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ALGORY - We are buyers descended from the two biggest stock exchanges inside the world: The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and the National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation (NASDAQ). No new capital market has caused so much commotion in latest years as cryptocurrencies. We had been gift on this market when you consider that 2013, each as CryptoMiners in addition to CryptoTraders, creating wealth on growing and falling expenses of the respective cryptocurrencies. 

Bearing in thoughts the time we've got committed to locating the first-class funding and buying and selling possibilities at the cryptocurrency exchanges, we decided to area a product on the market in order to streamline the entire technique of making investment selections and moreover, will make you a extra efficient and extra worthwhile dealer.

Founded by means of buyers for investors

We aren't going to describe some other innovative exchange so one can make certain you more anonymity. Neither will we describe a device to be able to sooner or later not be used, because You will clearly be targeted on contributing to a a success preliminary coin presenting.

We will present a product which You will use on the cryptocurrency market as an investor each day. Thus, concluded and opened transactions may be extra powerful and the profits generated will considerably increase, You will ascend to a extensively better degree. Algory is a pioneer project supporting the belief of transactions, processing a big amount of facts with a purpose to transmit them to the user in a condensed shape. We provide tools which enhance and filter all statistics and information having an impact on cryptocurrency price fluctuations. And that is just the end of the iceberg. So far, there was no such product that could compete with the Algory Project. And we say this with expertise of the records, not wasted words.

Let’s be honest, every of us invests inside the cryptocurrency market to earn money. So, we are able to help you to significantly boom your income and make certain that You don’t lose time trying to find capacity inputs, reviewing facts from the market, browsing records assets. You will locate everything in a single area after logging into Algory.

The aim we want to obtain

Algory will revolutionize buying and selling inside the cryptocurrency market and become an integral part of buying and selling for buyers everywhere in the global. Special algorithms, organized in a way permitting every user to independently adapt them to his/her necessities with none programming abilities, will let you instantly searching for buying and selling opportunities and robotically open positions if You satisfy the standards which You formerly set. Each of the 13 levels which make up our final product gives the user with unique and completely impartial features.

In this dynamically converting marketplace, you could have taken a glimpse at cryptocurrencies which have generated a 50%, a hundred% or 500% boom, pondering over the truth “why did I no longer participate in this”. Everything will change thanks to Algory. Give Yourself a real hazard to obtain above-common earnings generated from cryptocurrency trading.

Four. Based on enjoy

The founders of Algory are expert and experienced buyers who descend from the largest stock exchanges within the world from the American NYSE and NASDAQ, who began trading cryptocurrencies in 2014 on devoted exchanges. Drawing on 25 years of experience associated with lively trading and investments, we prepared a tool which, in an inconceivable way, will alternate Your modern method to cryptocurrency trading. We have moved from the stock marketplace to the cryptocurrency marketplace. Over the years, we've accelerated toward growing algorithms facilitating buying and selling, thanks to which we recognize both the wishes of the buyers and the problems linked with programming ok gear for trading.

We are aware of the desires of the investors and buyers within the marketplace. We are each of those
ourselves. Our programmers layout gear which assist traders and traders maximize their earnings while automating their strategies.

Five. Problems which we resolve

When introducing new investors from stock markets to the cryptocurrency market, we receive a
lot of inquiries just like the ones under:

  • How did You discover such ideal opportunities to open the positions so quick?
  • How did You interpret statistics flowing from the owners of respective cryptocurrencies magazines with a purpose to open good positions in this sort of brief time?
  • How do You choose funding possibilities and know in which more buyers inquisitive about agiven asset may appear?
  • How do You cope with analysis of so many fee adjustments in specific markets?
  • How do You manipulate to browse such a lot of currencies, stocks or economic gadgets on anongoing basis?

These are only a few of the questions. We became aware that, over the years, when extra numbers of cryptocurrencies are listed at the exchanges, we are able to no longer have the ability to analyze all of them any longer. We want a tool which will do it for us. Not only will it do it, however it will additionally carry out the execution of orders. The trouble that many humans face is the incompetent execution of correct thoughts when it comes to making the very last decision.

