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How to Make a Blog Interesting & Tasty Reads
How to Make a Blog Interesting & Tasty Reads

There are many who feel nervous about writing content or articles blog. Many also later find writing articles is hard work that is exhausting, even readers finally come to feel the weight also when I have read articles that were made in this way, because the articles appear flat and dull. Yesterday there bloggers who inquired via email about the technical or format blog article that looks interesting and comfortable to read. Well, I think the key is simple, use the motivation that "the article was made to read," and not just increase the number of posts. In this article I am going to pass on some tips related to the blog article writing format, if it was my friend has not read about the non-technical factors in writing the article, please consider first Article Writing Tips Blog Fully Qualified and ideas.

Back to the topic. Articles are made to be read. And a good article does not mean that heavy articles tablets. It could be talking about the "fruit of whatever is in my garden" is much more interesting than the "great tips to get a mate in one day". Where lies the difference that could make the first theme more attractive? At the presentation format content. And minor format differences alone can make the second theme dilibas exhausted by the first theme.

Of course, the basic assumption of writing the article is about what is known. Iitulah reasons why someone has a blog or website: to pour what he knew, learn, grow, or may even be made. Buddy must know, learn and master something. Depart from it. When my friend wrote it, there will be no difficulty and it would be very nice.

Okay, go back to the article format. It's just a matter of getting used and given the format or the form of articles that are user friendly. Instantly already familiar, would be fun, and moreover will produce something beneficial, monetization. To make sure the article my friend read and easy to read, here are some tips on presentation format blog articles:

1. Use paragraphs

Paragraphs are very important to divide the subject matter, so that the content of each subject matter can be poured with clear boundaries. The reader can easily follow every thought that because there is no separation. One paragraph should not be too long, for example up to more than half a page, because this can lower mood reader. Reading seems to be a heavy and unpleasant work. Remember, paragraphs should not be a set of sentences in large numbers, sometimes just one sentence, even just one word! Do not forget to put distance between paragraphs / give empty space, so the paragraphs does not seem crowded.

2. Use the format justify

This format tends to make the article without neatly on each side, so that reading it was tasty. Use text align justify this in writing to the pure article. Obviously, if there is an inscription that contains other forms such as code / script, you do not apply right left flat on the section.

3. Use the list, either numbers or other forms.

Using the list to emphasize certain points to make the reader easy to remember and take the essence. If no additional explanation, then added in a few sentences or a paragraph. When there is a list format, readers will know there is an emphasis point and there is evidence that in the list presented here all the important points. This is very useful if my friend made articles that have the points emphasized, for example, tips, instructions, procedures, manuals, types, and others.

4. Use the heading or sub-heading

Using headings can provide an opportunity to split the posts in a particular sub-sub. This will allow readers to move from one point to another point. The format will be very beneficial to the article is very long and contains many subject in a subject. Heading or sub-heading in HTML format using a header tag from <h1> to <h6>. My suggestion is to use sub-headings below the article title. Buddy can easily reformat it using a text selection on a line of words to be used as a sub-heading, then look up a text editor, there is a dropdown menu with the main menu "Normal", click and select the format headings, sub-headings, or minor headings. In WordPress, the main menu is "Paragraph", change into Header1, Header2, header3 and so on.

5. Use creative and attractive article titles

The title of the article is like a crown. What is she putting out effect on how interesting article in it. Create a title creatively as possible. Do not just focus on the keyword, because it actually reduces the value of the article, but probably very good articles in it. For example, instead of using "8 Tips to Get Cars", try other variations. For example, "Get your match 8 Easy Ways With this!". Use also the formats more provocative, such as by using interrogative sentence. Often I find incoming tablets that use the keyword search phrase asked, for example, "Link building it what the heck?", "How do I blog a visit", and others. Really there tuh, ga lie. Maybe people already think Google that human beings can answer yes times.

6. Encourage interested readers from beginning to end

From the beginning of the paragraph, use real situations so that readers can relate it to himself. "Well, I really!", "Hmmm, this is what I need", "Oh, so yes, so how do I cope?", Etc., use descriptions and metaphors to deliver talking points, but not too excessive. If necessary, try to use pictures to describe a situation or example so that the reader can easily absorb it.

7. Use personal experiences as examples in the topic

Use your personal experience when encountering a problem and to solve it. This makes a high-value papers, because my friend does not just write down what is heard, or that have been written by someone else, but rather developed into what is vicariously and controlled well. Buddy is not going to just talk as a teacher while holding the outer published textbooks, but as a resource person who holds a personal record and convey what is experienced, researched, and find a way out.

Okay, hopefully to give you an idea for my friend to be more alert to the format of writing the article that friends make.

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