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how to creat a blog
how to creat a blog

If you are a beginner blogger, certainly a lot of things you have to learn to develop your blog ranging from the basics of blogging to monetization. However, do not worry, the more you practice the learned, the more likely your blog to be successful, such as making money.

To help you learn and practice tips blog, I collected a number of posts that are likely to help you learn systematically. Here are 7 tips blogging to you that in fact a novice blogger.

The following are his tips

1. Objectives and Topics

Decide what your goals eg make blogging just for fun, hobby, looking for money or anything else. This is important because you can let the future be a blogger clear and focused. It means you are not going to change course and follow-up with anyone else. If it was just not going to follow other people's success, because every blogger has their own advantages.

Interest already clear now tentuin gan your blog's topic. Blog topics should fit together hobbies or things that you like. The reason is simple just because loe will be more easily able to write ideas for posts. Create blogger interesting idea was the most difficult to find.
Besides if loe create a blog that has to do the same things you like, it will make you feel more enjoy and spirit of managing his blog so would no death.

2. Writing Posts

Already have a blog with clear objectives and topics, it's time to start writing posts. Before you start writing, loe certainly want to later postings made will be read by many people do not you gan. For that loe need to pick out what they like and draw people's attention. How simple search on Google aja loe, loe interesting idea that will be written. From there loe'll know how many blogs already made a post about the idea gan.

Take advantage of Google's keyword search tau also create the number of people looking for and the level of competition keywords. This is important because as a beginner you are not going to be straight defeat senior bloggers and penetrate the front page of Google is all it took gan. So the beginning of the level of competition is not too high.

Create a posting as attractive as possible, usahain use images that create the post because "a picture is more meaningful than a thousand words" gan, beneficial for the reading, the language is easy to understand writing style suits you do not join in other people, do not be too mikirin SEO is not important for a beginner really, frequently update your blog's posts on Indexnya let the same quick Google also makes Alexa rank is getting nice and Write with sincere surely the result will be good.

Never create posts that do not correspond to the facts alias deceiving gan. And one mistake a beginner usually happy Copas post anyone else, with the aim of let the content of the blog post so much. Why should the content of your blog's gan a lot but not engaging and just copy and paste the results?

Key to a successful blog is on the content of your posting. Interesting content in addition to the same favored visitors also will make the post on the front page of Google. This fact is not a dream, please prove themselves.

3. Looking for Something (Inspiration)

looking for inspiration for something like this means that you often visit other people's blogs fancy term Blog walking, especially blogs top, cool and number of visitors lots. The goal is yes for looking for something useful to the progress of your blog. First observe how do I have a blog posting that deliver content, continues to design his blog and other interesting things, which kisaranya later be the inspiration and apply it on your blog.

It's different if you've seniors do not need to do things like this very often, because others who would blog walking into your blog. Just try your checks where there is a senior blogger blog walking to and fro continued to leave comments on other people's blogs, rarely not. Instead they are arrogant but they already have a position and focus to his own blog.

When visiting other people's blogs when you can feel inspiration, a good idea to leave a comment. Make a comment usual wear wrote not leave links us, learning to be a blogger who has manners let you priced the same friends the other bloggers. May just leave a link but not often and do not use live links.

4. Target ( Ranking & Visitor)

In making and doing things that certainly have high targets it is really good. Here, as a beginner blogger really, my advice is do not put the target too high. Suppose my blog should be in the order of No. 1 could ngalahin blog Google and the A to B. It's a great motivation actually but you also have to be aware and realistic if you are a beginner needs time to achieve it all.

No need mikirin position in search, allows him to focus create interesting posts and the future will be read by many people. In this way without realizing what is your expectations will be achieved with ease gan. Do not often check post position in search, because if the bad position will make your spirits down, just let aja om Google works to bring your posts to the top position that the contents of your post unique and interesting.

Do not be too are thinking about the number of visitors to your blog. It is very natural that the number of visitors a little new blog. So stress need not be taken if your blog's lonely, tetep passion for something interesting and sure at what loe made. With so without you even knowing the future will increase your blog's visitors and increasingly crowded gan. Nothing is impossible in the world of blogging.

5. Dissemination (Promotion)

This is one of the most important things for ningkatin number of visitors and the popularity of your blog gan. Socialize your blog via social media to friends or people you know. Never feel shy to promote your blog, the same confident your work. Because this is one powerful way to attract visitors created especially for the blog novice really.

It's different if you are already a senior, do not need promotion of your blog will certainly many who visit. Because blogs are already old and already have a good loyal visitors and regulars. Also the senior bloggers have a trick each for ningkatin number of visitors gan. So for starters really loe should continue to promote a new blog that already created.

But there are methods of promotion you should usahain to be avoided. Among them submit posts to social bookmarking, blog directories and article directories. The reason is because many sosbook, blog directories, and article directories are of poor quality. Do not start your new blog with things that are not qualified gan. Mending you join the forum for nyari friends and gradually you can promote your blog, but do not share links mainly live links everywhere.

6. Design & SEO

Why do I put the design and SEO on the back? because the namamnya novice when it speaks of design problems with SEO will forget everything. Usually novice bloggers are excited about the design edit their blogs, even more focused urusin design of the right post not create?
So do not be too mikirikan usahain design blog, because with time you will be able to make a blog look cool and professional.

SEO was indeed one of the important elements that let you create a blog can be on the front page of Google gan. Everywhere people were talking about SEO for blogs in improving search engine rankings. But you are a beginner it's good that his name not be too thinking about SEO because it can make you confused. So every want to make your posts will imagine that her name SEO.

This can make the results of the post loe not optimal because too think about SEO, feels awry and the name stuck with SEO. Honestly till now I do not ever are thinking about SEO if you make a post, which I pikirin just how stuff I let read and liked.

The main goal we write posts for visitors not search engines. Google also suggested we make it. For business SEO for Beginners should lakuin basic things such aja put meta tags that use Blogger, continued placement of keywords in the title of your blog's posts and submit to Google Webmaster Tools at Google Analystic added in the blog (the tutorial search on Google). Over time you will better know and understand how SEO.

7. Learn and keep learning

This last tips for beginners to learn the buildup. If we want to be smart so must study diligently. Never afraid to make learning about things related to the world of blogging gan. for learning the basics of HTML code, because the HTML code is the basic element of a blog especially in Blogger. So the future will be easier for you to edit your blog governance.

Also learn the basic things about SEO and then gradually you try to practice. Because SEO that must be practiced successfully for ngetahui what not. SEO will not discuss too much here, you can read posts gw about SEO tips for beginners.

In addition to studying both the above loe should also learn from other bloggers. Never be ashamed for asking, if it is not good to ask through the comment box you can email that has a blog. The more you learn growing skills you have.

That tips that could be considered for the start blogging for beginners really gan. Before gw this end there are a few simple tips on things you should avoid in blogging for beginners buildup, the following tips:

Avoid excessive use of widgets, in addition to making weight blog also makes the blog look unpalatable.

Memoneytize blog, not too many ups and banner ads that do not need to be advertised first. Just let your blog's age rather old and new visitors start crowded gan advert. Simple aja, a new blog is certainly not got a high value when compared blog that age a long time already. If you want to get money from the ads to be patient friend.

Do not disable the comment feature, because as a blogger should deket loe same blog visitors. Without them create blogs loe not mean there will be a friend.

Same link exchange blog is not relevant, beginners usually very happy to exchange links and feel proud when you have a lot of links from blogs others are not you friends?

Be careful of this violation of the rules of Google, you certainly will understand the future.
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