Currently, there is no cryptocurrency buying and selling tool to assist a wide range of buyers in this shape. Some of its features are to be had, however they're dispersed throughout many websites, programs or services. They do now not represent a single tool, but as a substitute an add-on which requires a whole lot of time to be nicely analyzed. They aren't facts aggregated in a single place, which in a easy and intuitive way can be reviewed. Moreover, there may be no internet site application which permits You to put together efficient filters, complicated and green indicators or mixture information from the whole marketplace and sooner or later combine it with automatic buying and selling.

 Algory Project will resolve Your hassle

We are truely excited to announce the emergence of the world’s first advanced utility supporting expert trading within the cryptocurrency market. This is a complex platform with a purpose to solve the majority of Your problems associated with the choice-making manner which have to take region in the route of investing in cryptocurrencies.

We will do our pleasant in order that You can join the organization of traders who earn money inside the market.

Traders who do not squander their time in useless analyses because they have a whole set of tools in one place. Trust us, be a part of our ICO crowdfunding and implement this new device in Your arsenal as quickly as viable. We want to attract Your attention to the feature homes of our tool:

  • Innovativeness – you will now not find a tool which generates such unique signals.
  • Credibility – The product is sponsored via committed buyers who switch verified equipment from different markets and a really perfect crew of programmers, managers, and experts inside their fields of knowledge.
  • Complexity – it's miles a multifunctional tool with bold capability which You can use in buying and selling. Take a take a look at the product stages to be able to apprehend at what ranges our tool may be used.
  • Simplicity and availability – forget about about the constraints of the use of slack, telegram gear or different messenger gear. You received’t want it; the internet software will offer get entry to to the tool from any area with an Internet connection everywhere in the international.

The marketplace has most effective now, through its increase, recognized the want to streamline the gear for traders who represent a larger and larger organization of contributors inside the “blockchain revolution”. With the increase of buying and selling, equipment originated at the inventory exchanges, the Forex market or futures markets and their aim was to exploit the market greater correctly in order that Your buying and selling might be more worthwhile. Due to the larger liquidity of cryptocurrency, this sort of tool must be installation. This is what we're doing through responding to market call for and the desires of the trader network.

Thanks to our platform You could be able to:

  • Prepare even the maximum elegant filters for scanning the conduct of expenses, volume, and masses of different conduct indicators of respective cryptocurrencies.
  • Scan cryptocurrencies in regards to technical analysis and fundamental evaluation on the premise of severa signs.
  • Open a position on which terms had been fulfilled at the incidence of a signal or use an set of rules in order to do it for You.
  • Limit the time required for technical analysis, the program will do maximum of the work.
  • Share your filters and indicators with different cryptocurrency gamers, thereby gaining additional income.
  • Use the filters of different buyers who percentage them and together upgrade them.
  • Use algorithms in order to examine the behavior on social channels, statistics offerings, blogs, and dialogue organizations informing approximately the winning marketplace sentiment.
  • Use the autotrading characteristic to open a role based on analysis of information charts, tweets, and different sources regarding respective cryptocurrencies.
  • Use backtests for ancient events and alerts for you to investigate the capacity effectiveness of Your indicators.
  • Implement automated techniques.
  • Buy or promote cryptocurrency on the most favorable fee, carrying out a flexible evaluation of facts from the cryptocurrency change in phrases of transaction costs, turnover, liquidity, spreads among the bid and ask charge, marketplace depth or the estimated time of recording a given cryptocurrency at a particular change.
  •  Effectively perform profitable arbitrage.
  • Carry out flexible analyses of rising Initial Coin Offerings.
  • Follow the migration of finances from the maximum affluent wallets figuring out the possible rate behavior scenarios.

The listing of available options from Algory might be endured. The purpose of a lot of these options is to allow You to benefit a bonus on the exchanges way to the records received thru Algory and to convert it right into a worthwhile transaction.

