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An easy way to create a Blog in order to appear more Fresh, following These 6 Tips that we should do

Live the blogging activities are indeed often makes us love to serve and implement some of the display and on the blog. But did you know that too much showing multiple items on a blog make the blog will be slow and have a heavy burden. Well when the blog became heavy and slow of course will be a disadvantage for you.

So what if this kind of thing has already happened ? Don't worry, you have a way to be able to make the blog back into a fresh back in for performance and load become lighter. Here are a few tips to make know how blogs become more fresh.

1. Remove Plugins that are not required

The first tip to make blog become more fresh is to remove plugins that are not required. The plugin does have a pretty serious effect for the performance of the blog. Although he could make the blog appear attractive however if the use of the plugin is too much then this will cause a blog to be slow.

Well if you are already applying some of the plugin then you should start doing reviews and check if anyplugins that you apply is really useful for your blog.If there was a plugin that was not too helpful so it's good to be removed anyway.

By deleting the plugin doesn't rewarding last then your blog will be more fresh and become lighter. Delete not useful plugin that will also help to add space hosting your blog.

2. Elimination of the Widget in the Sidebar

Implement a widget would indeed be very to make a blog look beautiful. But when you apply too manywidgets and overload then this will affect the performance of the blog. Too many blogs that typically have a widget will create the performance becomes slow and heavy. If this happens then overwrite your blog, then inevitably you must do for fun.

Here's how you should do the elimination (removal)of widgets that are not too influential as the widget,the widget animation and trinkets widgets other embellishments. When you've done the Elimination onwidgets that are not useful then your blog will come back refreshed and be fast.

3. Update Page About Me

Make some updates will also make the blog will appear more fresh. You can make this by doing an update first on the page about me. A blogger will certainly continue to tread the life level in his life.

Now when they had passed some time and experience from his life so content about me on his blog already appropriately for updated or renewed. By updating the page about me on his blog then display the blog remote will be more fresh.

4. make the latest photos

Physical conditions including the face each year will experience changes in every human being. Well if you took too long to install old photos on the blog, then in order to make the blog more fresh then you need to update your latest photo. Try to make the best and professional photos for display on your blog.

Show part of your face that is upbeat, cheerful facebecause then you will be more effective professionals. To continue to keep the blog still fresh then you have to make changes to this photo on a regular basis at least once a year.

5. replace the Header or use the new Font Style

Next, tips to make your blog more fresh is by changing the header and the new font style. Header font and style it-that's it annually does bored. Well if youwant to make your blog come back fresh and not boring you can change the header and the new font.Create and select the header font and style that is also nice and interesting which is not inferior to the header and the font style before.

6. Revision of the old Postings

Lastly, tips to make your blog more fresh is to do arevision of the old postings. Old post indeed you need to check and revised when there is a shortage.With this then visitors who come and read your oldposts will become more enthusiastic and will be eager to read Your postings. In addition to visitors who become enthusiastic, you will also make your blog the more fresh.

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