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Of Course My Friends Requested What The Heck BTCx it ? 

BTCx aims at improving the functionality and sorting out the volatility and uncertainty caused by the infigting within the Bitcoin community. BTCx will be distributed with ICO , so you can take your BTCx and trade it on Exchanges.

BTCx is the most advanced version of Bitcoin with faster, smarter and more secure transaction and lower transfer fees. Privacy Matters! BTCx has private transactions so you can trade safe.


BTCx is written in Turing Complete Language which is more functional than stack based language used in Bitcoin.


BBTCx has faster transaction speed than Bitcoin with the help of a more advanced Blockchain technology. The average block interval on Bitcoin is 10 minutes which is fourty times slower than BTCx's block interval of 14 seconds.


Bitcoin uses SHA-256 algorithm that produces a number in hexadecimal format. Compared to that, BTCx uses Ethash algorithm for security which is far more superior in terms of safety measures.


In BTCx, users can create smart contracts much faster than Bitcoin at a cheaper price.


Bitcoin was made for a extensive range of motives and always, individuals discover new motivations to apply Bitcoin. 

One of the verifiable reasons is that individuals don't agree with states or banks or some other center person to manage their cash.

One of the focal segments of the Bitcoin desigh is mining.Essentially,positioned miners verify every change and rival every different to get rewards.

BTCX is a hard fork to be able to release on November 25th. It targets in improving the functioning and checking out the volatility and  uncertainty caused by the infighting within the Bitcoin network.

Prior to hard fork, unfastened BTCX can be dispensed with AirDrop, so you can take your BTCX and trade on Novemmber 25th.

BTCX can be the maximum advanced model of Bitcoin with quicker, smarter and extra relaxed transaction and decrease switch charges.

We Strongly believe that Bitcoin may be higher and this is the principle motive, BTCX is written in a Turing Complete Language. But we will improve this when we apprehend some things approximately the community.

Definition of AirDrop

An airdrop is while a blockchain mission distributes loose tokens or coins to  the crypto network. To be a recipient of an airdrop often the handiest requirement is that you have coins from the applicable
blockchain stored on your wallet.Example of this layout of airdrops are Byteball,Stellar lumens and

Other crypto airdrops require social media posts or you need to contact a member of the group on the
bitcointallk forum.

The format of those crypto giveaways is usually like this:At a pre-introduced time the undertaking behind the event will take a "image"of the blockchain ,and anybody keeping ether or Bitcoin at that point will acquire a sure quantity of free tokens, this will additionally be completed on different blockchains, but ethereum and Bitcoin are the maximum used for this airdrop format.

This is the manner BTCX will distribute its tokens based totally on a bounty board, Community will be capable of percentage the word of the BTCX airdrop and receive tokens for this.

Mechanics of a Hard Fork

As it identifles with blockchain innovation, a tough fork (or in some cases hardfork) is a radical alternate to the convention that makes already invalid squares/exchanges big (or the other manner around),and all things  taken into consideration requires all hubs or clients to transport as much as the maximum current rendition of the convention programming.

Put in an surprising manner, a hord fork is a changeless distinctiveness from the beyond form of the blockchain, and hubs running beyond renditions will in no way again be stated through the maximum up to date form, This basically makes a fork in the blockchain, one way which takes after the brand new, overhouled blockchain, and one manner which proceeds with the  antique way. By and large, after a short time frame,the ones on the vintage chain will keep in mind that their version of the blockchain is obsolete or insignificant and swiftly flow as much as the most current form.

Called BTCX, the plan requires a totally specific fork ( or a alternate to bitcoin's guidelines), one that could make certain  guidelines legitimate that were not legitimate earlier than. Specifically,BTCX might exchange the dimensions of the blocks passed regularly round  the network and stored inside the blockchain from 1 MB to 2 MB.

With bitcoin coins and bitcoin gold,bitcoin customers could have paid little to no interest and it would not have impacted their transactions in case you held bitcoin on certain exchanges (or your own wallet), you acquired new cryptocurrency.

This easy final results, however,isn't always guaranteed with BTCX. Complicating subjects is that in many methods, BTCX sounds (and is) much like other bitcoin forks.

Like other recent forks,BTCX is :

  • An opportunity software program- A amendment of the bitcoin software run by using community individuals and that put into effect the protocol guidelines .In this case, BTCX's code is referred to as BTC 1.

  • An attempt to growth the block length- most forks consciousness on one precise rule of the community (block length), no matter other viable optimizations that would cause capacity boosts.

  • A hard fork -Anyone whose software program isn't always upgraded  to the new rules will now not be part of the community.

First and most important, whereas bitcoin cash developers seemed content to create a new blockchain (with new rules ),BTCX's is to preserve all bitcoin present customers on one blockchain.

