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Bitmora is a US-based totally cryptocurrency alternate platform set to revolutionize the way the virtual foreign exchange international operates. We can be bringing a one in every of a kind buying and selling platform to the marketplace with low charges, organisation grade security, and a completely unique balloting device designed to position the destiny of cryptocurrency exchanges in the fingers of activists and customers alike.  

Our founders, Colton Brister, Elias Mansour, and Joseph Dagostino have come together with the goal of making an exchange that is not most effective constructed for the people, however with the aid of the people. Our provider will provide a platform that permits users to globally exchange cryptocurrency in a expert manner and assist set the same old for all professional cryptocurrency trading.

Core Values 

Leading – Bitmora’s purpose is to revolutionize the manner the world seems on the cryptocurrency making an investment. All essential revolutions had been carried out now not by means of leaders on my own, but through the people at the back of those leaders. Rather than fighting history, we can be putting all predominant selections immediately in the arms of our customers.  

Community Outreach – We care about our network and are willing to prove it. From day one, we are able to be offering superior customer service to what is presently offered and a mobile app with coin services far exceeding our competitors. More importantly, we understand that the troubles confronted with the aid of nowadays’s cryptocurrency network will no longer be the same as the next day’s, so we've built a unique voting device that may regulate to this continuously changing landscape in a quite efficient and honest way.  

Public Awareness – We need to assist the world recognize Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other altcoins. By setting the future of cryptocurrency in our customers’ hands and pairing with global crypto tech leaders we can supply the arena an opportunity to not best witness, but play a component within the status quo of the currencies of the destiny. 


 As the demand for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and altcoins skyrocket to an all-time high, the majority of exchanges have made little to no upgrades. Forced to trade on dated engines with bad security and slow customer support systems, the users of those exchanges have come to recognize a want for improvement. We are prepared to provide the solution. Everything from our engine to our interface will set new standards in what is already an out-of-contact market. 

We may be establishing with over 40 cryptocurrency pairs to alternate on our platform, with margin trading to be had on day one. Our network and servers could be scalable and will have a couple of failover engines inside the event of an DDoS attack. Our vote casting machine will guarantee that each consumer has a say in choices we make as a enterprise.

Our Goals:

  • Revolutionize the cryptocurrency trade rate device. Establish a vote casting system that places the future of cryptocurrency within the hands of users and bitcoin activists.
  •  Launch the cryptocurrency international’s quality iOS and Android app along an internet interface in an effort to house both our buying and selling platform and voting system. 

Our Timeline: 
  • Launch beta by way of early Q1, 2018 
  • Full release by using overdue Q1, 2018 


 Bitmora was founded in May of 2017 through Colton Brister, Elias Mansour, and Joseph Dagostino. We are a longtime C-Corporation business based in Delaware. We are constructing a service with a purpose to permit customers to globally exchange cryptocurrency and vote on the framework upon which cryptocurrency exchanges are built.

Fee System 

Fees on current exchanges are unacceptable. Bitmora acknowledges the want to exchange this. Our fee machine will allow the user to choose the price they want, our first step to setting manage back into our person’s palms.
Upon registration, users could be offered with two options: fixed prices or simple chances. Users will be able to change this at any time by using contacting our support team by means of ticket or smartphone. However, a seven day “quiet down” could be utilized to save you price abuse.   

Our fees:

  •  Fixed Price - $7 + zero.03% Takers / 0.01% Makers
  •  Percentage Based - zero.24% Takers / 0.14% Makers

Voting System
In Bitmora’s opinion, modern cryptocurrency executives run their exchanges and not using a actual regard for his or her customers’ opinions. We need to show this system on its head. Our vote casting gadget will ensure that changes customers think excellent for the destiny of cryptocurrency are passed via a rigorous litmus test in which popular opinion is weighed towards the opinions of the bitcoin activists that function each Advising Board Members and Influencers to Bitmora. The machine will paintings as follows:

  1. A person posts an offer to one among our idea boards. 
  2. The top twenty recommendations to acquire the appropriate range of up-votes by way of our bi-weekly deadline can be passed to our non-public voting group. 
  3. Should the inspiration(s) acquire a 50% approval score from the private voting institution, the notion might be handed to our Influencer Group. In the case of a no-    vote, the decision may be passed to our Influencer Group regardless. 
  4. Our Influencer Group will pick what they deem to be the five maximum pressing/critical guidelines for evaluate with the aid of our Advising Board. In the case of a no-vote by our     Influencers, the five tips with the highest quantity of votes from our private vote casting group can be passed to our Advising Board. In the case of a no-vote by way of      our personal voting group, the 5 pointers with the maximum up-votes at the original thought board post can be surpassed on to our Advising Board. 
  5. Our Advising Board will keep votes on each of the 5 hints, ought to a suggestion acquire a majority passing vote, the inspiration may be handed on to our     Executive Team for final approval. 
  6. The Executive group will both: Pass the suggestion(s) and put the exchange(s) into effect as soon as feasibly viable. Decline the suggestion(s), and release a announcement explaining their reasoning to their users, and open a aspect panel with their Influencers and Advising Board to  speak the proper manner to continue.

