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how to write articles or tips for beginners Learning Blogger
how to write articles or tips for beginners Learning Blogger

Being a blogger is very difficult, sometimes even to start any we experienced a lot of confusion where to start. Especially for people who really do not understand at all the blogging world, this would certainly be very difficult. In addition, for those new in the world of blogging, usually a little difficult to build an intense communication with other bloggers who are already experienced. usually for a new blogger there is little kesungkanan, or fear of disturbing their blogging activities.

Whereas, in the review of the bloggers who have experienced that we can gain a lot of knowledge about blogging useful. Well, for those who are starting to learn blogging, one way you can do to start is by becoming an article writer. Why should be the author of the article, does not necessarily have the truth, but still good to add a lot of knowledge. Listed below are some good reasons start blogging from being an author of the article.

1. Can Following Developments Information About Blogging

By becoming an author of the article, you would be able to easily keep abreast of news about blogging. Especially you can get a wide range of themes is about blogging and of course also a keyword targeted by ordering articles. From here you will get a lot of material so that when you are developing your own blog can apply.

Surely there will be many types of themes articles ordered from your client, and it was very nice to expand the selection of the theme of your blog. So, to be the author of the article there will be a lot of ideas get in on you and then the next time you can develop yourself when building a blog.

2. Relation With Other Bloggers

It is very important to the blogger beginners, even not only for beginner bloggers, for a senior was to establish communication with other Bloggers are very important. To begin to open up communication on the Bloggers may also not an easy matter, but if you have the services of an article writer or a writer article then certainly less will open up your communication space with Blogger.

At least the blogger who ordered the article on your course you know him, and this is where the communication fabric will be formed. You should be able to take advantage of this situation, build good communication and really intense. Approach is more personal, not only as a client, but made them as friends who someday be sharing about.

3. Exercise is Good For Your consistency

Being a blogger requires stamina and high consistency, if you do not have it, it will be difficult for you to achieve success in blogging. Well, being an author of the article is excellent exercise to maintain your consistency, especially in matters of content.

By serving some bloggers, of course you should be required to maintain consistency to make articles on them. If the point you can not maintain consistency when it became an author of the article, then the client will leave you. Same with the blogs that you manage, if you are not diligent in sharing content, of course, your blog visitors will leave you slowly.

4. Various Niche Blog Studying various

Another advantage that you can get from the author of the article is, you will have the opportunity and the time to learn a variety of niche blogs. Having the opportunity to learn, get paid again, is not it very profitable. Thus, when one day you want to develop a blog with a particular niche, then you already have the knowledge capital of many niche ones you've already done from being the author of the article. Because each niche certainly has its own difficulties to put it in the form of a quality article.

5. Improve the Quality of Writing Articles

It is also very important, to become an author of the article, of course, will affect the quality of your writing. The clients certainly do not want to accept the article so long, let alone articles Copas. By becoming gradually article writing skills you will surely increase. While building a blog definitely need quality content, so the ability to become a great article writer will itself could help to improve also the quality of the blogs you wake up.

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