What makes BTCX Better 

Better Starting from the rules

BTCX is written in Turing Complete Language that is more purposeful than stackbased  Language utilized in Bitcoin. To display that something is Turing Complete,it's miles  enough to reveal that it may be used to simulate a few Turing Complete machine.For instance an imperative language is Turing entire if it has conditional branching (e.G."if"and "goto" Statements, or a " department if zero"
guidance; see one instruction set laptop) and the capability to trade an arbitrary quantity of reminiscence( e.G. The potential to maintain an arbitrary number of variables) given that that is nearly continually the case, most if now not all vital languages are Turing whole if the limitations of finite reminiscence are neglected.

Close to zero Intervals

BTCX has quicker transaction speed than Bitcoin with assistance of the most superior blockchain era .The common block c programming language on Bitcoin is 10 mins which is forty instances slower then BTCX'S block c programming language of 14 seconds .Shorter block periods have higher block
duplication fee, reducing the overall work of pleasant miners (giving attac king miners on facet).

Safety degree Maximized

Bitcoin makes use of SHA -256 set of rules that produces a number in hexadecimal format. Compared to that, BTCX uses Ethash algorithm for securty which is far more superior in ters of safety measures.

How does the Ethereum Ethash Hashing Algorithm Work ?

The Ethash set of rules is predicated on a pseudorandom dataset, initialized by means of the cutting-edge blockchain period.This is known as a DAG ,and is regenerated every 30.000 blocks (or each~5 days).As of mach 2017, the DAG changed into ~ 2 GB, and the DAG will continue to grow in size because the blockchain grows.

The drift of the ethash hashing algorithm may be summarized as follws :

  1. The preprocessed Header (derived from the trendy block) and the present day Nonce( the modern-day guess), are combined using a SHA 3 like set of rules to create our initial 128 byte Mix,referred to as MIx 0 here.
  2. The Mix is used to compute which 128 byte web page from the DAG to retrieve rep resented with the aid of the get DAG web page block.
  3. The Mix is combined with the retrieved DAG page This is achieved by using the use of an ethereum- unique blending characteristic to generate the following mix known as mix 1 right here.
  4. Steps 2 & three are repeated sixty four times , ultimately yeilding blend sixty four.
  5. Mix 64 is put up processed, yielding a shorter,32 byte blend Digest.
  6. Mix Digest is Compared in opposition to the predefined 32 byte Target Threshold.If ix Digest is much less than or same to target Threshold,
The Current Nonce is con Sidered successful,and will be broad cast to the ethereum network. 

Otherwise, modern Nonce is taken into consideration invalid, and the algorithm is rerun with extraordinary nonce (either by way of incrementing the current nonce,or selecting a new one at random).

Adaption is the new Smart

in BTCX,customers create clever contracts an awful lot quicker than Bitcoin, paying significantly less prices.Ethereum is a public blockchain platfrom for the execution of decentralized clever contracts. Although Bitcoin carries smart contracts ,BTCX on ERC 20 is a plaform for a whole lot of non-cash,superior applications and offerings.

ERC-20 defines a fixed of six features, that different smart contracts, withim the ethereum surroundings  will understand and recognize.

These encompass, for example, the way to switch a token (via the proprietor or on behalf of the proprietor) and how to get admission to facts ( call ,Symbol,supply,balance) approximately the token general ,also,describes occasions-alerts that a clever settlement can hearth-that different smart contracts 'concentrate' to.

Together,those features and events make ethereum tokens work the identical nearly anywhere withim the ethereum ecossytem . As a result,nearly all wall ets that help ether,together with, jaxx,MyetherWallet.Com and Ethereum pockets (also known as mist pockets) now additionally  support ERC-20 Compliant tokens.

BTCx and The Others


Team has been working on BTCX since April'17 on this project.

First Quarter-2017

Bitcoin had a few problems such as being unsuitable for smart contracts, having a mean transaction time of 30 minutes and very high transaction prices. These problems revealed the need of creating a new upgraded Bitcoin Token.

Second Quarter-2017

After months of hard work, project team was organized and studies got started.

Third Quarter-2017

New partners joined in. At the same time project team finished working on creating updates on smart contract technology and security measures. Then project website was launched simultaneously with the activation of social media channels.

Fourth Quarter-2017

Distribution of BTCx via ICO. BTCx trade will be initiated at stock markets such as HitBTC and EtherDelta. Following that, trading will take place on bigger exchanges as well.

First Quarter-2018

Blockchain optimizations will be released and BTCx will become an available option in some online shopping websites

Second Quarter-2018

Contracts with new partners will be announced and updates will be released. Private transaction features will be implemented. Token swap to new and unique blockchain for new upgrades.

Third Quarter-2018

Full integration on selected products

Fourth Quarter-2018

100 Partners working with BTCx

BTCx will become a commonly used payment method.

Contracts with banks and announcement of big partnerships.


These wallets compatible with BTCx


Trade BTCx on exchanges and make profit

Token Info

  • Token Name : BTCx
  • Decimals: 8
  • The Symbol: BTCx
  • Supply: 21.000.000
  • Contract Address: 0x5A82De3515fC4A4Db9BA9E869F269A1e85300092

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