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CLOUT Crypto’s

Welcome to CLOUT Crypto’s

CLOUT is a blockchain based platform that promotes the cryptocurrency communities growth and is committed to providing users with quality information in this massively growing space.

The platform combines a social media interface utilizing user generated content, with the additional functionality of monetized rewards for community interaction.

What is CLOUT

The CLOUT network hosts a variety of news and articles about the blockchain in addition to articles covering crypto investments, as well as a detailed & current analysis of all upcoming ICOs. For the first time, influential members of the community will be acknowledged in CLOUTs section on the Who's Whoof crypto.

How does CLOUT work

Clout network is built with two native tokens, the CLOUT token (ERC223) and it's daughter token CLC. Furthermore, members will be subsequently rewarded with CLC for their interactions with the CLOUT Network proportional to the type of interaction.

Users can earn their CLC by creating content themselves, or sharing a quality post created by any other member. CLC is also earned by upvotingquality posts as well as by leaving quality comments on existing posts.

CLC is what differentiates CLOUT from other platforms. It is only at CLOUT where both the content creator and the content sharer are rewarded for their positive contributions. Each & every member of the CLOUT is incentivized to monitor the space for quality.

CLOUT Tokens

There are a total of 100 Million CLOUT tokens, which have already been generated. 1/10th of the total CLOUT tokens will be sold during the ICO. CLOUT plans for longevity by scheduling the periodic release of CLOUT tokens over time. 1 Million CLOUT tokens will be released every year for the next 5 years following the ICO.


CLC is generated by holding CLOUT tokens in your wallet. All CLOUT tokens purchased during the ICO will receive FREE accompanying CLC on a 1:1 ratio. Following the initial disbursement to ICO participants, CLC generation rate will decrease on a staggered schedule. For the first year following the ICO, 1 CLOUT token will generate 1 CLC per year. The following year, 1 CLOUT token will generate 1 CLC every 2 years. This process will systematically continue until 1 billion total CLC have been generated. In this way, CLC grows in scarcity and value with each following year, rewarding early participants. In addition to this, users receive CLC when you refer a new user to the CLOUT network through our referral program.

Your Security is our Top Priority

CLOUT tokens & CLCs are based on the latest developments in cryptographic technology, and utilize the latest improvements in token protocols in the Ethereum network. Strict adherence to the more robust and secure ERC223 standard - an improvement on the standard ERC20 protocol - makes CLOUT & CLC early adopters of the forthcoming industry standard, as well as two of the safest & feature rich tokens on the market.

ERC2233 tokens are backwards compatible with all ERC20 functions and contracts, but have added functionality, such as the ability to more efficiently handle token transfers, handle more forms of incoming contracts, and innate protection against sending tokens to an incorrect or inappropriate address. ERC223s tokens are also able to resist quantum attacks, unlike their ERC20 predecessors. As cryptocurrency and blockchain technology evolve into a more developed and widely adopted space, the ERC223 token standard will become the new norm for Ethereum network tokens.

How to Participate in CLOUT ICO

CLOUT is having it's Token Sale soon. The first phase open to the public beings on the 17th of November, 2017. A Pre-ICO is available for the early birds and accredited participants. After the ICO, CLOUT tokens will be listed for sale on various exchanges.

CLOUT will become the standard in quality for everything crypto: Users, Media, News, Social, ICOs, Investments, & Ratings.


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