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B2X - Bitcoin 2x

Bitcoin is the great cryptocurrency right now in the world but it's miles struggling critical trouble as a currency, the transaction speed is ridiculous gradual and transaction price is scarily highly-priced ! It no longer serve the purpose of being a forex and that is going to hang-out it's fee in long time, Segwit2x was at first scheduled , but canceled due to Bitcoin Core Dev selfishness ! We are a set of lovers hoping to clear up bitcoin's problem with the aid of forking it ourself at block 505,000. This ERC20 token is created to sell community focus, acquire extra supporters for the undertaking.


Bitcoin’s mempool is full of unconfirmed transactions. By web hosting on ethereum blockchain, B2X manipulate to have a faster transaction pace than Bitcoin through increasing the block length to 2 MB and implementation of segwit.


The implementation of segwit 2x is sort of equipped and it's open supply , you can take a look at it at this github web page: https://github.Com/btc1/bitcoin/tree/segwit2x.


We clear up bitcoin middle problems


Most of the experts agree that Segwit2X makes bitcoin better. SegWit isn't always only a block scaling answer. The most important restore is transaction malleability, which could permit Lightning Networks to be constructed on pinnacle of Bitcoin.

Stay connected with us. Always follow our public channel for information and information updates. We are always glad to help you in our chatgroup.

Telegram press this hyperlink https://t.Me/btcsegwit2x
twitter press this hyperlink https://twitter.Com/Btcsegwit2x
legit website press this link http://b2x.Technology

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BCT username : Dervish doff
url                     :;u=1045561

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