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How to Fight Burnout blogging
How to Fight Burnout blogging

Blogging is composed of a variety of activities, ranging from writing, increase visitors, to interact with visitors. In the long term, these activities lead to boredom. Do you feel it, If yes, you can try one or more of the following ten ways to fight boredom blogging.

1. Break at least one day a week

Boredom is usually triggered by the routine. To fight it, you have to take time off at least one day of the week, such as Saturday or Sunday.

When the holiday, forget all things related to your blog. Also disconnect the internet connection on your mobile phone so the emails do not interfere with your vacation. Your goal is to recharge "batteries" mental and your body so you can blog again with good stamina for the next week.

For this purpose, you can:

Visit tourist attractions that exist inside or outside of your city

Watch the latest movies in theaters
The roads to the shopping center

2. Join a local blogger community

Join the community blogger or marketer in the city you can also fight boredom blogging. Such communities generally have a specific activity, such as walk together, gathered together weekly, monthly or hold a social event.

Another benefit is that you can exchange thoughts or experiences with friends in the community. The exchange of thoughts or experiences, it is not likely you get new ideas or conduct joint projects.

What if you have not been there in a community of bloggers ...

There is no other way, you have to gradually build it. The first step may be to teach your friends who do not know blogging.

3. Read books related to the topic of the blog

Reading books related to the topic of your blog is an effective way to overcome boredom blogging. You can do an hour before bedtime, after lunch, or a few hours in your day if you are lazy to leave the house.

By reading the book, you will gain knowledge so you can apply them in your blog. Remember, learning does not have to stop after leaving school or college.

4. Do exercise routine

Another way of overcoming boredom is to exercise on a regular basis, such as walking in the morning every day, follow a fitness program three times a week, play badminton twice a week, or playing soccer on the weekends. By exercising, your body will be fit for the calories burned.

Sports related, I'm getting used to walking in the morning for 30 minutes each day (around 5 am). In addition to not incur a cost, brisk walking is also easy to do and the inhaled air is still fresh.

5. Experiment

ngeblogLangkah saturation others to overcome the saturation blogging is by experimenting new things. This activity will make you excited for your curiosity about the results obtained.

The form of the experiment, for example:

Using social media if you have been relying on visitors from search engines

Change the look of your blog, for example, change the color and font size, change the layout and size of the ad, and menggati theme or template with responsive
Case studies, such as creating private blog network to optimize your blog, create a new blog with a topic you know nothing about, or advertise to increase your income.

6. Create a challenge for yourself

Create challenges for themselves can also be used to overcome boredom blogging. These challenges are generally carried out for 30 days (30-day challenge) to change bad habits into good habits-habits.

For example, one of your bad habit is to check income or blog rank many times in a day. To eliminate unproductive habits, create challenges for the next 30 days by simply checking the rankings of income or once a week, such as Sunday afternoon alone.

By doing these activities, you have free time that can be used for positive purposes, such as posting or researching ideas for writing topics that will be created.

7. Invite a friend for coffee together

Another step against saturation blogging is to invite your friends for a cup of coffee together. To be effective, this activity was conducted on Wednesday afternoon or evening. Why? Because Wednesday is the middle of a weekday when your stamina begins to decline.

Keep in mind, do not invite your friends who are apathetic with your blogging activities. This is important because the goal of coffee with you is to relax or exchange experiences, not to argue.

8. Limit time online

The easiest way to avoid boredom blogging is to limit your online time. To do this, answer the following questions:

How many hours online a day?

What do you do when your time online?

When are you online?

What tasks have you done online?

By knowing the answers to the four questions, you can rearrange your time online making it more productive. For example, if your online time is 4 hours at night and most of the time spent on unproductive things (eg see the status updates of your Facebook friends), you can cut it down to three hours. After that, disconnect the internet and went to sleep.

Personally, my online time is two hours. Indeed, my work time is 6 hours a day (Monday s.d Friday, from 9 am to 4 pm). However, four winder is used to write a variety of posts or ebook.

Moreover, in the past month, I get used to not work at night. In the evenings, I usually chat with family, watching entertainment shows on TV, or read a book. After that, I sleep before midnight in order to get up early.

9. Create an annual holiday

If the weekly rest is not enough, you can do the annual holiday. For example, a week off when children are off from school (if you are married) or off the end of the year if you are not married. The goal, as a weekly rest, recharge your "batteries" mentally and physically. As an example, in the last two years, I always do my annual holiday for two weeks, which is home to Sumedang during Eid.

10. Reward yourself

The last way is to give self-esteem when the target is reached. This award is not a trophy or a plaque, but the shape of the things that make for yourself. For example, after writing and publishing two posts a day (daily target is reached), you can have fun by going to Facebook or watch a Youtube video.

There are many factors that make you saturate blogging. You need to identify these factors and gradually eliminate them. Of course, this takes time because of the saturation of blogging in general related to your habits.

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