’s records or budget; as well as to save you misuse of records or price range by different irresponsible parties. Good pc banking software program need to offer such control and security facilities.

Ease of use person friendly

Understanding is easy to function does now not suggest every consumer (user) can get right of entry to to the software program however the officer who does have the authority to without problems operate the method of which the obligation. The input, process, and output tiers finished at the software program are not an obstacle in typical banking hobby. A right computer application system may even stumble on operational errors by using giving mistakes messages and provide troubleshooting instructions .

Reporting System 

The records or statistics wished ought to be offered in a clear and comprehensible shape. The financial institution calls for clean and entire reports, in particular within the audit process or presentation of news that may be understood by means of the parties concerned with the economic expectations of every financial institution to be greater transparent and responsible.

Aspects of Maintenance 

The overall performance of banking software is expected to be surprisingly stable so long as banks perform. This condition calls for true factors of maintenance, in the feel that technically not hard and does no longer require a distinctly steeply-priced price. This maintenance also issues the substitute or restore of technical system and changes or software development.
Source Code 

Banking software program is mostly a bundle software that has been compiled in order that it turns into an excecutable file. The application documents are surprisingly irreversible or changed in case the bank desires a trade or additional facility of the software. This circumstance may be triumph over if the financial institution has and understand the software tersevut inside the shape of the original programming language or source code.

Structure of data and relationships among sub-software structures of banks 

Relationship among sub device software on bank operations. The concept of a front office that is towards the consumer side and the again workplace idea that is towards the financial institution side as a monetary group that must report, document, and or publish economic statistics, inflicting the banking application gadget to include mutual sub systems related in accordance with the ranges of processing and kinds of economic facts.

CREDITS is a blockchain platform (protocol) with its personal inner cryptocurrency CREDITS (CS). This is a new and precise technical implementation of blockchain generation, clever contracts, and statistics protocols. 

This is a platform with entirely new technical networking abilties, speed, transaction expenses and range of operations consistent with second. This is an open platform which means that users and agencies can create online services that put into effect the blockchain protocol. 

We offer new merchandise to customers.We designed new functions by means of growing new algorithms to are seeking consensus; new registry scheme; an algorithm for processing and maintaining transition-based answers for finite country machines based at the Federal voting node model. 

The CREDITS platform gives answers to low-velocity troubles and high transaction prices. It expands capability blockchain generation to the financial industry and Internet Things. The CREDITS platform is a decentralized financial system for direct interplay between peer to peer principle player (P2P).This platform expands the ability use of monetary services based totally on allotted ledgers, self-executing smart contracts, and CREDIT Cryptocurrency The gadget goals to unite all members on a unmarried web site, providing it with a platform for creating and deployingfinancial offerings; where all of us can provide a carrier and use it.Way to a properly-defined and balanced technology device.

The CREDITS platform offers a brand new technical solution and a brand new conceptual version of network contributors' interplay for the development of modern-day decentralized economic services 
CREDITS unmarried technology decentralization platform can incorporate all financial members offerings, securely and fast perform all transactions using the standards of a allotted ledger. 

Self done clever contracts and the standards of the federal vote casting system set limits. Opportunity for all participants to create specific interaction of numerous financial products. That the platform opens up huge new markets and new ability to apply blockchain tasks and offerings in international finance and different sectors that cannot be used earlier than due to the rate and transaction prices of boundaries.


The CREDITS platform has five superior technological advantages for the future: 


Each record is inserted into blockading database blockades without Merkle trees and sidechains by way of processing consensual transactions.

Block Formation 

Permissions are set at the transaction degree. Transactions are delivered to the block to find similarly consensus with the set of rules to discover a finite kingdom system solution. 

Consensus Version 

The consensus version: federal with mechanism to remedy maximum nodes with permission to determine. 

Smart settlement 

Each clever contract is completed in a separate isolated digital system environment, permitting development in scripting languages (JavaScript), expanded work with scheduled calendars. 


The device is scalable (because the range of nodes will increase, the variety of transactions processed in line with unit of time increases). There is not any mining so all the cash are issued first in a certain amount . 


  • Design of new generation from blockchain operation scheme.
  • New characteristics of platform, velocity, charge, community volume .
  • Requests from customers: banks and monetary services .
  • No current working analogs in terms of characteristics (for summer time 2017) .
  • MVP undertaking is prepared Working with Alpha version.

Credits is a completely unique platform. The creators of credit have advanced their personal method to the implementation of blockchain technology. They have succeeded in growing the rate of transactions and lowering the cost of it. As I recognize it, credits want to introduce their era within the financial sphere of offerings because of excessive velocity of transactions. All operations on this platform are recorded inside the blockchain-open supply chain. Everything is clear and obvious.

According to the organizers ' forecasts, the transaction pace will vary within three seconds. And their overall quantity will attain from 500 thousand and up to 1 million according to second, at a low level of transaction price. So if their platform comes out in the hundreds, it is able to have a massive effect at the entire economic machine as a whole.

A general of 1 000 000 cash of the ERC20 popular may be issued for the preliminary sale of tokens. For someone it'll be a plus, and for a person minus, however cash credit to mine (to mine) could be not possible.

This is the end of the description of the credit platform. If you do no longer have sufficient records, go to the legit web page or study WhitePaper.








In total, the founders allotted 2% of the full quantity of tokens to the Bounty organisation:

  • signatures-30%
  • Facebook 15%
  • Twitter 15%
  • Blogs and motion pictures 20%
  • To the corporation of transfers 15%
  • Telegram 5 %

Reward 1 

  • For a completely unique publish 5 tokens
  • For repost 3 tokens
  • To receive tokens, please have a look at the subsequent conditions:
  • It is necessary to be signed on the channel credits Telegram
  • Subscribe to the official credits Facebook group
  • You ought to have as a minimum three hundred actual pals or followers
  • Only 1 registered Facebook account for 1 individual is permitted
  • Need to do at least five likes and reposts in 1 week
  • Write at the least 2 precise posts in 1 week with special Heshtegami credit and Creditscoin
  • No more than one post and repost can be counted on the day.
  • All posts must be written in English
  • Posts and reposts cannot be deleted until the cease of ICO
  • Once a week before the resurrection it's far important to make a file in this subject matter

Reward 2

  • Excellent 150 bets
  • Good-100 bets
  • Average 70 bets
  • Normal-forty bets
  • Conditions:
  • It is essential to be signed on the channel credit Telegram
  • Published content material have to be particular and available to all
  • Resource must be older than 2 months
  • There should be at the least 500 words inside the article.
  • Video should be at least 2 mins in length
  • At least 2 links to the web page credit.Com, credits ICO ANN and other social networks credit





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