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how to create a successful blog
how to create a successful blog

In my writing ever before, often enough said that to build a successful blog something that I'm chasing too , is not easy.

Required perseverance, patience, dedication, and enthusiasm for learning is high. Moreover, if the goal is to earn money from a blog, it is not an easy thing.

many bloggers were initially so excited, so excited, finally broke the blog torpor. Why, because I see they do not have the capital base, which is necessary for building a successful blog.

7 basic capital must be owned to be able to build a successful blog. Almost all the factors below, can be developed and studied.

So really there is no reason, if we have a strong determination to succeed become a professional blogger.

7 capital base to build a successful blog

1. Sufficient time

Not everyone has enough time to build a successful blog. While blogging itself is one activity that most of your time.
Not only to write a good article, but you also need a lot of time to build a network with other bloggers, commenting on other blogs, gather information, moderating comments and reply, as well as a series of other tasks that would take a lot of time. How successful your blog, proportional to how
a lot of time that you set up for blogging.

2. Ability to write

Do you have the ability to ideas, concepts and ideas through a series of sentences in written form, if you can type without errors of grammar and spelling.

like it or not is the activity of writing. Having the ability to write well is one of the basic capital to successfully build a blog. But, of course you do not have to be a linguist to become a blogger. Your ability will increase if honed over time.

3. Mastering the topics that will be written

One of the things that makes blogs successful is you have to master your chosen topic. At least you have the ability and extensive knowledge in the field.

Of course, do not have to have a college degree in mechanical engineering in order to create a blog about how to fix the machine, for example. But, more or less you have the expertise, experience, and knowledge that is adequate in terms of repairing damage to the engine.

4. Passion bloggers

What I mean here is the passion, the pleasure you get when you talk about your chosen topic. Without enthusiasm and passion, you will get tired, bored and eventually stop. Building a successful blog seems to be far from expectations.

5. Technical Knowledge

Like it or not, in your blogging will deal with technical matters, such as dealing with hosting, domain settings, databases and so forth.

Even if you use free blogging services such as Blogger or WordPress, where the both are made easier and reduce constraints in technical terms, but nonetheless necessary technical knowledge to run it well. You need to equip yourself with basic knowledge of html, scripts, dns server, plugins and so on.

6. Knowledge of blogging

It's actually still part of the technical knowledge I mean above, but more specific to the knowledge of the world of blogging it self .as you must equip yourself with knowledge about the ping service, social bookmarking, blog carnival and more. So is the stock of knowledge about search engine optimization (SEO) and so on. It should also knowledge of how to apply the blogging world, such as blogging etiquette and so on.

7. Creativity and innovation ideas

I see successful bloggers are also people who are creative and different in presenting something. Which became a benchmark here is not how much you can present something better, but rather to how you can present something in a different way. Creativity is also indispensable in terms of presenting a good and valuable content to readers.

It was 7 of principal and most basic that I think are necessary to build a successful blog.

Maybe it could be added the ability to design and build a good communication to build a strong network, either with other bloggers or readers.

In closing I would like to convey that to build a successful blog takes a spirit, a strong desire and passion for the selected topic.
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