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how to choose a blog name ideas
how to choose a blog name ideas
Technology has been increasingly violent, if we do not use it to the maximum it feels futile, especially coupled with the internet. It feels like we know the world is like, and what there is in this world. tourist attractions, culinary, fashion, science, everything is here. And in general, all packaged in a container, called a blog.

Internet users are regular sailing the virtual world certainly is no stranger to the blog. With the blog, the information can be channeled properly and systematically.

For those who do not have and intend to make it, the first thing to think about is tips on choosing a good blog name, for it is here we will present a review of how apt to choose a name blog The good and true.

Choosing a name for a website can not be underestimated because it could be considered the same as naming your first child, why .....?

Because naming is very important and a big influence on the blog that you create. Interesting name, will certainly make users very interested to visit your blog

If you are confused about how tips Ways to Choose a good blog name, following

1. The name of the blog should be able to describe the overall blog

You can imagine, just by reading a line of words, the reader can understand what the blog is about. The biggest potential people will visit your blog via search engines is to pay attention to the name of the blog is the most relevant to the article sought.

2. Make a blog name that is easy to remember

Keep it simple, make the short name of the blog and do not also too long. The blog name just one word or two words. If it is too long will be difficult to remember. Examples of cases you can see on some blogs that are well known in Indonesia. They create a blog name that is simple yet very easy to remember.

3. Do not be too many modifications spelling

Note the letters, numeric and use notations unnecessary. Do not use a combination of letters and numbers that make the visitor confused blog. Perhaps you've found the bog with a name that no combination of letters, numbers, symbols or certain notations. Wow, very chaotic and not good for search engines like google. But this I think. Not mean anything.

4. The name of the blog should be the same as the domain name

I encountered many domain name blog is very different from the name of the blog. It looks just like a small thing, but a domain name similar to the name of the blog will be very significant in search engine optimization. The blog name can be different from the domain blog but make sure they are similar and closer.

5. The name of the blog must be unique

For example create a blog name as the movie title or controversial. I am sure this will be the uniqueness of particular appeal to visitors. Unique may also be the name of a funny or spooky and chilling. Up to it, essentially different from the others.

6. Insert the keyword in the name of the blog into your blog search keyword

 These tips are very useful for blogs that target a particular market. Moreover, business blogs, then the insertion of keywords in the blog's name is very important. The goal is mengpotimalkan search engine search your blog through certain keywords that you are targeting.

7. The name of the blog and do not be too general or too specific niche targeting

There are advantages and disadvantages when choosing names that are too general. You will be very easy to search for news content for the blog if the blog you choose a general topic but do not focus on specific topics will make the visitor does not feel at home in your blog. Choosing the name of the blog with more specialized topics will be better, but it will need to consider who is the target reader of the blog. Nor should our readers will even just a little bit because the topic is too narrow. You can use google trends to analyze the blog's name would you choose.

There are still many ways to choose a name that is a good blog. How is not absolutely necessarily so, and you can choose which one is appropriate for the type and character of your blog.

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