All tips will be cleared each other Friday. Users may additionally post a couple of tips, but could be confronted with a 24-Hour cooling period. Suggestions may be published more than one instances, no matter the consequences in their previous posting. As of the date of writing, the “suitable range of up-votes” is taken into consideration to be five% of our total range of users, this technique is situation to alternate.

Customer Relations

Bitmora is of the belief that there's no excuse for no longer having an around the clock, devoted customer service team. We could be supplying global class customer service  to clients round the world and will provide multiple methods for achieving out.  

  • The Ticket System – We assure a twelve hour or less ticket response time to all clients, regardless of your tier. Our price ticket assist will be open 24/7 and might be     reachable at once thru our internet site and could constantly be hosted via us, not any 0.33 party. 
  • The Phone System – Our cellphone support traces will open upon beta. Lines may be directed to our company call menu wherein you'll be in a position to hook up with the   appropriate agent. All our guide dealers may be hired and skilled through us, by no means outsourced to different corporations. Phone lines might be open throughout US business hours,   with plans to provide 24/7 cellphone guide in Q2 of 2018.  
  • Our Webpage – We will provide a separate touch form or media inquiries and preferred, non- guide/technical questions about our website.

Matching Engine

Bitmora will utilize corporation-performance order matching. With extremely-lean structure, we can be capable of execute 1 million transactions in line with 2d with more than one  failover secure guards in location. 

From startup to Q2 of 2018 we can be taking benefit of the pass-alternate order ebook system, permitting us to take quantity from different exchanges if we are not able to fill it on ours. This might be an automatic technique on the way to maintain our trade liquid in movement.


 Bitmora will operate on:
  • Browsers (IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera) 
  •  iOS • Android  

Our beta, set to launch in Q4 of 2017, will exhibit our internet version of the change. This could be first-class optimized for Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, and Opera browsers, and could include cellular website support.  

Full launch will feature an app for each iOS and Android telephones along side help for pills. The app will comprise the equal functions because the internet site.   

The feature list of the mobile app will support:

  •   Place Buy/Sell Orders
  •  Control Margin Orders
  •  Charting 
  •  View account balances / View positions 
  •  Open, Canceled, and Executed orders – Able to sort by way of date/time-frame 
  •  Add/Remove Alerts + Push Notifications 
  •  Deposit/Withdrawal options (with QR code) 
  •  Recent News 
  •  Manage assist tickets/one-contact to name purchaser care 
  •  Voting machine get right of entry to  

A desktop version is in the early planning levels; however, no respectable launch date is about at this second.  

Trading API

We will assist API connections to allow developers to build apps which can hookup and circulation/ship data from our alternate.

Order Types 

To deliver the best feasible revel in to our users we can offer the subsequent order kinds:
  •  Market 
  •  Limit
  •  Stop Market
  •  Stop Limit 
  •  Hidden 
  •  Reserve (Iceberg) 
  •  Trailing Stop 
  •  Trailing Limit
  •  Margin Trading  

Engine Architecture

Our change platform might be constructed on custom-embedded StreamDB database related to a disbursed ledger platform. It will be built from the floor as much as allow error-checking and to target more than one volumes for redundancy. With our matching engines design, we are able to be capable of deal with over 1 million orders in line with 2d, making it one of the quickest in the marketplace these days. We will use high overall performance Order Management Systems (OMS) to address all orders, so we will effortlessly scale them to the appropriate size. Our load balancers will manage the flow of access to our gateway which handles the entirety from user interface and APIs to different user associated hobby. Order executions, stops-limits, and management will be run via our sturdy danger management gadget and will put in force a wide range of limits and controls for orders.  

High-Volume Capacity

 With exchange volume attaining all-time highs, we understand the want for our engine for you to cope with quantity of any size at the side of all patron requests. By setting apart quantity flippantly into OMSs we can be capable of keep constant execution instances even at height quantity factors. For instance, if we have a hundred,000 clients we are able to make use of 10 OMSs, with every OMS website hosting 10,000 customers.


