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how to write content for a blog
how to write content for a blog
Postings (writing) is one of the important factors of success of a blog. Postings are easy to read will help visitors understand what was in the paper.

No matter how good your writing, if not made in good structure, it will be hard to read visitors.

How to make the structure easier to read postings visitors.

1. Disclose Sources Post.

Are these postings from your personal experience, your online search results, posting a translation of the English language, excerpts from the writings of others, and so forth. To disclose it, visitors to your blog will feel respect for you.

2. Create a short paragraph.

Generally consisted of 3-5 sentences. If you make long paragraphs, visitors will quickly get bored and tired.

3. Create a sub-title of the post.

Generally it is the important points you want to describe.

4. Use numbers or bullet points.

5. Create a table.

make a list of more than 5 pieces. For example you can see in my post on Blogger face off first.

6. Insert an image suitable or attractive.

Avoid excessive use of images (usually no more than 3 pieces). It could be a photo of your shots, images from the internet, cartoon, or animation.

7. Use a popular grammar.

Avoid using words that are not understood by the public, such as local language, slang, and foreign languages ​​other than English.

8. Strive post not too long.

This is usually not more than 1000 words. If you use WordPress, you can check in wourd count under the body of the posting.

9. Bold, tilt, or give an appropriate color for a few words that you consider important. This will allow the reader to identify the words.

10. Create a link to a related post.

Related article can to writing that you own or other people's writing. This will help the reader to learn more about the topic you are reviewing.

11. Re-read your posts before publishing.

This is to identify typos or writing flow that does not connect between paragraphs. I recommend you to read the two or three times. use a typeface that is friendly and pleasing to the eye, such as Verdana and arial.Warna blog posts and background should be matching.
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