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ABELON 2017-  Noticed the beginning of a real explosion into the cryptocurrency marketplace. This allowed less costly cryptocurrencies to attract greater attention, and price range, from traders. Bitcoins proportion of the global marketplace capitalization went from around 80% to approximately 50%. A wonderful differentiation has step by step appeared in the marketplace.

As a end result of this differentiation, some of exchanges have end up increasingly more popular. This has made converting cryptocurrencies into euros, greenbacks, roubles, and different currencies smooth. A massive number of human beings have taken benefit of the distinction in fees, turning those exchanges into an powerful earnings-making device.

The Market Position of Cryptocurrency

The growing popularity of cryptocurrencies has had a power on the devoted exchanges; the wide variety of which, has and continues to show substantial growth. Statistics show that greater than 100 of the existing cryptocurrency exchanges manage an impressive turnover of coins – extra than $10 billion a day!

The listing of main exchanges by way of turnover is as follows:

Experts accept as true with that there are already extra than 400,000 expert and newbie traders in cryptocurrency markets. This number of participants maintains to grow at a splendid tempo.

The Disadvantages of Cryptocurrency Exchanges

The opposition that exists inside the marketplace and the capability to buy and promote a spread of virtual cash is a great aspect. Why? Because it protects the rights of any given person to make a desire. However, cryptocurrency exchanges to have their shortcomings.

Consider a number of the most good sized disadvantages:

Clunky interfaces In an attempt to differentiate themselves, current cryptocurrency exchanges try to give the user as many functional “levers” as possible with consumer-friendliness chucking up the sponge. These interfaces are frequently pretty tough to understand and can not be personalised to healthy person preference.

Limitations  In order to begin trading any pair of currencies, the user frequently has to spend time on an trade and pay a fee. This is because of a few of the opportunity cryptocurrencies only being capable of be bought with Bitcoin. If the preliminary deposit turned into made in any other forex, an initial trade is vital.

Differences in buying and selling pairs Many cryptocurrency pairs are available across all exchanges. However, the manner for trading them may additionally vary throughout the board. Also, there is usually a size able discrepancy inside the purchase-promote costs, which the distinction frequently being in extra of $one hundred or more. Because of this, customers create accounts throughout distinctive exchanges and cut up their funding between them. In the event of a a hit transaction, the incomes capacity isn't maximized because simplest a partial sum was exchanged or a part of the transaction led to a decrease yield.

Unwarranted Commissions Cryptocurrency exchanges take benefit of high call for to charge big commissions for topping up accounts, alternate transactions, and so on. Some tasks provide reduced fee percentages to attract massive buyers, however those are people making an investment $20 million or greater a month.
The above boundaries may be eliminated if users had been able to alternate on several exchanges simultaneously the use of most effective one account, paying affordable ranges of fee and the usage of various devices to finish transactions conveniently.


Abelon is a general platform which makes trading on numerous exchanges with one account a sensible opportunity. Transactions may be made from any Android of iOS tool in addition to computer systems and laptops. This specific mission lets in customers to maximise income by way of commencing a deal on ‘Exchange A’ and final on ‘Exchange B’.

Abelon unites the first-rate capabilities of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges whilst helping customers avoid their hazards.

The platform is appropriate for each professional and beginner buyers.

Its fundamental advantages encompass:

  • A user-friendly interface designed to provide the most beneficial balance among simplicity and capability
  • Support for both desktop and mobile gadgets
  • One of the lowest commission charges on the market (because of huge turnover)
  • A gadget for inter-exchange arbitration 

Interest inside the cryptocurrency industry is growing. The wide variety of purchase and sell transactions is developing at a top notch fee, which assures us of the high interest in Abelon from each cryptocurrency exchanges and traders.

Advantages of the Abelon Platform

A Low Commission Fee:

Reduced commission expenses are distinctly appealing to traders. The ability to conduct transactions with a minimum commission fee is facilitated by means of a excessive turnover as the volume of trade of all customers passes thru one account for every stock change. The following graph suggests how commissions are reduced for buyers the use of Abelon over the route of a month.

In order to achieve turnover of $a hundred and fifty million in keeping with month, a customer base of one hundred investors, each buying and selling $5,000 (about 1 Bitcoin) in step with day, is wanted. A 3-month campaign of lively advertising and marketing might be had to attract this volume of traders.

Arbitration Between Exchanges:

The alternate fee of diverse cryptocurrencies is at risk of big fluctuations in both instructions inside a short period of time. Abelon customers have simultaneous, limitless access to fees from diverse trading systems and can select the most favorable alternative carrying out transactions via arbitrage. This is the fastest manner of earning profits from differing alternate charges.

A User-Friendly Interface & Multi-Platform Support

Traders can entire transactions whenever, anywhere due to having full get right of entry to to their portfolio at the most famous systems – Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android and Windows Phone. The simplicity and thoughtfulness of the interface allows for instantaneous transactions of any complexity or definitely access to applicable buying and selling facts.