Unlike brokers, cryptocurrency exchanges haven't any legal guidelines requiring them to release monetary statements to the general public. We at Bitmora assume transparency is vital for any money provider commercial enterprise. Starting on our authentic launch, we can be releasing monthly financial statements to be able to be without problems to be had on our website. This will include but isn't limited to; the profits statement, stability sheet, announcement of cash flows, and other greater precise records portions which includes coin extent. 

Security and Compliance 

Security is of utmost significance. We can be tracking the whole thing from our servers to cold garage 24/7/365, even as utilizing recurring audits to make certain nothing is going missing. All cold storage may be stored in offsite, undisclosed locations with spherical the clock security. There may be no automation software program linking our bloodless wallets and warm wallets. We will make use of strict, labeled recommendations that the employer follows to withdraw the funds. 

All employees of Bitmora will undergo heritage checks and safety screenings. Anybody who has get right of entry to to transport price range from bills will go through a very high scrutiny protection take a look at. Your average customer support consultant will no longer have get entry to to transport or touch your finances, they will have most effective viewing privileges. All personnel will go through giant training to make sure they now not only recognize the Bitcoin and Blockchain networks, but additionally our protection techniques and systems.

All records may be encrypted, both in transit and at rest. We won’t take any possibilities in terms of user facts. We will utilize computerized structures that test for uncommon logins and withdrawal requests. Even inside the extremely unlikely case that a person gains get admission to to your account with out 2FA enabled, our computerized device will still be capable of halt withdrawal requests.
All exchange statistics could be sponsored up in actual time to save you any interruption at the same time as flowing through the network. Our systems will be setup to routinely guard towards Denial of Service (DoS) and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) assaults, the use of rate-restricting, concurrent connection limits, and energetic 

whitelist/blacklist control controls. 
Hardware can be stored in more than one Tier-3 datacenters around the arena with protection and biometrics access control. Databases and the exchange might be hosted on in-house hardware.  

Compliance below US law is vital to us to staying an current organization. We will be in complete compliance underneath FinCEN and their KYC/AML laws. For simple verification, we will use an automated process that may supply effects within the matter of minutes. Under US COPPA ordinance, the minimal age is 13 years antique to share statistics online.


Bitmora will live in full compliance with FinCEC AML (Anti-Money Laundering)/KYC (Know Your Customer) rules. By law we will be required to report any suspicious interest and gather positive customer facts depending on account quantity. While Bitmora completely knows the reason in the back of a Blockchain and anonymous community, we still need to comply with the laws of nations we service to. We will now not ask greater than required by way of regulation, and your information will not be shared with the public in any shape by any means.   

2FA –   Bitmora will provide multiple sorts of 2FA listed under:

  •  Google Authenticator 
  •  Authy 
  •  SMS 
  •  Email


Key blessings of Bitmora

Your Voice Matters

Our team works day by day to reach out to the network to see what capabilities you suspect belong on an exchange, and we're listening with open minds.

Security Driven

Security on our change is of utmost significance to us. We are dedicated to providing the nice security we can to ensure no funds ever pass lacking.

Enterprise Network

The days of seeing a loading display screen while you click on “Sell” are over. Our structures paintings at lightning speedy speeds to make sure you get the price you want.

  • Innovative Fees. We’re all tired of paying ridiculous fees. That’s why we are introducing a modern fee machine that no cryptocurrency change has ever used earlier than. You get to choose among  structures, and depending on your buying and selling kind and extent, one machine can be greater less expensive than the other.

  • Built By You. Bitmora is the primary ever alternate to permit the network to vote on consumer guidelines for brand spanking new capabilities. Vote on a ballot  and take pride when you see it stay knowing you helped get it passed!

  • Completely Legal. Bitmora Inc. Is a completely registered C-Corp inside the USA, MSB compliant with FinCEN, and is backed with the aid of robust bank agreements.

  • Modern Interface. Whether you’re on your computer device or mobile cellphone, you'll be capable of change, examine, and control your investments. We make it smooth for novices, but also powerful for knowledgeable customers.

  • Dedicated Support. Our support group is dedicated and scalable. We guarantee quick ticket response times and provide stay phone aid the day we open.

  • Secure. Our cold garage funds will be allotted international in multiple, undisclosed places. We offer habitual audits, enterprise DDoS safety, and make sure price range are securely blanketed by means of severa access control systems and software program.

  • Financial Transparency. Download our monthly financial records and view all prices we obtain together with month-to-month quantity exchanged on all pairs. Your accept as true with is of extreme importance to us.




Directly name a help agent at Bitmora offices with a click of a button.


Never leave out a fee once more, our realtime price signals may be customized each in the app and on our web platform.


We agree with in letting you choose among a simplistic and advanced version of your consumer interface.


With a simple QR code you could quickly deposit or withdraw cash from your trading account, no matter wherein you're.




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