How often have you wasted hours at the evaluation, evaluation, and look for indicators to open a position – best to be too past due or hesitate when it became time to pull the cause? Algory Project is a fixed of powerful and multifunctional equipment centered at the cryptocurrency marketplace and designed with trading performance in thoughts. If you alternate cryptocurrencies, you in reality need Algory. It is the most actionable and multifunctional device ever built for person crypto-traders everywhere in the global. Founded with the aid of traders for buyers, it offers you an first-rate side while buying and selling cryptocurrencies. Algory Project consists of 13 tools, some of which might be defined under.

Powerful Cryptoscanner

Never be overdue again, turn out to be a actual pro

Create absolutely automated and versatile filters and alerts that test the cryptocurrency markets in real-time. The scanner will radically trade the manner you seek and select cryptocurrencies for buying and selling! Learn in real-time which cryptocurrencies are hot by using more than a hundred one of a kind filters and signals. Analyze all the cryptocurrencies which are relevant to your buying and selling approach. Take benefit of autotrading based totally on filters and alerts too.


Profit with quicker news & research.

Are you uninterested in looking to glue together all the websites that you use... Just to discover the hottest news? Meet the fastest and maximum advanced News Streamer in the Cryptocurrency Industry. Created for investors who need to be fast. Now you've got were given it all in one vicinity: information offerings, blogs, tweets, Reddit, and much greater! A pretty intuitive workspace that you could browse via your very own assets and standards. Stay on top of every headline that matters on your portfolio. Timing the marketplace to perfection is hard. Stop looking ahead to headlines and get the present day news. Check the information, talked-approximately cryptocurrencies, and sentiment indicators so you will recognize about the capability effect of a tale.

Blockchain Analyzer

Wanna alternate like a “whale”

Monitoring bloodless and hot wallets so as to investigate the capability sales within the market on account of the transfers of huge volumes of cryptocurrencies between wallets and exchanges. Add the deal with of the wallet you're interested in and reply earlier than a massive participant wreaks havoc on the market. Be like a whale

Backtest your filters and indicators

Increase your profitability with a backtested method.

Strategy backtesting is an important device to look in case your strategy will paintings or no longer. Our backtester will use historic records to test how worthwhile your approach has been and could provide you with an insight into what it may seem like in destiny. You are able to check the backtested facts across unique period of time, so you constantly stay updated.
ICO analyzer

ICO analyzer

Analyze. Support. Profit

$2.35 billion gathered via ICO in twelve months! Impressive! This is an vast amount accomplishing the marketplace on an ongoing basis. Check out the venture earlier than you make a decision to support it. Use the ICO Analyzer to test all ICOs. Check ICO wallets or keep up with the statistics on transfers between the most important tasks in the world of ICOs.


Find it and Trade it

All the cryptocurrencies scores that you want, taken care of in any way you want. Need to check a selected crypto before pulling the cause? Here, you’ve were given it right in front of you. Choose your very own list of cryptocurrencies you're interested by scanning for information, movement, and more. Check all the statistics you can consider approximately any listed cryptocurrency. Get short get admission to to trending cryptocurrencies.

In addition, the platform will come up with the get right of entry to to severa different beneficial equipment, inclusive of Arbitrage Cryptocurrency Scanner, Autotrading, Social Learning, Chart alerts and analytics, Exchange comparisons. We are traders, we concentrate to what buyers have to say. We offer frequent software program updates that upload new features primarily based in your wishes.

Token Sale & ICO Structure

  • Name: Algory (ALG)
  • Type of token: ERC20 (based totally on the Ethereum network)
  • Number of issued tokens: 75 000 000 ALG
  • Hard cap: 60 000 ETH
  • Contribution shape: ETH most effective
  • Decimals: 18
  • Type: Utility token
  • Date of receiving of ALG tokens by using members: Immediately after sending ETH
  • Possibility of transferring ALG tokens: After final of public crowdsale

Algory ICO essential dates

Token crowdsale plan


Algory Project Roadmap is divided into 6 Milestones:



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