Trust Management:

Trust management is a further, but extremely essential feature of the project. Traders can percentage their own achievements, showing the records and percentage of profits received of their private portfolio. This is a super dealer’s portfolio which may be used to encourage consider in capacity buyers.

Other users can switch control in their own capital to selected investors. These could be not able to withdraw budget entrusted to them, lowering the danger of fraudulent activity by using 100%. Terms among dealer and investor may be negotiated on an man or woman stage, which the service ensures full compliance with some of these situations.

Monetizing the Project

Abelon may be monetized in various ways:

1. Its Own Commission.

This could be minimal at only 0.02%. A sluggish boom within the extent of exchange within the project will bring about decreased commissions to the exchanges used, thereby lowering expenses for the end person.

2. Monthly Fees.

Abelon might be available on each a loose and a paid foundation. In the unfastened model, get entry to to the service may be restricted to the net version. The month-to-month version will permit access to the platform from any tool, inclusive of cellular telephones and drugs. The fee of subscription may be constant and zero.Half BTC in line with month..

3. Connecting Additional Exchanges to the Account.

After registration, a dealer can select one exchange for buying and selling. In order to more successfully capitalize on unique fees, there is a paid feature of adding further exchanges underneath one account. The price of connecting one extra exchange could be 0.001 BTC.

Financial Plan

Investment Requirements:

To date, the challenge has been produced only in prototype shape, with $300,000 being required for full of entirety. The price range could be spread across four number one areas:

  • Server
  • Security Team
  • Mobile Applications for iOS and Android
  • Desktop Applications for Mac OS and Windows

The challenge might be purposeful most effective when an initial amount of cryptocurrency has been bought, allowing buyers to behavior transactions with out limit. Bitcoin and Ethereum are currently the most traded cryptocurrencies. According to facts, they account for extra than 50% of the overall extent of exchange turn over.

Our distinctive analysis of cryptocurrency transactions on exchanges revealed that the common transaction values are 0.8 BTC and 4.5 ETH. An energetic trader operating at a terrific stage has a mean month-to-month turnover of 25 BTC and forty five ETH.

Our funding in every of the exchanges must therefore be 100 BTC and 500 ETH. The plan is for collaboration with 5 of the most reliable exchanges inside the platform’s preliminary degree, which means a complete investment sum of 500 BTC and 2500 ETH.

These sums will allow 500 skilled traders to actively use the service without experiencing any boundaries. Abelon management has planned an ICO to help enhance $6 million. These funds will also be spent at some stage in the undertaking release.

The complete costing structure is as follows:

  • Development of the platform - $300,000.
  • Preparations for the ICO - $two hundred,000.
  • Marketing - $500,000.
  • Replenishing balances on Cryptocurrency Exchanges Used - $five million.
  • Tokenomics

Abelon plans to release 7,960,000 ABD tokens. The proportion of tokens might be dispensed for the duration of the ICO. 333 ABD tokens might be supplied for 1 ETH. More tokens can be used to pay for partner services, advisors, and the operation of a huge bonus application.

  • 1,000,000 PRE ICO;
  • five,000,000 ICO;
  • 240,000 Bounty Program;
  • three hundred,000 for Advisors;
  • 1 000,000 Reserve.
  • Funds received from the token sale can be used completely inside the development of the assignment. Unsold tokens may be permanently eliminated from the markets.

Arguments for the Purchase of Tokens.

  • Tokens purchased by means of investors can be used to pay for offerings within the future
  • The value of connecting an additional trade may be 1 token in keeping with month
  • The monthly carrier subscription fee could be 5 tokens
  • It’s a ways more worthwhile than fee using cryptocurrency
  • High demand for inner tokens will create a shortage, growing their actual cost
  • The price of the tokens is tied to the fee of the cryptocurrency. This manner that initial buyers may be assured to earn on the differing trade rates



Out group will keep two rounds of investment fundraising. The plan is to promote 500,000 tokens at the first degree. The budget acquired can be used to expand the web platform and cell programs. Any contributors within the Pre-ICO will get hold of a one hundred% bonus  this is, all bought tokens will be doubled. A million tokens will consequently be launched at the Pre ICO level.

We recollect the investors concerned in financing the venture in its formative degree as our pals. For our pals, we will have some other great bonus in keep: Lifelong loose access to all capabilities of the Abelon platform.

PRE ICO will start in December 2017.


During the second one degree of funding fundraising we plan to launch five,000,000 tokens. 333 tokens may be available for 1 ETH. All funds acquired in the course of the ICO might be used to funding within the balances of the cryptocurrency exchanges used to trading.

ICO will start in March 2018.

A similarly a million project tokens will initially be reserved with the intention to offset possible fluctuations within the Bitcoin to Ethereum exchange charge. The reserve can be withdrawn once the ICO is complete.

240,000 tokens could be allocated to the Bounty Program and three hundred,000 to challenge advisors.



On the Abelon base, an open supply challenge could be created. This goes to unite the builders across the improvement of a unified platform for a inventory trade trade. A robust network will make it feasible to get a number crucial benefits correspondence to all the users’ desires, excessive improvement speed, independence and steady improvement.

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